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Hello its Nisha Malik. I am writing a new fan fiction called “Love or Fate?”, this fan fiction is after the Kavya drama has happened. This fan fiction is purely on our cute and loved couple ever Ragini and Laksh. This is a story from hate to love between Ragini and Laksh, so enjoy guys.

And please tell me if i should continue to post? 😀

Love or Fate – Part 1
After few days Maheshwari’s have returned home after getting arrested (Thanks to Ragini) everything is getting better between Laksh and family members but not everything is better still Durga Parsad and Annapurna have anger towards Laksh, but how long can parents stay angry with their children.

On the other side Gadodia family have found a suitable match for Ragini and are happy where as Ragini is still in the process of forgetting Laksh (But it’s hard to forget your first love) she is trying hard to accept her new relation. The boy found for Ragini is Karthik who will be evil. Laksh has found out that Ragini is getting married again and isn’t happy with that fact as he dislikes Karthik (Reason will be revealed soon).

Laksh’s room
Laksh is sitting in the balcony with his hand resting at the back of the chair looking at the moon – Where has life brought us, everything just went away in one go, I know i have done wrong but i have realised my mistake

Ragini’s room
Ragini is standing at the roof top in baadi looking at the sky at the moon – why is it hard to forget you?, you ruined broke my life in just one go and now you’re saying that you have realised your mistake.
(Laksh is in his own house still looking at the moon)

Laksh – I know it’s hard for you to believe me but just once just once i want to rectify my mistake and i now for betraying you i have got my punishment a big punishment for not trusting you and betraying a cute girl like you, i never realised this before but you going away has made me realise this.

Ragini (in baadi also looking at the moon) – It not hard but impossible to believe you now, you have betrayed me not once but three time and now you want me to believe you? How? I am no one to give you punishment as you have gone through a lot but NOW i want nothing to do with you, i am just fulfilling your wish by going away from you, you wanted this didn’t you?

Laksh still looking at the moon – No i didn’t want this i was confused about what i wanted at that time, i was angry with you thats why i took a very bad step that hurt my family and you…… I am ashamed for what i have done and i know sorry isn’t enough But

Ragini tears in her eyes – Yes sorry isn’t enough for what you have done.

Laksh looks directly at the moon – I LOVE YOU RAGINI

Ragini looks directly at the moon – I HATE YOU LAKSH
RagLak look at the moon and head off to sleep in memories of each other which are full of love and hate.

3 weeks leap – Next morning – Maheshwari office
Laksh is sitting in his office going through files when he gets an call from a unknown number Laksh thinks not to pick up and ignores it but it rings again Laksh in anger picks up the call.
Laksh angry – Hello who the hell is calling me don’t you understand once that if someone doesn’t pick up that they aren’t interested.
Unknown caller – Even if it’s about Ragini?
Laksh gets shocked hearing Ragini’s name and gets worried – Ragini? What about her is she fine? TELL ME?
Unknown caller – Ohhh look at someone who got scared by just hearing one name, what love?
Laksh angry and a bit worried – Shut up and get to the point whats wrong with and who are you?
Unknown caller – Don’t you even recognise my voice we talked 3 weeks ago remember?
Laksh shocked – KARTHIK!!!
Karthik starts to laugh – So you do remember me? And laughs more and more.
Laksh gets irritated – Shut the hell up Karthik and why did you call me?
Karthik – Laksh so much anger don’t forget if you anger me i can do anything to Ragini as if i kill her now as no one is near us no one will know what happened with her
Laksh – what rubbish, Ragini isn’t even with you she must be at home.
Karthik – Don’t believe me? Hear for yourself. Karthik takes the phone off his ear and puts infront of him – Ragini lets go i want to go to MJ road to have ice cream
Ragini – What happened Karthik Ji, Ice cream sure
Laksh on the other side was shocked – Ragini, what is she doing with Karthik, she is not safe with him, i must go to her. Laksh ends the call sits in his car and drives to MJ road.

MJ Road – Karthik and Ragini.
Ragini was wearing a redish orange anarkali with orange gold embroidery done and with a fish plait. Both were eating ice cream. Karthik was staring at Ragini evilly and Ragini was looking the other way innocently. Karthik see’s Laksh and thinks of something Karthik holds Ragini’s hand and pulls her closer to him, this shocks Ragini she looks at Karthik confused and she felt uncomfortable, Karthik brings his hand up to Ragini’s face and wipes ice cream of her cheek. Laksh see’s this and clenches his fist, Karthik smirks evilly at Laksh. Ragini see’s Laksh and gets sad she turns to Karthik and holds his hand.
Ragini – Uhm i need to go home as Maa and Papa must be worried.
Karthik smile – Sure you can go should i drop you?
Ragini hesitantly as she is still uncomfortable with Karthik – No i will go myself. Ragini waves bye and leaves. Karthik leans against the wall and smirks at him while Laksh gives him an angry face. Karthik signals him in a evil way to go after Ragini and in signals Laksh that Ragini is soo pretty.
Laksh was about to go towards Karthik to punch him but thinks – There is no need to beat up an idiot as we will stay an idiot no matter one, right now Ragini’s safety is the main thing for me. He gets in his car and drives off.
Karthik smirks – Now the love story takes a turn.

Random Road.
Ragini is walking on the road thinking about Karthik – How weird he is before i thought he was related to Kavya but he isn’t, but Maa and Papa picked him there must be something good in him Ragini stop thinking about that betrayer and think of your future. Ragini wipes her tears and is about to move forward but suddenly stops when a car stops in front of her, she gets shocked. The driver comes out of the car Ragini looks at the driver and moves away when he grabs her hand
Ragini – Leave me hand Laksh
Laksh – Listen to me?
Ragini struggling to get her hand and twisting it – I don’t want to hear leave my hand you’re a betrayer hear me BETRAYER! Laksh gets angry and he tightens his grip on Ragini’s hand and pulls her closer both share and strong, full of emotion eye lock. Laksh drags Ragini by her hand and makes her sit in the car whereas Ragini keeps on screaming. Laksh makes Ragini sit in the car forcefully.

Inside the car Laksh closes the door of Ragini’s and sits inside the car. Ragini tries to open the door but she can’t she tries but doesn’t open
Laksh – Its child locked so stubborn children like you don’t run away
Ragini – let me go you know this is kidnap i can get you arrested?
Laksh laughs and looks at her – i will love for you do that. He drives the car and Ragini is silent. Laksh calls someone – Is everything set? Okay where nearly here. Laksh ends the call and Ragini looks at him suspiciously
Ragini thinking – What is going in his mind, please God help me. Laksh stops the car and gets out the car and opens the door for her, she steps out and is shocked to see that he brought her to mandir. He hold her hand but she moves her hand but he still hold her hand and takes her inside the mandir. They are half way up the stairs
Ragini – Why did you bring me here?
Laksh – because i need to tell you something.
Ragini takes her hand away – if you’re going to say the thing then i am not interested.
Laksh – please listen to me once.
Ragini – No Laksh how many times i have told you that i hate you Laksh i just hate you, what you have done with me is unforgettable and unforgivable and i am moving on in my life with a very nice person Karthik.
Laksh holds her hand (now they are officially in the mandir) – Ragini please listen to me you think Karthik is a nice person i will tell you he isn’t he wants to take revenge from you and my family……
Ragini hold her hand in the air – Laksh what nonsense is this now? Just to prove your innocence why are you blaming an innocent person don’t you get it once I HATE YOU
Laksh angry a bit hold Ragini by the shoulder and pulls her closer – why are so stubborn huh? When i am telling you something why aren’t you listening to me Karthik wants to ruin my family he is using you for that only to ruin my family i a saying this not only that i care for you but I LOVE YOU and now i must explain to you in my own words. Ragini is confused he holds her hand and turns her Ragini’s is shocked.

Shekar – Sumi where is Ragini?
Sumi – Shekar i don’t know where she is since morning i haven’t seen her?
Shekar worried -Maybe she has gone to meet Swara i have told her some many times not to go there but she doesn’t listen and as that Laksh is there
Sumi – Shekar i will call Swara and ask about Ragini’s whereabouts. She calls Swara
Swara – Maa how are you?
Sumi – Shona i am good just want to know when is Ragini getting home?
Swara confused – Maa Ragini hasn’t come to meet me, why what happened to Ragini is everything okay?
Sumi – Shona Ragini hasn’t reached home so i thought she must be with you?
Swara – No Maa Ragini isn’t here.
Annapurna – Swara has Laksh come yet.
Swara – Noo Badi Maa Laksh isn’t home here.
Sumi ends the call – Laksh isn’t home either and Ragini isn’t here either.
Shekar angry – Come with me Sumi

Maheshwari Mansion.
Shekar comes with Sumi he stand outside the house – Durga Parsaad ji come out. Everyone come out as they hear him shouting.
Swara – Baba??
Shekar – Where is Ragini?
Durga Parsaad – I don’t know Shekar ji we don’t know anything?
Shekar – You wouldn’t know but call your son Laksh and ask him ever since he has found out that Ragini is marrying again he keeps on annoying her, Call Laksh and find out
Annapurna – Sharmishta ji i am sure Laksh wouldn’t do anything he had an important meeting so he must be there.
Laksh – i am here. Everyone turn around and are shocked to see Laksh.
Part 1 finished

Precap – Laksh wearing a wedding garland. Sujatha – Laksh what is this, who did you marry this time? Laksh takes his hand out and the girl puts her hand in his hand. Everyone shocked to see the bride.

please guys tell me how you found it.

Nisha Malik

Credit to: Nisha Malik

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