raglak : your love is everything to me

Hey everyone as I promised that I will post a raglak os too so I am here with an intresting os
It was a bright morning in Kolkata there in college a boy makes a entry it was laksh
Yes laksh maheswari he was studying in Mumbai his college but his father got shifted in Kolkata because of business and he has to study his final year in Kolkata it was his first but he knows there only one boy his childhood friend karan
Karan : so laksh your first day in our college don’t worry you will be liking this college in in very few days
Laksh : I hope so yr
Karan introduces his gang to laksh
Karan ; hey guyz this my frnd laksh he is from Mumbai but came here for personal reasons and now he will be doing his last year here
Rahul : hii laksh I am rahul
Laksh : hii
All started to be friend with him

Class bell rangs karan laksh and all his friends went inside all were seated when laksh saw a girl enetering the class he was amazed to see the girl she was wearing black short top and black jeans with open hair she was looking damn cute laksh was mesmerized to see her she didn’t looked to anyone and sat on last bench alone laksh was surprised as she sat at last bench and didn’t talk with anyone
Laksh : karan why that girl sat on last bench why she is not talking to anyone
Karan : are that ragini she is like that she stays alone only rarely she makes friends and talks with anyone she is really a spoil brat she is totally like boys even in fights she defeats all the boys nobody messes with her that’s why we all keep a distance with her
Laksh : oh no but she is so cute yr
Karan : laksh stay away from her she is really very dangerous
At that time teacher comes and everybody got busy in lecture laksh was introduce to everybody in the class by teacher ragini sees him but didn’t react after sometime sir started his lecture everybody was busy exect ragini she was doing her masti alone she was writing on her last page of book throwing papers on everybody at last she got bored she slept as no one couldn’t see her laksh was busy in lecture he thought to see ragini when he turned back he saw ragini sleeping he as amazed by her reactions
Days went like this laksh was busy in his lectures and ragini didn’t give him notice only but one day aassembly hall where only some students are there talking and chit chatting laksh was also there but sitting alone and was doing his home work when he got disturbed by someone he was shocked to see it was none other than ragini
Laksh : raagginnii
Ragini : hey how do you know my name
Laksh : actually my friends told me do you want anything
Ragini : haa who actually can you please lend me your accounts book I haven’t completed my assignment yet and tomorrow is last day so I wanna complete and nobody was giving me the book so I asked you and I don’t wanna want any favour from you I will return your book tomorrow and whatever you want I will give you ok
Laksh was amazed at her rude talking but still she was innocent
Laksh : its ok ragini I don’t want anything you can take my accounts book
Ragini : really you don’t want anything in return
Laksh : I don’t ask anything in return when I help anybody so its fine
Ragini : don’t show me that you are good you all boys are equall first youll say some nice things then impress girls then make them love youll and then leave I know you boys but don’t worry I am not that type of girl if you are thinking too don’t think that neither your face will be there and my sandal ok
Laksh : no no ragini I swear my intention was not that really I am not that type of boys
Ragini : its better
Laksh handover her book she takes it and goes laksh thinks why is she so rude yr but still somewhere she is so sweet

Next day after college laksh was alone going home as today karan didn’t cme ragini goes to him
Ragini : hey
Laksh : hello
Ragini : here your book thanks for helping me
Laksh : its all right you don’t need to say thank you
Ragini : oh I am not use to say thank you to strangers you helped its in return ok and whats your name
Laksh : laksh laksh maheswari
Ragini : so thanks mr. laksh maheswari
Laksh : ragini I helped you na so you told me that you will give me anything which I want so can you give me what I want
Ragini : oh so you have asked only so tell what you want
Laksh : will you be my friend
Ragini was just staring at her because nobody asked her to be friend
Laksh : before you say I promise only want friendship nothing else I am not that type of boy that you are thinking I will be nice friend
Ragini laughs at his act
Ragini : ok only friends
Laksh : ok then bye
Ragini : bye

Its been days ragini started talking with laksh and tries to keep her rude behavior aside both laksh and ragini started to hang out together laksh was helping ragini in her studies one day when they both were returning from college when some goons paas bad comments to ragini laksh was fuming in anger he turned behind to beat them but ragini goes to them andslapped one of them hardly and remove her sandals and tries to beat them the goons ran away laksh was totally shocked at ragini
Ragini : what they just needed a lesson so I thought them one
Laksh : ragini you are seriously mad
Ragini : I have told you before I am not typicall girl who will fear and cry i don’t cry I made people cry did you understand now come
Laksh : I hope that this act you don’t repeat it with me
Ragini : don’t worry I don’t do this with my friends and you are my best friend
Laksh : ragini can I ask you one thing you don’t be angry ok
Ragini : ask na laksh I will not be angry
Laksh : why you are like this you stay away from everyone I know what you are trying to show you are not you are trying to show cold and rude behavior but you have soft heart you are really sweet from inside whats that you cant tell tell me ragini
Ragini was overwhelmed by laksh but sad at his question
Ragini : yes laksh I am not like girls I don’t behave like girls from childhood my parents always wanted a son but they didn’t get they always told me that I am burden on them I tried very hard to prove them that I can go any existence to be a son and see I have succeeded in becoming a boy everybody treats me like a boy nobody remembers that I am a girl and I decided to live my life on my own I never got love my parents so I decided to life alone but you came and became my best friend and I started to talk more and now I must say that I am living my life
Laksh was seriously stunned and sad at her answer
Laksh : ragini I am sorry I didn’t know it
Ragini : its ok laksh and don’t show pity on me I only don’t show pity on myself just be my friend like you were before ok
Laksh : ragini I think your house came
Ragini : oh I didn’t realize bye
Laksh : bye
Laksh goes to his home he was continuously thinking of ragini and sad that in this century some parents believe girls as burden he thinks something

Next day in college when ragini was entering college laksh holds her hand
Laksh : ragini come today we will hang out together
Ragini : and what about college
Ragini : holiday
Ragini : are you sure that you mr. studious wanted to take holiday
Laksh : come na ragini will go
Ragini : ok come
They both goes to movie enjoys there then they hang out at garden both enjoyed their day roaming here and there at last ragini was going home
Laksh : ragini can I tell you something
Ragini : yes
Laksh : don’t wear this type of clothes it doesn’t suits you you will look more nice in traditional try it bye
Ragini entered her room she was thinking of laksh and unwanted smile occour on her face she was feeling something good some thing strange now yes she ahs started to like laksh

Next day laksh came he was waiting for ragini after sometime ragini came wearing yellow chudidar her hair was tied perfectly she was looking so preety everyone was looking at her that how a sudden she changed nobody cant believe that she is ragini laksh couldn’t take his eyes off
Ragini cames to laksh : hii laksh
Laksh : hello
After that sir came and laksh started talking with here slowly
Laksh : wow ragini you are looking damn gorgons
Ragini ; it was your choice only nice choice
Ragini was changing she has started to talk with everyone be friendly with everyone unwontedly she has started falling for him on the other hand laksh noe has totally love with ragini and he decided to propose ragini on the last day of exams. On the last day of exam ragini was happy has finally her graduation has completed she then goes to laksh but she didn’t find him she searches for him whole college but she didn’t find him she asked his all friends but couldn’t find him at last she gots a meassage from laksh that come to xyz place right now without asking any question
Ragini went to that place it was lonely place she started to shout for laksh but laksh didn’t respond when she turned around she saw laksh was on his knees
Laksh : miss ragini the strange girl of this world who came in my life and makes my life better sory best you are the one why my heart beats you are the only one why I smile you have taught me to respect girls more you have became my life ragini I cannot imagine my life without you I cant live without you I want to be yours forever will you accept me as your better half will you marry me miss ragini
Ragini was overwhelmed by his propose she too bends down
Ragini : I know I am strange but you are mad yes I love you and I will marry you
Laksh : I love you too
Both hugs eachother tightly it was a passionate hug
Laksh : I had told my parents about you and they have no objection
Ragini : really but how will I tell my parents they will oppose I will not tell them lets run and do our marriage
Laksh : no ragini we will not run come we both will go and tell your parents
Ragini : no laksh they wont understand
Laksh : trust me ragini just come
They both headed towards raginis house both her parents were sitting when they saw ragini and laksh holding eachother hands and coming they both were shocked
Shekhar : ragini who is this and hey boy how did you came in just get out of my house
Ragini : no papa he is laksh maheshwari I love him and we both want to marry
Sharmishta : ragini just go to your room right now
Shekhar : hey you just get lost from my house and ragini come inside neither I will not spare you and see sharmishta your daughter is doing like this if it was our son he wouldn’t do behave like her she doesn’t have any shame see she has came with her boyfriend how shameless she is seriously daughters only shame to the parents you
Ragini : enough papa enough see laksh I was telling you nobody will understand our love I have told you to make me run but you only bought me here see my parents they cant understand our love laksh I have tired now to explain them that all girls and boys are equal but they didn’t understand tell me what can boys do study work only this things this things girls can also do but what about boys they can cook they can wash clothes they can do all the hose works and forget about this things the most important thing they can give birth to child no they cant do this thing but we can do today most of the women are doing jobs and doing their house works perfectly girls are better than boys in any manner and you should be proud of it that you have girl but you both only regretted it and always wanted a son that’s why god didn’t gave you a son because of making you happy I was doing all the works that boys do behaving like boys I had became a boy but laksh came in my life and he taught me that I am girl he taught me that I am too special but for only him youll can only give me money and taunts but he can give me love which I didn’t get in my whole life and I know there is only one man that loves me more than anything that is him and today I am happy that I am going with him we will marry soon and you don’t have to regret now that you have daughter because your daughter is dead now come laksh
Laksh holds her hand tightly and they went from there today raginis parents were sad of leaving her
Laksh outside : ragini I am sorry because of me
Ragini : no laksh your intentions was not wrong and let it be I am not sad I got you this is only worth for me and I don’t want anything else
Laksh : ragini I will love you till forever
Ragini : I know now you will not take me to your home
Laksh : oh yaa come
They both goes to his home laksh narrates whole story all family agreed for marriage their marriage took place on the marriage raginis parents came and ask for forgives to her ragini forgive them and laksh and ragini finally got married in lakshs room laksh stepped inside he saw ragini wiping tears
Laksh : ragini why are you crying
Ragini : its all happiness tears I am so happy that you and I finally became one I am so happy that I got you in my life your love is everything for me laksh I will love you to the infite
Laksh : I love you too mrs. Ragini laksh maheshwari
They both kiss each other passionately and consummate their marriage

So guyz I know my dialogues were not proper but I wanted to make story of like this so I have made and I wanted to tell to all my friends there are some parents who believes girls are burden actually they are not they are god gifted to youll and I pray if there is any ragini there is laksh who will bring happiness love joy to them so bye friends hope youll will like it please send your comments

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