raglak love is eternity three shot ( episode 3)

Raglak 3 shots- Last Part

Raglak for all eternity❤️❤️❤️

Recap: Raglak emotional meeting. Lakarshvni scenes and as usual my expert commentary in between:p

Today: Raglak Union. Last part


-next day-

Avni got up and found herself sleeping next to Harsh. She smiled and got out of bed and ran to Ragini’s room. Ragini was crying.

Avni: Mamma?

Ragini saw her and ran and hugged Avni tightly. She pulled away.

Ragini: WHERE WERE U ALL NIGHT? U know how worried I was?

Avni held her ears: I’m sorry mamma. I was bad girl yesterday.

Ragini half laughed: Ayyo it’s ok. Manik told me that u were with Laksh and I was so worried-

Avni: Mamma, I was with Papa. U know I fell asleep there. Even Harsh did. And now I woke up and Harsh was sleeping next to me.

Ragini smiled: Aww. I think Manik got u both.

Someone knocked the door. Ragini called the person in. It was Manik.

Manik: Good Morning:)

Avni: GOOD MORNING:):):):) did u keep Harsh and me in a room?

Manik laughed: Not really. Ur papa brought u back:)

Ragini was shocked.

Manik: Yea Ragini. He told me he didn’t want to create problems for u anymore. So he dropped Avni back.

Avni: Papa coming today?

Manik: No… He’s not feeling well.

Ragini’s head jerked up.

Avni: Oh- can I meet papa? Mamma pls?

Ragini: No Avni-

Manik: Yes Avni:) u can. (Looks at Ragini’s expression) I’m her new papa rite? So I have the right to tell her what to do.

Ragini wiped her tears: Rite. K. Avni go get ready.

Manik: Yea:) after that we’ll go and meet Laksh. Ok?

Avni clapped happily: YAYYYYYY!

She ran out of the room to get ready. Manik took a letter out and gave it to Ragini.

Manik: Lucky wanted me to give this to u. I know u won’t read it but for him at least once read it. Trust me read it b4 marriage or you’ll regret it.

Ragini: I don’t want to read it.

Manik: Ok. I’ll keep it here. If u want then read it.

He kept it there and left.

While going out Harsh came to him.

Harsh: Even I coming to meet Mamu. Pls?

Manik smiled: Kk:)

Harsh smiled and hugged Manik.

-scene change- wid Laksh.

Harshvni came with Manik inside his house to meet Laksh. Laksh was sitting on his bed depressed. He saw Harshvni and brightened up.

Avni: PAPA!

She ran and jumped into his lap. Laksh laughed. Harsh came and sat next to Laksh.

Harsh: Mamu hi:)

Laksh: Hello:)

Avni: Papa, y u didn’t come in morning?

Laksh: Papa is not feeling well Na? That’s y…

Avni started checking his temperature. Laksh smiled. She behaved just like Ragini.

Avni: Offo Papa. U didn’t sleep in night Na? Even mamma didn’t.

Laksh got worried.

Laksh: What happened to Ragini? Manik?

Manik: Oh she was busy crying. Like u.

Laksh: Oh shit! Is she ok?

Manik: She was crying that means she wasn’t ok.

Laksh: Oh god I made her upset.

Manik: Yup:) good job. U have made ur ex wife upset.

Avni: But Papa, mamma loves u still. That’s what Manik Bhaiya told me.

Laksh: Bhaiya?

Manik laughed: I don’t like the word uncle. Too old fashioned. Bhaiya is fine. Can I call u Lucky uncle?

Laksh: Shut up!

Manik laughed. Harsh frowned.

Harsh: Manik Bhaiya, u told we will do something to make Mamu-Mami one?

Laksh: Really Manik? U said that?

Manik: Shut up dude. I said that. Obviously I wud. I can’t marry Ragini. I’m already married and u love Ragini so much. And she does too.


At Baadi

Dadi joining her hands in front of Manik.

Dadi: Beta, I know ur married. U have been loving her for so many years. Ur like my grandson. I know ur married but my grand daughter is broken without Laksh. Pls help them unite.

Manik smiled: Of course Dadi:) I’ll do anything. Tell me.

Dadi: Ok. (Tells him plan).

Manik: No no no! What will Preethi think?

Dadi: Ayyo I talked to her. She’s fine with it.

Manik smiled: Wah Dadi. I must say ur damn smart!

Dadi: After all my name is Parvati Gadoddia!

Manik smiled. So basically he came there to unite Raglak. Swasan don’t know tho. No one except for Manik and Dadi know this plan. Laksh doesn’t know anything.

FB over.

Laksh: Saale ur married and u didn’t tell me?

Manik: Chill dude, u know her. It’s Preethi only. I’m just putting on an act coz I want Ragini to know that Preethi and u didn’t know anything but she came there that night to help u coz I asked her.

Laksh: But when did both of u marry?

Manik: Recently. When u were depressed we got married. And then we went back to the house I’ve been living in since my college days, Baadi. So yea.

Laksh: Number one Kamina, Manik Mallhotra.

Manik: But I don’t know how to go about this now.

Laksh: U gave letter?

Manik: Yup. She’s not going to read it. Gosh I hope I don’t end up having to run away from the mandap.

Laksh: Oh shit!

Avni heard all this and winked at Harsh.

Avni dragged Manik away to one side.

Avni cutely: Bhaiya, I have an idea. Mamma and papa can meet then.

Manik: Accha? What’s happening in ur head?

Avni: U wait and watch. U just bring Papa to Hyde Park some time b4 marriage begins.

Manik smiled: Ohhh! I get ur plan. Smart huh? Just like me. K partner. Let’s do this.

-scene change-

(I’m skipping all other rituals. Marriage day)

Ragini was really upset. She didn’t want this. Swara left her to get ready. She slowly got ready. And then her eyes fell on the letter.

Ragini teary eyes: Y Laksh. Y? I wish I was with u now. In ur embrace. But u cheated on me Laksh. But still, u love our daughter so much. And u act like u still love me. And I love u a loooot! I did so much to gain ur love but u threw it away each time. But u want me to read the letter rite? I’ll do it. Just this once.

She opened the letter and started reading it.

Dear Ragi- Sorry Dear Ragu…

Hi there… This is Laksh here. Ragini I’m really sorry for not trusting u. I know u had a hard time after we separated and u won’t want me. I won’t force u at all. But pls let me explain myself. I was facing lots of stress from office so I started taking those pills. And then we tried for a baby and it didn’t work out. I wasn’t angry with u. I was angry on myself that I wasn’t able to make u happy. I thought I had done something wrong when we tried for a baby. So I started drinking. (Tears slip from Ragini’s eyes) U won’t believe how sorry I was Becoz I couldn’t make u happy. I wanted us to have a baby but it didn’t work. I hated myself coz I always thought I had made some mistake and that’s y we couldn’t have a baby. And that night, when I was at the bar drinking, I went overboard with the drinks. And then u got a sms. It was from Vikas. I found that out later. U came there with Swara and Sanskar and saw me with Preethi in a drunk state and misunderstood me. Preethi was there trying to help me go back home. Manik had sent her there for me. I never considered her more than a friend. She was always my co worker and my friend’s girlfriend. Trust me, we never had an affair. (Ragini was shocked)

And later the next night when I saw u in that position with Vikas, without thinking for a minute I accused u. I don’t know what had gotten into me. After u left, I was thrown out of our house. I was depressed. Preethi and Manik helped me get a flat for myself. I still went to office but just an employee. Later Vikas felt very guilty for his crimes and he accepted it in front of me and police. He was put in jail and now he is somewhere in Bangalore, trying to change himself. I’m really very sorry. I know how much ever I say, it’s not enough and u probably won’t ever forgive me. I won’t force u Ragini. If u want to marry Manik, then go ahead. I won’t stop u. I just want to say, I really really really really really love u and I’m missing u a lot. Pls come back. I want to give u the happiness which I couldn’t give due to 7yrs of misunderstanding. I want to give Avni that happiness a father shud give. I want to be a good husband and a good father. If u have forgiven me then will u give me that chance? Pls? I promise I’ll never ever hurt u or mistrust u. We’ll always be together. Pls Ragu? I love u so much. And I love Avni a lot too. Pls don’t separate me from the two girls I love the most in this world- U and Avni.

Even after this if u want to marry Manik then go ahead. (Guys remember that when Laksh wrote this letter he didn’t know about Manik’s marriage) I won’t stop u. But if u ever forgive me then remember that I’m always waiting for u here. I love u. Take care. And pls don’t cry. I hate it when u cry. Be happy and always smile. Ok?

Love u❤️ ❤️

Urs and only urs

Ragini was in total shock. So this was the truth. She felt so guilty that she misunderstood him. She clutched her head.

Ragini: OH GOD! I’m so stupid! (Tears) I need to show this to Sanskar. Laksh is not wrong. Gosh I kept him away from his daughter! I’m such a horrible mother and a wife!

She broke down crying. Suddenly she got a call. It was from Manik.

Ragini: Manik? He said he’d call if something happened to Avni or Harsh. Oh god! I hope they’re alright!

She lifted the phone.


Avni: Mamma?

Ragini sighed in relief: Avni…

Avni started crying: Mamma, pls come here!

Ragini: What happened? Avni y r u crying? AVNI!

Avni crying: Mamma actually we were crossing roads, big bus came and papa-


Avni cried harder: Mamma, u come to Hyde Park. Papa here, big bus hit him. So much blood. I’m scared. Manik Bhaiya said he’ll take papa to hospital but pls come.

Ragini tensed: I’m coming. I’m coming!

She cut the call and ran. She collided with Sanskar and Swara.

Sanskar: What happened? Did that Laksh do something?


All heard this and were shocked.

Swara: What?

Ragini started crying. She threw the letter at Sanskar.


Sanskar read it out to all. All were shocked.

Ragini started crying: Pls take me to Hyde Park. He’s my life! I can’t live without him. Pls Sanskar!

She fell on the floor. Swara helped her up.

Sanskar- My bro- my younger bro- GOSH I AM STUPID!

He rushed out to Hyde. All ran behind him.

@Hyde Park.

Laksh is waiting for Ragini. He was completely fine. Manik had gone behind with Harshvni to stop other family members from interrupting Raglak. He was successful. Ragini ran to Laksh. She saw him sitting there fine and ran and hugged him tightly. He stood up and hugged back tightly.

Ragini pulled away but her hands were still on his chest.

Ragini: Laksh (crying) ur fine. Ur alright. Thank god!

She started hyperventilating. Laksh cupped her face.

Laksh: Ssshhhh! Ssshhhh… Ragu, sshhh… Calm down pls. Pls calm down. See nothing happened to me. I’m fine. See?

Ragini calmed down a bit: But Avni-

Laksh laughed: That was our genius daughter’s and our genius nephew’s idea to make us meet. I must say they’re very smart huh?

Ragini started hitting him on the chest.

Ragini: IDIOT! STUPID! FOOL! How can u go along with that act huh? U know how tensed I was? If something had happened to u then? I wud have died!

Laksh covered her mouth.

Laksh: Oi! Don’t speak like that. Nothing happened to me. But (removed his hand) I clearly remember u saying u hate me?

Ragini hugged him again.

Ragini while hugging: Stupid! How can I ever hate u? Ur my life Laksh. I love u so much. I’m sorry for not believing u. I’m really sorry. I read ur letter… Laksh u know, I don’t even know y I never believed u. I don’t know y I misunderstood u. It’s just u were taking pills and I was tensed-

Laksh: Ssshhh…. Chup! That’s alright. Even I made mistakes. Let’s forget this and move on. Ok?

Ragini pulled away and started crying.

Ragini: But- NO! I can’t. Laksh I just hate myself now! I can’t believe I separated myself from my life. I’m sorry Laksh I’m sorry. I hate myself. I- I wish something happens to me. I don’t deserve to live-

Laksh pulled her close to him and tightened his grip on her.

Laksh growled: U DARE NOT SAY THAT! Ur my life Ragini. My Jaan. I can’t bear the thought of losing u. If u don’t deserve me then I definitely don’t deserve u. But v love each other rite? So don’t u dare speak like that again. Now ur life is not urs but it’s mine. Just like mine is urs. If I don’t have a right to end my life then u don’t either. So don’t speak like that ever again. Ok?

Ragini hugged him tightly. Laksh kissed her head.

Laksh: Now we’ll be together forever:) I love u:)

Ragini pulled away.

Ragini: But Manik- My marriage- Oh god! We need to stop it.

Laksh cupped her face: Ssshhh! Don’t take stress. We’ll handle it.

Ragini: If no one agrees then?

Laksh: Then- u, me and Avni will run away. What say?

Ragini thought he was serious and then saw a grin on his face and realised he was joking. She hit his chest.

Ragini: This is serious and ur joking!

Suddenly everyone came there.

Avni ran to her Mamma and papa. Laksh picked her up.

Manik: Oh wow! Two love birds planning on eloping in their child’s presence?

Ragini was tensed.

Laksh laughed: Shut up Manik.

Manik laughed.

Manik: Oh mahanaatma Ragini! Stop looking tensed. This was all mine, Avni and Harsh’s plan. Especially these bacchas. The accident and Avni crying was all an act. Wow Avni u acted so well:)

Avni gave High five to Manik. Harsh hugged him. All were shocked.

Manik: Thank u for reading that letter. Or else I’d have to run away from the mandap. Or do second marriage. Gosh if that had happened then Preethi wud have killed me!

Preethi came out from behind: Excuse me? U talk as if I torture u daily!

Manik: No dear. U don’t.

Ragini: U and Preethi?

Preethi: Ya:) (laughs) we’re married. I’m sorry Becoz of me u guys had so much misunderstandings. When Dadi told us we wanted to help. That’s y Manik came here. It was a plan between Manik, Dadi and me only. No one knew. I came here just today. I’m sorry Ragini.

Ragini smiled: It’s ok. I got my husband back now.

Sanskar came to Laksh and held his ears.

Sanskar: Sorry- (he lowered his eyes) I- I don’t know how to meet eyes with u. U never did anything wrong and all of us-

Laksh put Avni down and hugged Sanskar.

Laksh: It’s ok. It was all a misunderstanding. Even I made mistakes so leave it. And ur forgetting ur own rules. In friendship, no sorry, so thank u. Then y u apologising? We’re brother, we love each other and we’re best friends. Bad boy Bhai.

Sanskar laughed and they hugged again. All apologised to Laksha me he apologised back. They were all United. Harsh and Avni hugged. Harsh cutely kissed her cheek. Avni went to Laksh and jumped happily. He lifted her and kissed her cheek.

Laksh: See? Now we will be together forever:)

Avni: YAYY!! Tank u mamma:)

Avni kisses Ragini’s cheek. Ragini smiled and hugged Avni. Laksh was holding on to Avni with one hand and he pulled Ragini into the family hug with his other hand. Raglak had tears of joy in their eyes. Their family was finally complete. After that they thanked Manik and Preethi. Manik started joking.

Manik: The real heroine of this story is my dadi:)

Dadi smiled. Ragini smiled and Raglak took her aashirvad.

Dadi: I’m so happy. I’m getting to see u smile after so many years:)

Manik: Wow Dadi:) my partner in crime:)

He gave a high five to Dadi. Dadi did it confusingly. All laughed.

Laksh: Wow Manik! U taught Dadi to do High five? Dadi u never learnt from me!

Dadi smiled: Arrey I did no? When we both were planning pranks against that Bangalan Shobha?

All laughed.

Manik: But real hero and heroine is definitely baccha party- Harsh and Avni. Hai Na?

Harshvni: HAAN:)

Harsh went to Sanskar: Papa, I’m sorry for being bad boy. (Holds his ears and cries a bit. Sanskar kneels down to his level and wipes his tears)

Sanskar: In friendship no sorry, no thank u. And we’re best friends rite? (Harsh nodded cutely) Offo! Ur wasting so much water! Just like ur mamma! See how much she is wasting now!

Swara hands on hip: Really? U wasted double the amount when u were saying sorry to Laksh!

Sanskar: Yea. But this was the first time Na? U always waste ur tear water when so many can be having that amount of water. And ur son is inheriting it. Same with Ragini. Avni is inheriting it too. U sisters have made us brothers cranky.

Swaragini: ACCHA? U see now what we’ll do! Then u won’t stop crying both of u!

Sanlak: Arrey baba no thank u!

Laksh: What have u put me into Bhai? I just got my family back and u! Shud I tell Swara about the time u went with Ria even after marriage?

Sanskar: Oi! R u trying to spoil my marriage now?

Swara: Who’s Ria Sanskar?

Sanskar got tensed. Laksh laughed.

Laksh: Business partner’s daughter. We all had formal dinner in their house and she didn’t know he was married. So she tried flirting.

Sanskar: Pls Lucky stop!

Swara angrily: SANSKAR!

Sanskar: Swara listen! Laksh is joking. I told her I was married. Chill.

Laksh: I was there that time. Chill!

Swara: U come home! I’ll teach u a lesson!

Sanskar: Now u don’t misunderstand me!

Swara melted: Ok ok. I was joking.

Swasan laughed Swasanarsh and hugged. Soon everyone were happy.

Manik: Ok ok. If all of u r done with ur nok jhok, and kabhi khushi kabhi gham type re-union, then can v kindly move on. Pandit ji is waiting. U want to do the marriage or not?

Raglak: Who’s marriage?

Avni: Mamma and papa marriage! Even I can see now. B4 u both did this marriage without inviting me.

They all laughed hearing that.

Avni clapped: But now even I’m there! 🙂

Manik: Haan Haan! Ur there too:) (lifted her in one hand and lifted Harsh in the other hand) come on now.

They all went.

-time forward-

Laksh got ready and came down. Ragini was already ready. Both sat in the mandap and Pooja started. Soon time for pheras came. Harshvni had fun throwing flowers all around. Raglak completed the saath pheres and Laksh put the mangalsutra on Ragini’s neck. Then he put the sindoor on her maang and both were once again united. They took their elders blessings and went to Manik. Manik tried joking.

Manik: Arrey Arrey no need for this. It’s ok. My aashirvad is always with u.

Laksh slapped his arm lightly.

Laksh laughing: Shut up!

But Raglak became serious.

Ragini: But Manik, really, thank u so much for everything. I- u did so much for Laksh and me, thank u so so so much.

Saying that she hugged Manik. Manik smiled and hugged back. They pulled away and ManLak hugged and pulled away.

Laksh: Thx bro:) thank u so much!

Manik: U call me bro and ur saying thanks?

Laksh: Lol u have become emotional!

Manik laughed: If I have a friend like u obviously I will be emotional.

Laksh: Shut up!

They hugged again. All were happy.

-time forward- Raglak room- (they’re still in London)

Ragini comes out of the washroom looking fresh. Laksh was already sitting on the bed. Ragini came and snuggled into his chest.

Laksh hugged her tightly: I’m so happy today:)

Ragini: I’m happy too. I love u Laksh❤️ ❤️

Laksh kissed her forehead.

Laksh: I love u too Ragu- sorry Ragini.

Ragini playfully hit his chest.

Ragini: Now stop teasing me!

Laksh laughed and pulled her close.

Laksh: Ok ok. I love u too Ragu❤️ ❤️

Ragini smiled. She started having a headache.

Ragini: Ouch!

Laksh worried: What happened?

Ragini: No, I was wearing such heavy jewellery and it was such a hectic day. U made me cry so much, bad boy, so my head is hurting now.

Laksh cupped her face.

Laksh: Oh god! I’m so so sorry. I shouldn’t have-

Ragini covered her mouth.

Ragini: I was joking. But yea I do have a headache.

Laksh: Come I’ll give u a head massage.

Ragini: Arrey no no! Pls no!

Laksh: Y no? My hands don’t have mehendi ok?

Ragini smiled: But Laksh-

Laksh glared: I said Na? Y r u arguing?

Ragini smiled: Ok ok! Fine. Do what u want.

Laksh: Good girl:)

He slowly made her lie down and started massaging her head. She was enjoying it. Suddenly the door burst open. Avni came running in with Sanskar behind her.

Sanskar: Offo Avni come here!

Avni: No I want papa and mamma!

Sanskar murmured: How shud I make this kid understand?

Laksh heard it and laughed.

Laksh: Be thankful these two weren’t there for ur marriage!

Sanskar: Oh god yea! Avni pls come. Let mamma and papa be together for sometime!

Avni: But y?

Sanskar hit his head. Laksh smiled at her childishness. Ragini laughed.

Ragini: Avni, ur papa and me r meeting each other after so much time. U got to meet papa yesterday but I didn’t. So let us be together. U be with Sanskar Mamu. (Guys I’m sorry I’m not good with family relation names). Pls?

Laksh: Ya. Tmrw we’ll be together in flight ok?

Avni: Flight?

Laksh: We r going back to ur mamma and papa’s house in Kolkata.

Avni: But this house?

Laksh: It will be with us. Ok go now.

Avni smiled: Good night:)

Raglak: Good night:)

She went out looking happy. Sanskar sighed in relief.

Sanskar: How the hell do u handle kids?

Laksh: U have a son and ur asking me this?

Sanskar: Gosh I don’t know how I manage. Thankfully I have Swara with me.

Laksh laughed: Ok but ur disturbing us now. U have such a horrible timing!

Sanskar: Yo ur daughter was the one with wrong timing!

Laksh: Ya but she’s a kid. Ur a full grown adult! Don’t u know that a husband and wife need privacy on their first night? (He was saying this jokingly) Now Shoo!

Sanskar smiled: Saale I’ll kill u tmrw. U enjoy now. Bye!

He went smiling. Raglak smiled. Laksh kissed her forehead and then continued massaging her head. She fell asleep soon. Laksh smiled and switched off the lights and both slept in each other’s embrace after a loooooong time.

-few years later (doing this for lyt moments after so much rona dona)-

A man and woman r walking around MM arguing.

Woman: U always do this! U never clean ur room!

Man: My room my wish!

Woman: Oh really? And what am I? Ur wife Na? U shud listen to me. I hate living in that place all night.

Man: That’s our room.

Woman: That’s ur pig sty.

Man: Ur calling me a pig?

Woman: No. If I call u a pig then I’ll be insulting pigs. Ur a- a- weird donkey. Good for nothing.

Man: wow! I love donkeys. They’re so awesome. In short u called me awesome. So thanks Ragu:)

Ragini: If u think donkeys r awesome then I don’t know the definition of a donkey yet. So u shut up Laksh.

Laksh: No I won’t! What will u do?

Ragini: I will put a court case on u. Patni pe attyachar. Pati ne patni ko 10 saal se forcefully ek pig sty mein rehne ke liye kaha. (Wife torture. Husband forced wife to stay in a pig sty).

Laksh: Accha? Fine then! Go stay wherever u want. Not with me.

Ragini cute angry face: Ya ya! Who wants to stay with u anyways. Duffer, donkey. I WAS HAPPIER IN LONDON!

Laksh laughed sarcastically: Oh rite! That’s y my daughter told me that u used to cry a lot. Tears of joy huh?

Ragini: She’s my daughter.

Laksh: No mine!

Suddenly a 19yr old and a 20yr old came. It was Harshvni.

Harsh: Mami! I’m feeling hungry!

Avni: Bhukkad!

Harsh: Shut up.

Ragini: Harsh y don’t u go to kitchen? Swara’s there with Sanskar.

Harsh covered his eyes: I prefer staying here then. I’d rather watch a world war between u and Mamu than Romeo and Juliet modernised in the kitchen between Mamma and papa. If I see it my rep will be tarnished.

Raglak laughed. Avni glared.

Avni: How can u all laugh? He’s being mean?

Laksh: I laughed coz this was something Sanskar had said when he was younger. Like father, like son.

Harsh: U mean to say dadi and dadu-( Suju and Ram) YUCK!

Laksh shocked: NO WAYSSSS! He was talking bout Ragini and me.

Avni: wait wait wait, u both used to- not fight?

Ragini laughed: No no. We used to and we still do. But I guess Laksh loved me more then. Not now.

Laksh was surprised. Harshvni hut their heads.

Avni: Leave all this. Mamma, papa, I joined the music club in college today. And Harsh to sports club.

Laksh: Wow! Awesome Harsh and Avni.

Avni: And I aced the test paper today:)

Harsh: I got decent marks. Above 90%.

Raglak hugged them both.

Laksh: See? It’s all Becoz of my hard work. I sat and taught u guys.

Ragini: No I did.

Laksh: No I did.

Ragini: U were only worried in ur work. U don’t care about anything else!

Laksh: NO! I do care. Maybe u stopped seeing my care.


She stormed away.

Laksh: Oh goddddd! Now she’s upset.

He went behind her. Harshvni hit their heads and followed them to their room and stood near the window. Ragini was sitting on bed and crying. Laksh was kneeling in front of her.

Harshvni started commenting to each other.

Harsh: Now u see. Mami will cry a lot.

Ragini cried.

Avni: Papa will try to wipe her tears. She’ll jerk.

Raglak did as commented. They were unaware of commentary.

Harsh: Now Mamu will start his normal sorry preach.

Laksh to Ragini: Ragu, I’m sorry yaar. It’s not like that. I care a lot about u and I still love u. I’m sorry.

Avni: Now papa will hold his ears.

Laksh held his ears.

Harsh: Mami will do some Nakra but she’ll turn to see Mamu.

Raglak did the same as predicted.

Avni: Now mamma will melt and start her ‘it’s ok Lucky’ preach

Ragini made him remove his hand.

Ragini: It’s ok Lucky. I know. I love u too.

Harsh: Now Mamu will sit next to her.

Laksh did so.

Harshvni: And they’ll hug!

Raglak hugged. Harshvni also hugged… As siblings.

The end.

How was it guys? I worked pretty hard on it. I realised Harshvni wud have hurt some as they r cousins and I was honestly joking. Sibling chemistry is also cute. Anyways, I hope u guys liked it. I loved writing it:)

To telly users specifically: Hi all:) Ive always been a silent reader but now I got permission from mom and dad to post on telly so here I am. Except for g+, on all other forms of Internet and social media, like wattpad, etc, my name is Rain Lightwood. U guys can call me Rain. I really love reading books. And watching movies and Swaragini of course. I love writing ff’s and currently I’m searching for an inspiration to write my own story. I’ve read many of ur ff’s. I don’t know the names of many writers so I’m hoping to get to know all of u and make friends. I’m actually pretty nervous coz through comments I see how close some of u r and ur ff’s show how awesome u guys r at writing ff’s. And I’m nervous coz I know I can’t be as good as some of u. And also I’m a proud potterhead. I post my ff’s on g+ and telly now so that’s y I addressed this to telly users only so there is no confusion. So anyways, love u all.

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  1. awesome rain I just loved it but the sad part you ended it very bad yaar it should have been a fan fiction!!!!!!

  2. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Awesome Rain … I really loved this story…

  3. awesome, comeback with another raglak ff

  4. Superb….. emotional nd funny together…

  5. Awesome story. Hope you come up with some other story soon. Waiting for your next ff.

  6. Superb story dear. I loved it a lot. Please come back with another story

  7. Awesome story… Loved it… Thanks for Raglak os… Pls continue it as ff… We loved it alot and would like to read it as ff…

    1. Aww thx:) I can’t make this as ff but I’ll come back wid a Swasan os for sure

  8. Awesome rain di

  9. awsm ending
    luved it

  10. Really an awesome story

  11. Superb please comeback with another ff on raglak

  12. Hi rain awesome yaar!!! Loved it??

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