raglak love is eternity three shot ( episode 2)

Raglak 3 shots- part 2.

Raglak for all eternity❤️❤️❤️

Precap: Intro. Raglak have separated, Swasan, Ragini and Harshvni live in London. RagMan meeting. Avni-Laksh talk. Swalak tashan meeting.

Today: Raglak emotional meeting


wid RagMan

Swarshvni came. Swara was angry.

Ragini: What happened?

Swara: No- Nothing. Avni was- was- was being very difficult. I’ll go. U both talk.

Avni: But I want to go to uncle.

Manik: Who uncle?

Avni: Lu-

Swara grabbed Harshvni’s hand.

Swara: LET US GO!

Ragini was shocked at Swara’s anger. She understood something was wrong. She kept quiet.

Avni: Mami, hand hurting-


She dragged them with her. RagMan went and sat at coffee shop opposite Hyde Park.

Ragini: Oh god! Swara’s angry! Is she alright? Hope she is. Wonder what happened to her? Oh damn-!

Manik: Whoa whoa whoa calm down! She’ll be alright. Maybe Avni was being very difficult about wanting to see Lucky.

Ragini: Y do I have a feeling that something horrible will happen?

Manik: Oh it won’t. Chillax. So what do u want to order? I’m ordering Latte and veg sandwich. U?

Ragini calmed down: Cappuccino and tea cake. I’ll pay for mine. U pay urs.

Manik: Ok ma’am…

Ragini suddenly laughed: That’s what Laksh used to say-

She realised what she said. Manik grinned.

Manik: Oho! Someone’s blushing?

Ragini: Oh pls! Not for him! And we’re here for us.

Manik: Calm down dude. (Waiter came and they ordered. He went) Look I know it’s hard for u to forget ur first love. And I’ll not force u to love me. I’m cool with this. I’ll be a good husband and good father.

Ragini: But don’t u love someone? Don’t u have ur own dreams?

Manik: I do have my own dreams. But they’re all here with u guys. I don’t love anyone like that. I was never interested in putting myself out there in the dating market. I was always happy with my elders choices. My parents passed away and I shifted to Baadi. Ur dadima was kind to give me ur nani ma’s house. They became my family. And if they thought u were perfect for me and I was right for u, then I had no problem whatsoever in meeting u. In fact I’m ready for the marriage regardless of ur past. It’s just ur consent which is needed. But u can take ur time. No hurry.

Ragini smiled at him: Y couldn’t Laksh be like u?

Manik: I guess I’m different from Lucky.

Ragini: Well, I don’t want to talk about Laksh Maheshwari. Pls can v change the topic?

Manik: Okie dokes. Ask me whatever u want.

Ragini: What do u do for a living?

Manik: I am a journalist. I get 40,000 a month. I used to work at Deccan Herald. That’s where I got 40,000. Now I’ve been shifted to BBC. Don’t know my salary yet.

Ragini: Oh… Ok. That’s nice. Ur independent and modern. Well what’s ur past, childhood, etc?

Manik: I have a grave past. I had a curse put on me in my childhood.

Ragini: What?

Manik: Yup. The curse was from the King of chocolates. He cursed me saying that if I didn’t have ten chocolates a day then he’ll make me eat cabbage all day and I hate cabbage.

Ragini realised it was a joke. She laughed. Manik was happy seeing her happy.

Manik: Ok ok. Fine. I’ll actually tell u something true. My childhood was normal. I had a loving family. I was pampered a lot and given the best opportunities and I used them mind it. My grandparents passed away when I was seven. My grandma had cancer and my grandpa didn’t want to live without her so both died together. I grew up after that pretty normally. My dad put me in boarding school where I cud learn some boyish stuff and stop playing with dolls. Lol that was funny. Well I did learn cricket. And then I started writing stuff. I’d take articles from newspapers and re write it in my own way. I loved reading books so I wrote a lot of fan fictions. I wrote them for tv shows too. I started looking for inspiration for my original book but was never able to find it and I’m still looking. But I had to do something with my life so I became a journalist. I studied media. But during my studies my parents met with an accident and died. I was upset but soon got over it coz I knew they’d be unhappy seeing me like that. I finished studies and left for Germany to do more stuff. Then I shifted to Edinburgh. I had my first girlfriend there and it was a flop. Later I shifted to Kolkata. That was when u shifted to London. I stayed in Baadi and ur family became mine too. They cared for me, gave me a place to stay, etc. And now I’m shifting to London. That’s my story. What’s urs? (Lol I ,are him a total fangirl. Just like me).

Ragini: Well, mine is less exciting compared to urs. I grew up with my dadima, papa and Dadaji. My mum died when I was very young. I never knew Swara or Maa at that time. Swara’s my step sister but I love her more than just that. I grew up in what u wud call a conservative Marwadi family. I wid just listen to everyone, do my work and studies, blah blah blah. Then when I grew up Swara became my friend but I didn’t know she was my sister. We soon got to know and set about to uniting our maa and papa. That’s when Laksh came in my life. He helped us unite them and b4 that my marriage was fixed with him but it broke. He was a rude, arrogant boy that time but he later came to help and showed us that he was actually nice. I always liked him from the beginning. But he started liking Swara. So I became- became evil to gain his love. Swara also started loving him and they almost got married but I tried-

Manik: I know. It’s ok. U changed now.

Ragini had tears in her eyes: Yeah. Well u know what all happened after that.

Manik: But I don’t know y u and Lucky separated.

Ragini: Oh.. I’ll tell u. Well finally we got married and we were in love and blah blah blah. We were happy. We stayed like that for two and a half years. After that we wanted a child who we can love, who we can call our own, the symbol of our love… So- we tried. Initially we were told it didn’t work out. We were really upset. Laksh started coming home late each night and that too drunk. He’d come home and Without telling me have a pill, a drug and went to sleep. I was worried and I asked a doctor to help me. He told me after checking Laksh that he’s been drinking and taking drug due to depression. I went into depression coz I was not able to give him the happiness he wanted. But- but soon I received a video from an unknown person about Laksh misbehaving in a bar. Swara and Sanskar helped me and we found out that Laksh had been cheating on me with a girl who’s name was Preethi. I was really upset. My heart had broken yet again. At the same time, one of our family friends, Vikas, he tried getting close to me. One night he came to my room secretly and tried to- to misbehave with me. I got scared and shouted but he shut my mouth and slightly cut me on my neck. (She shows him the mark. Manik winced) but Laksh was awake and he came to check and he saw this. The position was such that he thought I was cheating on Laksh with Vikas. We got into a fight and Vikas held me at knife point on my neck. Laksh said he didn’t care if I live or died coz I cheated on him and that’s when I revealed I knew about Preethi. For a minute he looked shocked but he started putting on an act as if I was lying. Sanskar heard this and came to see and was shocked at Vikas’s behaviour. He saved me from him and whole family came. Then Sanskar started fighting with Laksh that he didn’t help me. It was a huge showdown. Swara was resting in her room with Harsh and she couldn’t come to help me. Sanskar got angry and took Swara, Harsh and me and moved here. But when v came here I got to know that I was pregnant and that’s when I realised that our attempts to get a baby was successful. But I wasn’t happy. I didn’t have my baby’s father. But I was determined that I wud keep my baby happy and never let her father near her and never to tell her about this. And then she came. My Avni came to this world. We were all happy. Swara was overjoyed but Sanskar clearly reminded us never to let Laksh know that he has a daughter and to never let Avni know about Laksh. And now Harsh and Avni r 8yrs and 7yrs respectively. I run my own bakery. We’re happy here. It’s just, Avni needs a father.

Manik: Oh. That’s- I- I don’t know what to say. I’m- I’m sorry…

Ragini: Y r u sorry? U didn’t do anything wrong.

Manik: But- I can’t believe Laksh cheated on u-

Ragini: Even I couldn’t. But that’s the truth Manik.

Manik: Hmm… Well let’s change the topic. What’s ur fav colour?

Ragini: Red. Urs?

Manik: Green. Ur fav movie?

Ragini: Taare Zameen Par. Urs?

Manik: Star Wars. Fav cuisine?

Ragini: Indian. U?

Manik: Same. Fav song?

Ragini: Hasi from Hamari Adhuri Kahani. Female version. Wbu?

Manik: Green Day- Boulevard of Broken dreams… U have any questions?

Ragini: How well do u get along with kids?

Manik laughed: Chill dude. I’ll look after Avni well. I get along with kids pretty well coz I’m a kid myself m

Ragini laughed: Ok ok. And do u like shopping?

Manik: Sort of. Don’t worry, if u want to go shopping I won’t make a fuss.

Ragini: Ok and serious question, how clean do u keep ur surroundings?

Manik: Normally messy but I won’t give u too much work. Don’t worry. And the toilets will be clean. So chill out.

Ragini laughed: That’s a huge relief then. And last question, do u like home food?

Manik: I will eat ur handmade food. Not to worry. Yup I like home food.

Ragini: Ok:)

They continued chatting. After sometime RagMan had to leave. Manik dropped Ragini to her house.

Manik: Ragini, if u don’t want to marry me then it’s alright. I won’t feel bad:)

Ragini: If I say yes then will u promise to keep my Avni happy? I don’t care how u treat me but for me, my Avni’s happiness is most important.

Manik: Don’t worry Ragini:) U and Avni will be very happy. I won’t let u both be unhappy:) (He doesn’t believe Laksh cheated on her).

Ragini: Manik… Ur so nice… Y couldn’t Laksh be like u?

Manik: I- I- I don’t know-

Ragini: I’m ready for the marriage.

Saying that she went inside. Manik smiled and went back home.

scene change

…wid ManLak…

Laksh was trying to tease Manik. Manik was lost in his own thoughts.

Laksh: Met the girl? Is she hot?

Manik: Shut up!

Laksh: Oho! Someone’s blushing!

Manik: Dude, if I marry her then I don’t know what will happen to us- But Dadi requested me to do so.

Laksh: Her dadi or urs?

Manik: Both r same. I told u Na?

Laksh: Ohhhh rite…

Manik: I have a question bro. Answer truthfully will u?

Laksh: Ask…

Manik: Did u- I- Have u-

Laksh: Bro y r u nervous?

Manik took a deep breath: DidyoucheatonRagini?

Laksh: W-what? Say that again pls?

Manik very slowly: Did U Cheat On Ragini??!

Laksh: What? Manik since where did that thought come to u?

Manik: Answer me buddy.

Laksh: I never did. I’ve never cheated on Ragu. Did u also meet Swara?

Manik: What?

Laksh: I met her. Today her daughter was crying in Hyde Park and I was comforting her and her daughter said she wants her papa and not new papa. I was talking and her son came to call her. Then Swara also came and we fought and they left.

Manik was shocked: What was her daughter’s name?

Laksh: Avni.

Manik: Oh shit! That’s not her daughter. Harsh is her son. Avni- Avni is Ragini’s daughter.

Laksh was shocked now.

Laksh: WHAT?! Ragini has a daughter? Who’s the father? And how do u know this?

Manik: I need to confess this to u. The girl I was meeting today is Ragini and I was living in Kaali Baadi all this while. Sharmistha Aunty asked me to think of marrying Ragini.


Manik thought of testing Laksh’s loyalty.





Manik: No. Ragini did.

Laksh: What? She thinks like that?

Manik: Bro it’s complicated. U need to hear it from her. I’m not the right person.

Laksh: U were never the right person for Ragu.

Manik: Neither were u. U cheated on her.

Laksh: Think what u want. I never interacted much with Preethi. She tried to talk to me but I’d never. In fact the Vikas thing-

Manik: She never did. Vikas tried to misbehave with her. And some unknown number called her and sent proofs against u. She believed them Becoz she followed that person’s id on phone with the help of Swara and Sanskar. And she saw u drunk in the bar with Preethi.

Laksh: Oh god!

Manik: And she saw ur pills. Ur drug pills.

Laksh: Crap! I was depressed that time Becoz of misunderstandings.

Manik: Idk bro but rite now I will marry Ragini coz she need someone who’ll believe her and trust her and look after her daughter.


Manik: Listen Laksh, it’s not that. Ur misunderstanding again-

Laksh: No no no! I’m not. I can see this clearly. She moved on. U go marry her and have ur heart broken. I won’t stop u. But I’m warning u, you’ll be hurt.

Laksh stormed away. Manik sighed.

Manik: How do I tell u that Avni is ur daughter? That she is Avni Laksh Maheshwari. Ur so stubborn Lucky.

scene change= next day

Laksh was depressed. He was getting ready. It was RagMan’s engagement. And all were coming from Kolkata. Including Maheshwari family. Swasanrag were overjoyed to see their families but Ragini was worried about Avni. Manik was behaving normally.

in Swasan room

Swara was getting ready. Sanskar had gotten ready and was helping her with tiny things like wearing earrings and tying saree thread at back.

Swara: Sanskar, Ragini’s damn worried.

Sanskar: I know. How will we hide it from bade papa and badi ma that Avni is their grand daughter?

Swara: U forget that. Laksh will be coming.

Sanskar: I’ll kick him out.

Swara: I met him yesterday.

Sanskar: What? (Shocked)

Swara told him the whole thing.

Sanskar: That idiot! How dare he? Thanks god u dragged Avni away on time.

Swara: I got so angry hearing him take Ragu’s name. Gosh! I’m happy Manik is in her life. At least he won’t cheat on her.

Sanskar back hugged Swara.

Sanskar: Hmm… Let’s not talk about Laksh. Pls. I don’t want my mood to be spoilt. I’m just eager for my sister in law and going to be brother in law’s engagement.

Swara smiled: U know what Harsh and Avni said yesterday?

Sanskar: Oh yes. They came and told me too. They’ll marry when they grow up. Lol. I wouldn’t mind if they did.

Swara: But they’re siblings.

Sanskar: Swara, they’re cousins. So it’s ok. How ever close they r they r cousins at the end of the day. And lots of cousin marriages happen. So it’s ok.

Swara: Ur acting like they’re getting married not Ragini.

Sanskar: Ha ha very funny.

Swara: But Ragu will be fine Na?

Sanskar kissed her cheek.

Sanskar: Yup:)

scene change RagMan engagement scene-

All were happy. Except for Ragini, Maheshwari family and Avni.

Sujata: I’m not liking this at all. Ragini, she’s so pure at heart. Y is she doing this.

Ram: Keep quiet Sujata!

Suddenly Ragini came down. She was looking gorgeous. Swara was with her.

Swara: Ur looking so cute!

Ragini smiled: Ur acting like I’m happy with all this…

Swara: So ur not?

Ragini: Well I’m doing this for Avni so yes I am.

Swara: Oh god! Mahanaatma Ragini Gadoddia. Soon to be Mrs Mallhotra.

Ragini: How I wish it was soon to be Mrs Laksh Maheshwari.

Swara’s expression changed: Forget him. He hasn’t changed. He was trying to lure Avni into his trap yesterday. Or did u forget what I told u about what happened yesterday?

Ragini sighed: I know. That’s y I’m happy with Manik. So chill.

Just then Manik came there.

Manik: Hey:) Swara Bhabhi, ur looking so pretty, as usual:)

Swara smiled: Y thank u:) u look nice too.

Manik smiled: Ragini, ur- ur looking beautiful:)

Ragini smiled slightly: Thx Manik. Ur looking handsome too.

Manik smiled and offered his hand to her. She took it and went with him. Avni came to her.

Avni: Mamma me sorry for being bad girl yesterday. But I want to meet my papa. See u give new papa it ok. But can I meet my papa?

She said it loud enough for MF, GF and Swasan and Harsh to hear. Laksh wasn’t there. They were shocked.

Sujatad JIJI! This is her daughter? Means…

Ragini: Avni, u can’t meet papa but u can meet his family.

Avni: Really? (She was very happy)

Harsh: But me?

Sanskar: Abbhay Buddhu! She’s talking about ur Badi dadi and all.

Harsh: Oh ok.

Avni and Ragini went to them. Ragini took their blessings.

Sujata: Beta ur so nice y r u doing this?

Sanskar: Mom don’t put her in a fix. It’s best for her. Avni needs a father’s support.

DP: Ya. Sanskar is rite. Our Laksh did so much wrong with her. I know u said u don’t want to hear us say this but we’re sorry beta. Pls forgive us. Ur doing the rite thing. At least you’ll be happy with Manik beta.

Manik gave a goofy grin. Ragini smiled.

Avni: Mamma, who is this?

Ragini smiled: One sec Avni. Papaji, I know I’m not ur bahu anymore but I’m still ur daughter rite? So I’ll call u all what I used to earlier. Is that ok?

DP: Of course beta:)

Ragini: Ok so Avni, come. Papaji, Maa, this is Avni My daughter. And she’s ur grand daughter. Avni Laksh Maheshwari.

All were overjoyed. They started questioning Ragini.

AP: But beta doctor said that day that u had no chances of becoming mother.

Ragini: Yes maa. But when I came here I found out I was pregnant with her. I guess our attempt had worked after all.

Sujata: I’m so happy today. Hi Avni:)

Avni: Hiiiiii:) I’m Avni Gadoddia.

Ragini laughed: No Avni. Ur surname is not Gadoddia. That’s my surname. Urs is Avni Maheshwari.

Avni: But then urs shud be that too…

Ragini: No baba. Mine is still Gadoddia. I didn’t change. (All understood that Avni doesn’t know) but urs is like ur papa’s surname.

(Guys Ragini has no problem with the family. Only Laksh)

Avni: Then where is papa?

Ragini got tensed. Uttara covered up for her.

Uttara: Avni, ur papa is busy Na? So he didn’t come.

Avni sad: Who u r?

Uttara smiled: I’m Uttara. Ur papa’s cousin sister. Like u and Harsh.

Avni: But Harsh and me r best friends also.

Uttara: Even Bhai and me r best friends.

Avni: Shud I also call Harsh Bhai?

They all laughed.

Harsh squealed: CHEE no! Avni call me Harsh only.

They laughed even harder. Harshvni were confused. Swara hugged them and Sanskar explained their marriage theory to family. All were looking happy from outside. But inside everyone was a little sad.

Uttara: Aww Bhai they’re both so cute. I knew Harsh was but I never knew Avni.

Ragini brought Avni to all one by one.

Ragini: Avni, come here now. (To DP) Avni this is ur Dadaji and (To RP) his is ur other dadu. (To AP-Suju) this is ur dadima and other dadi. (To Pari-Adarsh) this is ur Pari Chachi and Adarsh Chachu. (To Uttara) and this is ur Choti Mami. Ok?

(Guys Harsh knows them as his parents family not Laksh’s)

Avni: Okie:)

Sharmistha came and picked up Avni. (Gadoddia’s had no problem with MF. Only Laksh)

Shomi: So how’s my Avni?

Avni: I’m fine Nani:)

She caressed Harsh’s hair.

Shomi: And how’s my Harsh?

Harsh: I’m also fine Nani:) u know? Avni and me helped Mami make cake.

Avni: YA!

Shekhar: how did u help?

Avni: We put oil on those cake tins.

Harsh: And v put colour colour icing on cookies. I put car ice.

Avni: And I put dress ice.

Dadi: Arrey wah! My great grand children r so smart.

Swara laughed: Dadi, they’re ur great grand children. So they will be smart Na?

Dadi: Woh toh hai:) (that’s also there)

Avni: Badi Nani! U know I met someone yesterday!

Dadi: Who?

Avni: See, I’ll tell what happened. Mamma was meeting new papa in front of my favourite park, Hyde Park. Then I wanted to meet my papa so I cried.

Harsh: Ya! She wasted a lot of water. Just like mamma!

Everyone laughed and Swara blushed. Sanskar gave high five to Harsh.

Avni: Keep quiet u fat piece of melon! Listen Badi Nani, so I ran inside park crying and then I was crying and a nice person came and sat next to me. He said that his mamma said that if someone is sad then v shud make that person feel nice.

Dadaji: That’s so nice of him.

Avni: Ya:) he made my tears go shoo! And he was also sad so I made his tears go shoo! And then Swara Mami came and pulled me away from that uncle. He was so nice and Mami shouted at him.

Shekhar: Hey Bhagwan Swara! Y did u shout at such a nice person?

Swara fumbled: I- (she didn’t want to tell them) I- misunderstood that person. I thought he was trying to do bad things to Avni. (She whispered to Shekhar) It was Laksh. That’s y I did that.

Shekhar: Ohhhh…

Sanskar nodded at Swara.

AP: What was his name Avni?

Avni: He told me to call him-

Just then Laksh came in. He looked upset. Avni saw him and a big smiled appeared on his face. She ran to him. Laksh saw her and smiled. She jumped and he lifted her in his arms. (U know in that way dad’s pick up their toddlers).

Avni: LUCKY UNCLE:):):):):)!!!!!

Laksh smiled. Everyone were shocked seeing Laksh and especially seeing Laksh with Avni like that. They guessed he had come as Manik’s guest.

Swasan: Avni!

Ragini: L-Laksh?

Laksh came down carrying Avni. Avni was smiling broadly. Harsh also smiled. Laksh caressed his hair.

Harsh: Hi Lucky uncle:)

Laksh: Hi Avni:) Hi Harsh:)

Avni: Badi Dadi, u asked me know who that uncle was? It was this uncle only. Lucky uncle:)

Laksh smiled and saw who she was talking to and was shocked to see his family. He was seeing them after three years. That night when he came drunk he had come in drunk state so he didn’t know where he was. He was actually thrown out for his behaviour and he came to MM in drunk state, uninvited. (U know when he hallucinated about Ragu).

Sanskar stormed up to him and dragged Avni from him. Avni started crying. He handed Avni to Swara and held Laksh by his collar.


Manik came: Bhai leave him. He’s my guest.

Sanskar left him angrily: Only Becoz ur from the boy’s side.

Laksh was already very guilty and his guilt increased.

Laksh: B-Bhai…

Sanskar’s heart melted but he remembered what happened. He couldn’t melt.

Sanskar: I’m not ur Bhai. Ur not my brother. Ur just my going to be brother in law’s friend Laksh. Ur not related to us.

Laksh guiltily nodded and with teary eyes made eye contact with Ragini. She had teary eyes. He walked to her.

Laksh teary: R u happy with this relation?

Ragini stone heartedly: Yes. I am.

Laksh: Well then. Have a nice life.

Ragini was shocked at the response tho she acted like she didn’t care.

Ragini: Thank u La- Mr Maheshwari.

Harsh: Maheshwari? Means he is Papa brother? Means he is my Mamu?

Laksh smiled at him: Yup Harsh:)

Harsh: Hi Mamu…

Laksh: Hi:) u won’t remember me. U were a baby when I last saw u.

Harsh: And was Avni also baby?

Laksh: Avni wasn’t born at that time.

Ragini started walking away but Swara pulled her on stage.

Swara: Hi guys:) So as u all know, it’s my sister’s and going to brother in law aka Ragini and Manik’s engagement. And I know all of u want some fun and entertainment but first ring exchange then fun. Ok?

Guests: Whohoho!

Swara smiled.

Swara: Arrey Manik ur to be wife is bolder than u. She’s ready on stage and ur blushing like a Dulhan there!

Everyone laughed. Laksh looked sadly. Avni was standing with Laksh and Harsh.

Manik: Bhabhi, stop embarrassing me.

He came grinning. Swara smiled.

Swara: Now u will sit and stare at each other or put rings? Idiots.

RagMan gave goofy grins. Ragini’s was more of a fake grin. She was broken seeing Laksh. RagMan put rings on each other. All clapped.

Sanskar: Dance now pls both of u!

RagMan smiled. Manik nodded reassuringly at her coz he knew how broken she might be now. They danced on Bolna from Kapoor and Sons. (I’m not in mood to describe). Ragini and Laksh noticed each other only. Manik noticed this and suddenly felt like an intruding third wheel so he ended the dance. Ragini felt relieved. They all started playing a sangeet game. Coz it was engagement+sangeet together. Harshvni were enjoying coz it was their first experience.

Swara: Ok ok ok. Now we have a game. Dance game. I have this bowl of chits with all ur names in it. Blue bowl is men bowl and Pink for women. I will pick one chit from one bowl each and who’s ever name comes they will have to do a couple dance. Choice of song is urs. And u have to do it with whatever partner u get. Ok?

All: Ok:)

Harsh: We also play?

Sanskar laughed: U can:)

They started playing. Swara picked chits.

Swara: Tanya Aunty and Raj uncle! Wow. True love guys. Husband-wife got chance to dance with each other:)

Sanskar: UNCLE! Go rock the stage!

They all whistled. One by one ppl were dancing. Sanskar got to dance with Swara.

Swara: now it’s… WOW! Baccha party come on. It’s Harsh and Avni.

Harshvni did a cute toddler dance. It wasn’t really couple dance but u know how toddlers to their own type of cute dance. Everyone loved it.

Swara: Manik and… Arrey wah! It’s Manik and Dadi!

Manik: YESSS! I get to dance with the hottest girl here:)

All laughed and Dadi blushed.

Dadi: Ok ok. Stop it now.

Manik laughed and started dancing with Dadi. He treats her like his own dadi so it was a cute dance.

Swara: Ok. Last two chits. Let’s see who it is! (She opened it and was shocked) It’s- Ragini and- and- and-

Dadi: Arrey who is it?

Swara: Laksh.

All GF and MF were shocked.

Avni: YAYYYYYY! Mamma and Lucky uncle!

Harshvni pushed them on stage. They looked awkwardly but to not create problems they decided to dance. Raglak looked at each other. Swara hesitantly started the music. Sanskar was fuming.

BG- Hasi female version from Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Guys read through the song coz there r descriptions)

Haan aa o…

Ragini awkwardly placed her hands on Laksh’s shoulder. Laksh held her waist tightly trying to convey his sorry. She was trying her best to not melt but couldn’t help it. They started swaying to the tune.

Main jaan ye vaar doon
Har jeet bhi haar doon
Keemat ho koi tujhe beinteha pyaar doon (x2)

Laksh made Ragini twirl thrice and she moved forward. He held her hand and pulled her back making her back hit his chest. He wrapped his arms around her stomach and rested his head on her shoulder and started moving slowly.

Saari hadein maine meri, ab maine tod di

Dekar mujhe pataa awaargi ban gaye

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan

He lifted her up and turned her around. Ragini clutched nervously to her ghagra. All family members were looking uncomfortable. But Manik had a smile on his face.

Meri zameen ban gaye

Aa o… aa…

Laksh set Ragini down and ran his finger on the side of her face. She turned away nervously. Laksh turned her around her and made her hold his shoulder in one hand and entwined his fingers in hers. He then held her waist in another hand and started doing a ball dance kind of thing. He lifted her bridal style and twirled.

Kya khoob Rab ne kiya
Bin maange itna diya
Warna hai milta kahaan
Hum kaafiron ko Khuda (x2)

He set her down and continued dancing with her completely lost in her beauty. He was trying to convey his sorry but she wasn’t listening. He hugged her from back and started dancing. Ragini lost control and she melted completely.

Hasratein ab meri tumse hai jaa mili
Tum duaa ab meri aakhiri ban gaye

Ragini turned around and hugged Laksh tightly. All were shocked. (When I say all I mean family walo). Laksh hugged back even tightly. Both were lost in the hug.

Haan hasi ban gaye
Haan nami ban gaye
Tum mere aasmaan
Meri zameen ban gaye

aa… o…

Song ended and everyone clapped. That brought them back to their senses. Ragini jerked away from Laksh. She ran away. Laksh followed her.

in terrace

Ragini was crying. Laksh ran after her. Avni followed them. Avni hid Becoz she didn’t want anyone to see her hearing them. Laksh stood behind Ragini.

Laksh: Sorry I lost control.

Ragini: Just get lost.

Laksh: Y?

Ragini turned around angrily: BECOZ I HATE U! U RUINED MY LIFE AND MADE IT A HELL! (Crying)

Laksh cupped her face.

Laksh: Look Ragu, it was a mistake. I thought u and Vikas- I was wrong and I found out recently. I’m sorry.


Laksh: I didn’t Ragu-

Ragini: Don’t call me that!

Laksh: Ok listen! I’m sorry yaar! It was a huge misunderstanding-

Ragini: JUST GO!



Laksh: W-what? H-how?

Ragini: That night our attempt, here doctors told me it was successful. But she deserves someone much better!

Avni heard this and was shattered. She came to Raglak.

Avni: Mamma?

Raglak were shocked. Avni was crying.

Ragini: Avni? U-

Laksh: Avni, u followed us here?

Avni: I wanted to play with u Lucky uncle- oops I mean papa.

Raglak were shocked.

Ragini: No Avni-

Avni: I heard everything. He is my papa. I am his daughter.

Suddenly she hugged Laksh.

Avni: Papa, y u and mamma fight? U so nice. U made my tears go shoo. U love me I love u. I always wanted to meet u. Pls don’t go papa. Pls be with me. I don’t want new papa. I want u. Pls mamma? Pls don’t send Papa away.

Ragini was shocked. Laksh was flabbergasted. He accepted the truth. He hugged Avni back.

Laksh: I’m not leaving u anywhere. I didn’t cheat on u Ragini. Preethi was just a co worker. Manik told me about the call. That night I was drunk alone. Preethi came to help me. That’s all. She brought me back home and handed me over to Papa. She’s freakin married to someone else now! And Vikas was dying in guilt so he confessed his crimes and he is in jail now. We can all be happy. Pls don’t separate me from my Avni. Pls.

Ragini dragged Avni away: No! Avni u come!

Avni rebelled and ran and hid behind Laksh.

Avni: I’m not coming without papa!

Laksh: Pls Ragini. Or I’ll take her away with me!


Laksh: AND I AM HER DAD! AND I WANT TO LOOK AFTER BOTH OF U! I LOVE U DAMMIT! I LOVE BOTH OF U! Pls Ragini. Pls. (He had tears in his eyes)

Ragini had tears too. Avni was crying badly. Sanskar ran up to the terrace seeing Raglak absent in the hall. He was worried. He saw Raglakvni there crying.

Sanskar angrily: LAKSH!!!!!!

All turned around. Laksh was shocked.

Laksh: Bhai there is nothing like that. Pls list-

Sanskar stormed up to Laksh and held him by the collar.


Laksh got angry and pushed Sanskar away.



Whole family had come up by now. Sanskar slapped Laksh. Laksh hit him back. Both got into a fight.




Ragini: Ya Sanskar. Swara is rite. Don’t go fighting with unworthy ppl. Pls stop!

Sanskar punched Laksh: NO WAYSSS!


Sanlak didn’t listen. They continued fighting.

Ragini crying: Pls stop it. LAKSH STOP IT!

Laksh stopped for a second but when Sanskar hit him he lost control and didn’t listen to Ragini. Manik tried stopping them but they didn’t listen. Suddenly Avni who was scared, got an idea.

Avni: Papa, Mamu, pls stop this dishum dishum. U both don’t look like movie hero when u fight. Pls.

Harsh: Papa pls stop.

Sanlak snapped out of their fighting mood when they heard Harshvni. They stopped. Harsh ran to Sanskar and hugged him tightly. Sanskar picked him up.

Sanskar: The child is saying that’s y I’m stopping. Avni come here!

Avni became stubborn. She ran to Laksh and hugged him tightly. Laksh picked her up and hugged her back.


Ragini: AVNI! That’s enough! Laksh leave her! U r poisoning her mind. She’s my daughter.

Laksh: Ragini pls listen. I’m sorry. It was a misunderstanding. I never had any affair with Preethi I promise. U don’t want to be with me then fine. But pls don’t separate me with my Avni. Pls.

Swara: Pls Laksh. Leave Avni and go. Ragini had a hard time when u left her. We don’t want more trouble in our lives. Pls Laksh.

Avni: But Mami, I want papa.

Swara: And ur getting new papa.

Avni: But I want my papa. Lucky Papa. My own papa. Not new papa.

Sanskar: That’s enough of ur stubbornness. Avni shut up and come here.

Avni clutched on to Laksh. (Hai Hai. Yeh baap-beti ka rishta kitna cute hai)

Avni: If Harsh can have his own papa then y not me?

Ragini: Harsh doesn’t have Mamu. U do. Now come!

Harsh: Then y can’t my Mamu be here? If Avni can have Mamu then y not me?

Swara: HARSH! Avni Come!

Avni: NO! I won’t!

Ragini got angry: Fine! Be with ur papa and be unhappy. Laksh u just remember one thing. If my daughter doesn’t come to me today, I’ll file a case on u.

She stormed away. All except for Avni and Laksh and Harsh. Harsh wiggled himself out of Sanky’s grip and ran to Lakshvni. They were left alone of the terrace. Avni hugged Laksh tightly.

Avni: Papa, I won’t go anywhere. Come now. So much blood is coming from ur mouth. We’ll wipe it.

Laksh smiled.

Harsh: Ya Mamu. Come Na.

Laksh just pulled Harshvni into a hug. He pulled away.

Laksh: It’s ok. I’ll handle that. (He caressed Harsh’s hair)

Harsh: Mamu, y u and Mami separate? Y u and papa fight?

Laksh frowned: U don’t know?

Harsh cutely: No.

Laksh smiled: Then it’s ok. I won’t tell. Ur too small to know. One day you’ll get to know.

Harsh: But Mamu-

Laksh sternly: Harsh… No baba. I can’t tell u. U don’t worry. This is all small fight. Ur mami still loves me I know that. And ur papa and me r brothers. So in between brothers these fights happen. Leave all this. U tell me. R u both ok?

Harsh came and snuggled in Laksh’s arms. They were sitting down. (Yeh bacche bhi kitni cutely apna jaga bana dete hai kisi ke dil mein. Yeh Mamu-Bhanje ka rishta bhi kaafi cute hai!)

Harsh: Ya Mamu.

Avni came and slept on Laksh’s lap.

Avni: Ya Papa. But u?

Laksh smiled: Ya ya. I’m fine. Ur papa is very strong Avni.

Avni: That is true:) My papa:)

Laksh smiled and kissed her forehead. He did same for Harsh.

Laksh: But u both, u shud go back to Ragini and Swara.

Avni: Only if u come.

Laksh: Avni, try to understand. I can’t come now. I’ll come soon. But I can’t come now. Mamma must be worried Na? U shouldn’t worry her. U go to her.

Harsh: Mamu u also Come!

Laksh sighed: I’ll come. I promise.

Avni: I don’t want new papa.

Laksh: Don’t worry Avni. U, me and mamma will be together again.

Harsh: And me?

Laksh smiled: U, ur papa and ur mamma will be with us also:)

Harshvni smiled.

Avni: Ok Papa. Becoz u say I’ll go to mamma. But promise u come too?

Laksh: Pakka Promise Princess:) but u shud say sorry to mamma. And Harsh u say sorry to Swara and Sanskar. Ok?

Harshvni: Ok:)

Avni smiled. She went to sleep on his lap. Harsh did same too. Laksh carried them downstairs and with the help of Manik he made them sleep in their room. He ran out without meeting anyone.

Screen freeze

Precap: Raglak unite. Last part.

I know it was horrible but pls excuse me. I tried putting a Raglak scene hopefully u liked it. Don’t bash me, I know it was stupid. I typed this in a bus that’s y it’s not nice. Pls pls pls comment guys. I’m feeling rather disheartened Becoz I’m not really getting any responses. And can someone pls post this part and first part of this 3 shots on Telly? Pls? Thx:)

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