raglak love is eternity three shot ( episode 1)


Raglak three shots.

Raglak for all eternity❤️❤️❤️

Hi guys:)
So how r all of u? So I’ve come up with a three shots idea. It’s Raglak. It’s my first time doing three shots. So plz tell me how it is. And if u guys don’t mind, can one of u pls post this three shot on telly updates? Thank u:) so anyways, In this story, Raglak have separated. They had some problem and divorced. Now Ragini is living in London with her’s and Laksh’s child (I choose London coz I’m traveling there rite now). So see how their daughter and nephew (Swasan child) unites them. And since I am a HUMONGOUS fan of Swasan, I’ll keep their relationship healthy. Swasan r living in London with Ragini, her child and their child. This is purely a Raglak os. (Guys note, Laksh doesn’t know about His child).

Character sketch

Ragini Gadoddia- ex wife of Laksh Maheshwari. Mother of Avni. Mami of Harsh. Sister of Swara. Sanskar’s Saali. Played by Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar.

Laksh Maheshwari- ex husband of Ragini Gadoddia. Father of Avni. Mamu of Harsh. Brother of Sanskar. Swara’s devar. Played by Namish Taneja.

Harsh Sanskar Maheshwari- Swasan’s son. Played by younger version of Darshil Safari. (Ishaan in Taare Zameen Par). Age- 8yrs.

Avni Laksh Maheshwari- Raglak daughter. Played by younger version of Sana Syed. (Anjali in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai). Age- 7yrs.

Swasan- supporting roles. Parents of Harsh. Mamu-Mami of Avni. Played by HeVa.

Manik Mallhotra- Sanlak best friend. Swaragini friend. Avni and Harsh’s fav uncle. Played by Parth Samarthan.

Setting- London.


A beautiful girl who looks about the age of 29 is walking on Oxford Street in London. She was wearing a pink, sleeveless top and white shorts and had her hair open. She had a light pink handbag sling on her arm and she had classy glasses protecting her eyes. She was wearing a black jacket. The weather was breezy and her hair was flying in the air. She had earphones in her ears and phone in pocket. Her maang was filled with sindoor and her neck was adorned with the mangalsutra. She was talking on the phone with someone through her earphones.

Girl: Yeah. I’m going to London Oxford Public School! (LOPS). (I made that up).

Person on voice: Ok. After that bring them both to my office. (The voice sounded boyish).

Girl: Ok baba! I’ll bring them both to ur office and then u can meet them. But only five minutes. Otherwise you’ll get distracted from work and both of them will eat my head becoz of hunger! And I can’t even feed them outside coz if I do Ragini will kill me!

Boy: Ok ok! Go fast now! I can’t wait to see my son and niece!

Girl: Yeah Sanskar! I know! U FREAKIN SAW THEM IN THE MORNING!

Sanskar: I know but u know how much I miss Harsh and Avni rite?

Girl: Yea yea. I know. Ok I gtg now!

Sanskar: Love u:)

Girl smiled: I love u too:) Bye Sanskar:)

Sanskar: Bye Swara:)

Yes. It was Swara Maheshwari. (U guys thought it was Ragini in the start rite?)

Swara reached LOPS. She was waiting outside with other parents. She got a call from Ragini.

Swara: Ya Ragini? Tell.

Ragini: Have Harsh and Avni come out?

Swara: Not yet. They will. U done selling cookies?

Ragini: No. Ppl r still coming. And all my bakes r getting sold! Isn’t that awesome?

Swara: Yeah:) it’s a good thing u started ur own bakery:)

Ragini: :). Y don’t u do it wid me?

Swara laughed: I’m happy being a detective inside our house.

Ragini laughed: Very funny Swara but what r u even doing with ur life?

Swara: Excuse me?! I’m a good journalist ok?

Ragini: I know I know. Ok, listen, on the way u need to buy some groceries. I’ll msg the list.

Swara: Oh godddd! Fine. I’ll buy them. Just don’t make the list extensive.

Ragini laughed: Fine. And don’t feed Harsh or Avni outside today! I’ve made some food for them. I’ve cooked Mac ‘n’ Cheese and cookies for them. I know they like it. So pls don’t make them eat any snack, there’s awesome snacks here.

Swara: That’s their dinner Ragini! I have an idea. Give them this for dinner. I’ll buy them juice and biscuits from outside. U give it to them in the night…

Ragini: okkkkk!!! Uff! You’ll never listen na?

Swara laughs: He he? ok listen. I gtg. Bye:)

Ragini: Bye:)

Swara cut the call and waited for Harsvni (Harsh and Avni). Soon she heard voices.

Voice 1: MAMMA!
Voice 2: MAMI!!!!!

Swara turned around and saw two children running towards her. She bent down and outstretched her arms. Both the kids (girl and boy) jumped into her embrace. They hugged each other. They pulled away.

Swara: Avni:) Harsh:)

Harshvni: HIIII:):):):)

They kissed Swara on the cheek. Swara smiled.

Swara: ok, come now:) We’re going to the department store:)

Harsh: Mami won’t like it.

Swara: I’ve talked to ur Ragini Mami:) She’s fine with it. Come on now!

Avni: Come come! Let’s go:) Swara Mami is the best:)

Swara smiled and held their hands and went. They went to store and bought biscuits and juice and came.

Harsh: Mamma where r v going now?

Swara: We’re going to meet Papa. He wanted to meet both of u badly.

Avni: YAYYYYYYYYY!!!! We’re meeting Mamu!

Harsh frowned: I’m meeting Papa. I don’t have a Mamu! (He was talking in a cute 8yr old voice)

Swara stopped in her tracks shocked. Harshvni stopped too.

Harsh: What happened Mamma?

Swara: N- nothing!

Avni sensed that something was not right. She saw Swara was a little upset.

Avni cute voice: Harsh- chtop it!

Harsh: Oi Buddhu! It’s Stop not chtop!

Avni continued arguing with Harsh and distracted Swara. Swara smiled seeing Avni’s behaviour. Avni turned and smiled at Swara and all three left to meet Sanskar.

after some time

Sanskar came out with Swara and Harshvni from his office building. He got his personal driver to get the car. Swasan hugged.

Sanskar: What happened?

Swara: Today Harsh again asked about Laksh…

Sanskar: Oh- leave it Swara. If Harsh asks about his Mamu then u distract him like how Avni is doing rite now. Just Becoz he asked u don’t have to start thinking about Laksh and his misdeeds! Just be thankful Ragini wasn’t there at that time.

Swara smiled and rested her head on Sanskar’s shoulder.

Swara: Hmm… Ok. Sanskar, we both r happy with our marriage coz we trust each other. We have a child as a symbol of our love and trust. I’m very happy with my life Sanskar. Ur there for me and I have a son and niece and sister. But what about Ragini? She only has her sister, brother in law, daughter and nephew. Her husband left her. Her love broke her trust. She very upset and it’s obvious. She tries to hide it but she can’t from me. She’s my sister. I can’t see her in pain Sanskar.

Sanskar put his arm around her shoulder and rested the side of his cheek on her head.

Sanskar: What shud v do then?

Swara: Shud v- shud v inform Laksh that he’s a father? I m- mean he doesn’t know!

Sanskar’s eyes burned in rage.

Sanskar dangerously whispered: Harsh and Avni r here that’s y I’m controlling my anger. Swara don’t take that guy’s name in front of me ever again! Do u get it?

Swara was a little scared of his raging anger.

Swara: Sorry Sanskar- I just thought u won’t be so angry anymo-

Sanskar hugged her tightly b4 she cud complete her sentence.

Sanskar: It’s ok. Next time don’t spoil my mood by taking Laksh Maheshwari’s name. Get it?

Swara nodded. Sanskar bent down and kissed her lips slightly. Car came and Swarshvni left.


A girl was heating some food. Swarshvni came and washed their hands. Harsh creeped up behind the girl. Swara lifted him and he closed her eyes.

Harsh babyish accent: Guess who I am?

Girl acting: Um- Who is this? (Felt his hands. Harsh giggled) Is it Swara?

Harsh: No…

Girl: Is it Avni?

Harsh: No.

Girl: Swara, I know it’s u…

Harsh: NO.

Girl: It can’t be Sanskar can it?

Harsh: NO!

Girl: Then who is it? — is it…. HARSH?!

Harsh moved his eyes and started laughing.

Harsh: YESSSS:):):):):) YAY! Mami guessed:)

All laughed.

Avni: Mamma!:)

Ragini hugged both of them. She sent them to dining hall. Swaragini hugged and laughed. They took the food and went to the kids.

Swara: Yo Harsh, Avni, see what Ragini’s made for you!

Harsh: It smells like cookies…

Avni: And Mac ‘n’ cheese…

Swaragini: Correct!

Ragini: U guessed the food so correctly! Both have become like their fathers!

Swara looked at her. Ragini realised what she had said and looked shocked.

Harsh: Mami food!

Ragini fake smiled and gave them food and sat with them. Swara smiled at her reassuringly. Ragini smiled back.

Harsh: By the way Mami, I was asking Mamma also this b4 going to Papa. But Avni was being meanie. So can I ask U? Pweety Pwease! (Pretty please).

Ragini laughed: Ok. Ask.

Harsh: Y don’t I have a Mamu? Y doesn’t Avni have a Papa?

Swaragini were shocked. Ragini didn’t know what to answer.

Ragini: I- U-

Suddenly a voice came from behind.

Voice angrily: HARSH!

They turned. It was Sanskar. He was furious. Harsh got scared.


Swara: Sanskar, it was a mistake-


Harsh got scared and hid behind Avni who was shielding him physically.

Harsh: But Papa- I only asked y I don’t have a Mamu and y Avni doesn’t have a Papa-

Sanskar got angry and slapped Harsh on his hand hard.



Harsh was crying and Swaraginivni were trying to console him.

Swara got angry on Sanskar: SANSKAR! What nonsense is this?! Ragini u take Harsh and Avni to their rooms with their food. Sanskar u come to the room!

She dragged Sanskar into the room. Ragini took a crying Harsh and an upset Avni inside with their food.

inside Swasan room



Swara calmed down a bit seeing him angry.

Swara: u slapped Harsh! What was his fault? He’s a child Sanskar! He doesn’t understand! He doesn’t know what Laksh did. Don’t remove ur anger on him.

Sanskar: Ok, I understand but y is he always asking?

Swara sighed: BECOZ HE DOES NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT HIS MAMU DID DAMMIT! He’s only 8, u stupid sloth bear!

Sanskar’s frown vanished and it was replaced by a smile and a laugh.

Sanskar: Sloth bear? Swara I’m not a sloth bear:p I’m faster than them… In fact ur slower than them. So ur the biggest sloth:p

Swara made a cute expression: HAWWW! How mean! Ur a toad!

Both started laughing.

wid Ragarshvni

Harsh was crying badly. Avni was patting his cheek to calm him down. Ragini applied medicine to the spot Sanskar hit him and Avni started feeding him. Some cheese fell and she started crying.

Ragini: Avni, careful baby!

Avni: Chory Harsh…

Harsh forgot his tears and immediately wiped her tears and kissed her cheek cutely. (I ship Harshvni but they’re too young. We can’t think weird things!) Avni smiled slightly.

Harsh: Oi Buddhu! I can lick it off. See?! (He licks the cheese off and smiled at her) u no say Chory.

Ragini smiled seeing their innocence.

Ragini: Oi Baccha party! Stop ur sorries and eat:) otherwise Swara will kill me.

Harsh: I’ll protect u Mami!

Avni: Me too mamma!

Ragini: Ok:):):):) now eat.

They started eating. P

Avni: Mamma, y do Mamu get angry when we say about papa?

Ragini’s expression changed: Avni, I will also scream now. How many times shud I tell u not to talk about Papa? U have no papa.

Harsh: But Mami, y papa is so angry at me?

Ragini to herself: He’s not angry on u Harsh. He’s angry on Laksh. But how shud I tell u that?

Harsh: Mami?

Ragini: No Harsh. He’s not angry at u. He’s just- just tired from work. U know Na? He works so much!

Avni: Ya Mamma. But y did he hit Harsh?

Ragini fumbled: That- I- I don’t- I don’t know. He’s very tired and his hand must have flung across. Forget. Sometime later he’ll come and say sorry.

Just as she said that Swasan came. Sanskar went up to Harsh, bent down and held his ears.

Sanskar: Sorry Harsh. I didn’t mean to hit u. I was angry at ur Mamu. Not u. But don’t ever ask about ur Mamu ok?

Harsh nodded.

Sanskar: I’m sorry. Avni, I’m sorry for scaring u.

Harshvni hit their heads and made him move his hand. They made him sit and sat on either side of his lap.

Harsh: Arrey Papa! Y u saying Chory? U bigger than me Na? Cho no Chory. Harsh loves his papa. Papa loves his Harsh. Chory will break love between Papa and Harsh.

Avni smiled: Ya Mamu. And u only say Na? With fwiends, no Chory, no thank u… And we r fwiends Na? Cho no Chory. If u say Chory then v no fwiends and I thought we r best fwiends.

Sanskar smiled and hugged them. He beckoned for Swaragini to also come. Swara came and kissed his cheek and hugged all three tightly and Ragini hugged all four of them. It was a cute family scene but was incomplete without Laksh.

scene change

In Kolkata, @MM

A guy is walking up to his room angrily and drunk. He banged open his room door and went in.


No answer…


Suddenly Ragini came there.

Ragini softly: Sorry Laksh. (Cups his face) u drank again!

Laksh calmed down: Sorry. Pills?

Ragini sighed: No Laksh. No pills. They’re bad.


Ragini: no Laksh.

Laksh got angry and raised his hand to hit her but she disappeared. Laksh cried.


Uttara and AP came running in. They saw Laksh in a bad state.

AP: Laksh!?

Uttara ran and caught him tightly. They helped him lie down on the bed. AP took him into her lap.

AP: Laksh… What happened beta? (Child)

Laksh: She’s not giving my pills.

Uttara: Who Bhai? (Bro)

Laksh: Ragini…

They were shocked.

Uttara: She’s not here anymore.

Laksh started wailing miserably.

Laksh: I know. I’m hallucinating! I need to see a psychiatrist! Oh god I can’t live without her! She’s innocent maa! (Mom) she’s not wrong at all. We were all wrong. I found out today. I’m sorry I separated ur bahu, ur daughter from u. I’m sorry I mad Bhai and Swara go away. I don’t know where she is now! I need her! I still love her!

He fell asleep after that. AP and Uttara were shocked.

in London

Ragini is staring at the moon and sobbing quietly in her room while holding a photo of Laksh. Swara came in.

Swara: Haven’t slept yet?

Ragini wiped her tears and faced Swara. They sat not the windowsill.

Ragini: U haven’t either.

Swara: I came to see u. I knew you’d be like this after what Harsh and Sanskar did today.

Ragini fake smiled: Like what?

Swara: Sitting alone, crying silently coz u don’t want to disturb anyone, not sharing ur problems with anyone, not even ur sister, and clutching to Laksh’s photo as if it’s ur life…

Ragini: It is my life.

Swara: No Ragu. It’s not. That guy ruined u. He hurt u so much all the time. First he didn’t love u, then he acted like he loved u and then married that stupid Kavya, then he divorced her and did so much to earn ur love coz he started genuinely loving u and then he cheated on u and accused u of cheating on him. He played with ur dignity, he’s been the reason for ur tears, and he’s still ur life? No!

Ragini: But what to do? I’ve given my heart to him. I cannot take it back now it’s too late. My heart won’t want to come back. But I guess he has two hearts now coz he snatched his heart back from me…. But I’ll always love him. No one else.

Swara: Y r u so adamant? Y don’t u understand that he’s not the right guy for u?

Ragini laughed without any emotion: I’m not a young college girl who has the opportunity to choose a guy for myself. I’m a divorced, single mother…

Swara: Avni needs a father. But Laksh is not good. I know that biologically he is her father but u know that he’s not a good father for her.

Ragini: What r u suggesting?

Swara: I’m suggesting u remarry and give Avni a dad.

Ragini looked shocked: What r u saying? It’s nonsense. I can never look at any man in that way Swara let alone marry. I’d rather die than change my surname to anyone else’s surname other than Maheshwari. I don’t want to be anyone else’s. It’s either Ragini Shekhar Gadoddia after my father or Ragini Laksh Maheshwari after my love. NO ONE ELSE!

Swara: Ssshhhh! U wanna wake Avni up or what?

Ragini: Sorry.

Swara: Look Ragini, You’ve always been a motherly and a fatherly figure to Avni. Always. And Sanskar and me have always been happy to be there for Avni. And obviously Harsh. Avni is very happy right now. She has a loving mom who is like her dad. She has a cousin brother. She has her Mamu and Mami. And she has friends. She knows her nani (Shomi),nanu (Shekhar), bade nani (Dadi) and bade Nanu (Dadaji). But she doesn’t know her dad. She doesn’t know anyone from her dad’s side of family except for Sanskar and me. She doesn’t know her dad, her Chachi (Pari), Chachu (Adarsh), her Choti Mami (Uttara), both her bade dadaji’s (DP and RP) and both her bade Dadi’s (Suju and AP). Ian that sad Ragu? I know the pain. I didn’t know my baba for 20yrs. I didn’t know my sister for 20yrs. I didn’t know my grandparents for 20yrs. U didn’t know Maa for 20yrs and neither did u know dida for 20yrs. And u lost ur biological mother and for me I lost my step mom. It was horrible wasn’t it? Do u want Avni to go through that? Do u want Harsh to go through that? We were lucky to get our good lives back but them? U want them to wait till they’re twenty? Harsh asks me every day and even Avni has asked me many times as to y her papa isn’t with her. Y her papa left her. What do I tell? She really needs fatherly support. Now she’s young but later when she grows up and her friends ask about her father don’t u think she’ll feel bad? She doesn’t understand the importance of surnames now but later when she realises her name is Avni Laksh Maheshwari but her mom is Ragini Gadoddia won’t she feel bad?

Ragini: R u telling me that I shud remarry Laksh for Avni’s sake?

Swara: No… But y don’t u marry someone else? A nice man.

Ragini: Who’ll marry me even after knowing that I can’t love them or give them any happiness?

Swara: Sanskar knows a person. His name is Manik Mallhotra. He’s a great friend of Sanskar and Laksh. But more of Laksh. He’s single and he wants to marry a nice girl. Y don’t u meet him Ragu? For Avni?

Ragini was shocked.

Ragini: So that’s y u came here? To tell me this?

Swara looked guilty: Look I was worried for u and I thought I cud discuss this matter with u. But if ur hurt then I’m sorry. I’ll just leave.

Ragini: NO! Wait!

Swara looked.

Ragini: But what about maa and baba? And Dadima and Dadaji? U know Dadima will hate it!

Swara smiled: Arrey Dadi is the one who suggested this to Sanky! Manik is their neighbour. All liked him. They found out Sanky is his friend and talked with us and decided that if ur ok with it then they can make u both meet. He’s ready to meet u. He knows you’ve had a hard time with Laksh and has promised to never hurt u and always look after u and take care of Avni even more than how much Laksh wud have done. Trust me Manik already loves Avni as his daughter. He’s a perfect father. I know u won’t accept him as a husband but at least as Avni’s father? Pls Ragu?

Ragini thought for a while.

Ragini: Fine. I’m ready to meet Manik Singh Bhatiya. When is he coming?

Swara smiled: Thank you:) He’s coming day after tmrw. U can decide where to meet him.

Ragini: Tell him day after tmrw at Hyde Park. (It’s a park near Oxford street).

Swara hugged her tightly. Ragini clutched on to Swara.

Ragini thought: I know that I can’t live without Laksh but for Avni I’ll do it. I love Avni more than anything. And I’ll do anything for her happiness.

scene change

@Kolkata next morning.

Laksh is in his cabin at Maheshwari company office. A dashing young guy walks in.

Guy: Yo Lucky!

Laksh who was tensed looked up and smiled slightly.

Laksh: Heyyy! So the great business man, Mr. MM is back to Kolkata and wants to have a deal with me?

Guy laughed: Saale (swear word in Hindi) for u I’m always Manik. Not Mr. MM.

Laksh laughed: Yo Manik:)

They both shared a bro hug.

Laksh: How r u?

Manik: Fine bro! I’m happy. I’m going to meet a girl!

Laksh: WHAT? U didn’t tell me at all! Who’s the girl?

Manik: Idk… First meeting, London, Hyde Park. She lives there with her child, sister and brother in law. Single mom. She’s divorced due to some problems with her husband.

Laksh: Oh. I know the pain. I’m divorced too.

Manik: I know. How r u bro? Long time huh? How’s Sanky?

Laksh’s expression changed to a nostalgic one.

Laksh: Can’t believe I’m saying this but I miss him.

Manik: me too. K enough of these emotional talks. Ur coming with me to London!

Laksh: Y?

Manik: Oi! I’m meeting a girl and if my best friend isn’t there then I’ll die!

Laksh: But isn’t it a private moment?

Manik: U just be there hiding but in my view. I’ll talk and be done with this. If she says ok then I’m ready for marriage.

Laksh: Oho! Blushing and all? Wow! Manik I’ll come. I’d love to tell her what a hell hole she’s falling into!

Manik laughed: I’ll make sure it isn’t a hell for her or her daughter.

ManLak smiled.

time forward, day after tmrw at Hyde Park

Ragini had picked up Harshvni from school. Sanskar called her.

Ragini: Ya Sanskar?

Sanskar: Did u meet Manik?

Ragini: I just picked up these two. I’m going to Hyde Park. P

Sanskar: U want me or Swara to come?

Ragini: Swara’s coming.

Sanskar: Okie dokie:) And Harsh and Avni?

Ragini: Will be with Swara while I talk to Manik…

Sanskar: Ragini, tell me one thing, r u ok with all this?

Ragini: Yes. If it means my daughter will be happy then I’m happy.

Sanskar: It’s amazing to see how much u love Avni. I don’t think any of us can love her as much as u do.

Ragini laughed: If u were in the same position I’d be saying this about u and Harsh. But fortunately, u and Swara will never separate. After all it’s a jodi (couple) I tied:p

Sanskar: Ha ha… Very funny. Well that’s one good thing u did when u were going around being all Mogambo. (Evil villain of Bollywood).

Ragini: Very funny Sanskar. Kk fine. I gtg. Ttyl. Bye.

Sanskar: Bye:) and good luck:)

Ragini smiled and cut the call. Harshvni were looking curiously at her.

Harsh: Mami we’re going to Hyde Park?

Ragini: Yup:)

Avni: Swara Mami is also coming?

Ragini: Yes…

Harshvni: What will v do?

Ragini: Um- Avni, Harsh-

Harsh: Who is Manik Mami?

Ragini: I-

Avni: And what r u doing for my hapne- happy- hap-ness?

Ragini: Ok. I’ll tell u. Avni, we’re going to meet ur new papa. His name is Manik Mallhotra.

Harsh: Meaning Avni’s papa coming? My Mamu coming?

Ragini: No. Ur new Mamu is coming. I’m going to give u new Mamu Harsh.

Harsh: How?

Ragini: We will talk and get to know each other. Then if v like each other, we will marry and he’ll be ur new Mamu…

Avni: But what happen to my papa?

Ragini: He is going to be ur papa!

Avni: But he’s not my first papa…

Ragini: u won’t meet ur first papa. He’s not here anymore. He- um- he sent this Manik to me. He told him b4 leaving us that he wants Manik to be ur new papa. (She lied)

Avni: And if u don’t like him?

Ragini: Then- then also we’ll marry.

Avni: Y?

Ragini: Becoz- becoz he- I already like him. But v need to meet or else ur Badi nani won’t allow me to marry him. (She lied again)

Harsh: So if u like someone then u marry them?

Ragini: If u love someone then u marry them.

Harsh: Then Avni and me shud marry.

Ragini laughed: If u want to when u grow up then u can.

Avni: I won’t marry anyone except Harsh. Then we can all be together.

(I ship these two hard. Mein bhi Na! Bacche ko bhi nahi chodi:p)

Ragini laughed again. She felt better. Swara came. Harshvnirag ran to her. Ragini was laughing.

Swara: What happened?

Harsh: Mamma, u know, Ragini Mami told us that if u like someone then u can marry them when u become big.

Swara smiled: Yes. That’s y ur papa and me married and brought u to the world.

Harsh: Really? (He smiled as if he made a discovery… (Bacche bhi Na:p)) AVNI! I know how I came to this world.

Avni: How?

Harsh: Mamma and Papa love and did marry. Then they love each other so much that they got me to this world.

Avni: How did I come?

Harsh: Arrey Buddhu! Ur papa and mamma love each other and they got u… U know mamma, even I love Avni. She’s my cousin Na? So I love her and she loves me and we’ll marry each other.

Swaragini started laughing.

Swara: Ok ok:) later when u grow up.

Avni: And after that we will also bring a person to world. Ok Harsh? (Cutely)

Harsh clapped his hands happily: Ok:) Mamma, how do we do that?

Swaragini laughed: You’ll understand later. Now listen, let’s leave Ragini here. She needs to meet Manik. U baccha party (child gang) come with me!

Avni: But where is papa?

Swara: Avni, Manik is ur new papa.

Avni: But my real papa?

Swara: He’s not here anymore.

Ragini: I told Na? He only sent Manik to us.


Ragini held her ears tightly.

Ragini: How many times shud I tell u that ur papa won’t come?!
Avni was crying and Harsh was trying to free her and Swara to calm Ragini down. A man suddenly came.

Man: Y r u scolding her if she’s asking for her dad?

Ragini saw him and let go of Avni. Swara and man recognised each other.

Man: Arrey Swara Bhabhi!? U? Sorry I didn’t realise it was u. Howz Sanky Bhai?

Swara smiled: He’s fine. How r u Manik? Or rather, Mr. MM.

Manik smiled and hugged her in a friendly way.

Manik: What Bhabhi? I’m Manik for u not Mr. MM. That’s a stupid name actually. My parents gave me a better nickname than these business people. Gora laddu is a better nickname than Mr. MM.

Swara laughed. Manik went to Ragini and outstretched his hand.

Manik: Hey:) I’m Manik. Manik Mallhotra. U might have heard of me from Sanky Bhai and Laksh. Or ur parents. Not sure tho.

Ragini: Actually I heard of u first from Swara. Not Laksh Maheshwari.

Manik: Oh ok. And r these ur children?

Ragini: He’s my nephew Harsh Sanskar Maheshwari. This is my daughter Avni Laksh Maheshwari. And I’m Ragini Gadoddia. (Shook his hand) nice meeting u.

Manik kneeled down near Harshvni.

Manik: They’re so cute. Hey:)

Harsh: U r my new Mamu?

Manik laughed: If ur Mami says yes then I am.

Avni: Mamma, I want to meet my real papa.

Ragini: AVNI!

Manik: Ha ha. It’s ok. She’s never met Lucky b4. Do u mind if I show her his photo or have u hidden that from her?

Ragini: Um actually she doesn’t know anything about this. So don’t mention these things in front of them. Please.

Manik: Oops. Sorry. (To Avni) Hi Avni:) I’m Manik, u can call me Papa or if ur mamma says no to me then Manik Bhai. No uncle. That sounds old. Ok?


She says that she ran inside Hyde Park. All were shocked.

Harsh: Mamma, I know where she gone. I go to get her.

Swara: I’ll come with u. Ragu, u stay with Manik and get to know him. Harsh knows where she is.

Ragini nodded. Swaarsh ran.

wid Avni

She ran and sat and started crying on a bench. A man came and sat next to her. He saw her crying. And he saw that she was very small. He took a chocolate out and thought of comforting her.

Man: Hi:)

Avni looked up.

Avni: Who r u?

Man: Laksh. But u can call me Lucky. Y r u crying?

Avni: My mamma told me not to speak to strangers.

Laksh laughed: That’s very good teaching ur mamma taught u. My mamma also said same to me. But my mamma also said that I shud help sad ppl. And u look sad. That’s y I came to u.

Avni wiped her tears. Laksh offered chocolate.

Avni: My mamma said not to take food from strangers.

Laksh laughed again. He felt so,e connection to Avni.

Laksh: My mamma also said same. But my mamma also said when ur sad chocolate makes u feel better.

Avni: I don’t want chocolate. I want my papa.

Laksh: Ur papa will come to u. He might be busy at work. P

Avni: I have never seen my papa.

Laksh: Oh. Y?

Avni also felt a connection and felt comfy with him. She sat close to Laksh and felt as if her papa was protecting her.

Avni: I don’t know. Mamma, Mami and Mamu never tell Harsh and me.

Laksh: what do u know about it? Maybe I can help u?

Avni: (cutely) see, my mamma brought me to this world with my papa. But my papa is not here with us anymore. I want my papa but mamma giving me new papa. Not fair.

Laksh: Hmm.., yea not fair. U know what, even I have same problem.

Avni: Even u don’t have papa?

Laksh: No no. Not like that. My problem is that I don’t have my wife. I love her a lot and she loved me a lot. We married. Then v both fought a lot and she left me alone and I need her. I can’t live without her.

Avni: Like me and Harsh? (I can’t help but ship them)

Laksh: Maybe. When both grow then you’ll know.

Avni patted his hand: Don’t worry. Ur bad time will go.

Laksh caressed her hair: Urs too. By the way, what’s ur name?

Avni: Avni.

Laksh: That’s a pretty name.

Avni: Thank u uncle.

Laksh: CHEE yaar! Uncle is too old. I told Na? Call me Lucky.

Avni: Lucky uncle. My Mamma told that I shud respect ppl older than me. Even Mami and Mamu say that.

Laksh: Oh ok. That’s very nice. Where is ur mamma?

Avni: I ran from the begin of park. I come here always. Harsh will come. I know.

Just then Harsh came.

Harsh: AVNI! Where u were? Come Na? Mamma also came. MAMMA!! AVNI IS HERE.

Avni: Harsh, leave that. See I met a nice uncle. Lucky uncle. He’s so nice.

Harsh smiled at Laksh.

Harsh: Tank u for making Avni smile. She was crying.

Laksh smiled at their innocence: Yea. She doesn’t look nice crying.

Harsh: That’s what I tell all time. She never listens. She wastes so much water Becoz she cries.

Laksh felt some connection with Harsh and he felt same. He heard what Harsh said and smiled. It was something Sanskar always tells and Laksh remembered that.

Laksh: My brother also tells the same thing to his wife.

Harsh: Ok. But y u smiled?

Laksh: Becoz I remembered my brother and I love him right? So I smiled…

Just then Swara came.

Swara: Harsh! Where is Avni?

Laksh was shocked looking at Swara. Swara didn’t notice him. Avni was near Laksh holding his hand.

Harsh: She’s here but we met nice uncle. He wiped Avni tears. See?

Swara looked up to see Avni holding someone’s hand. She saw the person and was shocked to see Laksh.

Swara: U?

Avni: Mami, this is Lucky uncle. He’s so nice. He make my tears go shoo! U know he has same problem. I have no papa. He has no wife. And he loves his wife. And I love my papa but I don’t know him. So v talked with each other.

Swara snapped out of her shock and snatched Avni from Laksh. She glared at Laksh.


Harshvni got scared at her anger. Laksh tried to calm her down.

Laksh: Look Swara, I’m sorry I didn’t know they were ur children. I’m so sorry. But y is Avni saying she has no papa. Is Bhai ok? R u ok? And Ragu? Is she ok?

Swara: U have no right on us Laksh. What Sanskar, Ragini and I do is none of ur business. And about Harsh and Avni, we’re here for them. V don’t need ur interference. And I have no right to call Ragini Ragu. Not anymore.

Laksh: But I love her-

Swara: I do not care! She’s not in ur life anymore. Ur dead to her. She’s meeting a new person today and she’s going to give Avni a new papa. So u get out of our lives and go live with Preethi!

Laksh: WHAT? Ragini is going to give ur daughter a new papa? How does that work? AND I NEVER CHEATED ON RAGINI!

Swara: YEA RITE! And y do u care. We’re happy here Laksh. Ur just making us unhappy. I have my husband and my Son and sister and niece. My new brother in law will come soon Ragini’s husband. Ur nothing but my husbands traitor brother. Ur not Ragu’s husband.

Laksh: Is Ragini happy? Is she happy with her new alliance?

Swara: Very happy. Now GO! And never try to come to us again!

Laksh: But one question, y r u and Sanskar separating?

Swara: No we’re not…

Laksh: Then y was ur daughter telling me that she doesn’t know her papa and that her mamma is meeting her new papa?

Swara was shocked. She started scolding Avni.

Swara: AVNI! How many times shud we tell u not to speak to strangers?

Laksh: Yo I’m not a stranger. If she’s ur daughter then I’m her god damned Mamu!


Swara: AVNI SHUT UP! Laksh, leave us alone. Ragu has struggled a lot Becoz of u. You’ve always hurt her and I want her to be happy now. Just. Get. LOST!

Avni: But-

Swara: How many times shud I tell u to keep quiet Avni? U shouldn’t tell personal matters to strangers.

Harsh: But mamma u know him. Then how uncle stranger?

Swara: STOP IT! Just go back! Harsh, take Avni back to Ragini Mami. Now!

Harsh got scared of his mamma’s anger and took Avni with him. Swara turned to Laksh.

Swara: And u Mr. Maheshwari, stay away from my sister and my family. Or else I’m warning u, I’ll make sure I put u in jail. Or maybe even b4 I do that, Sanskar himself will come to u and send u to jail. So u better stay away from all of us!

Saying that she walked away, leaving Laksh shocked.

Laksh thought: If Avni is her daughter then y isn’t she accepting it? And how did Ragu agree to marry a new guy? She doesn’t love me anymore? And y did she say she has a niece? Who niece? Is Avni her niece? But if Avni is her niece, then is Ragu her mom? But how can that be? No ways! Ragu will never cheat on me. She must be Swara’s daughter. Maybe Swara was saying that to irritate me. I know Swara. She’ll do things to weaken and distract me so I won’t trouble Ragu. But I need to apologise to her. I need to let her know that- I still love her and I – I – I can’t live without her.

End of part 1

Precap: Raglak emotional meeting.

How was it guys? Plz comment. After this three shots I’ll try doing a Swasan one. But right now I noticed a lot of Raglakians so this one is dedicated to all of u. Guys pls comment and tell me coz it’s real hard work writing these stories. I write coz it’s my passion but sometimes I feel disheartened when I see no comments or very vague comments like Awesome, nice, good, etc. As a writer I like seeing comments which r constructive for me and I like seeing comments when I get to know if ppl r liking it. Words like awesome, etc, don’t really tell me if my story is being liked. These words r words which ppl use for everything these days. They cud be saying this so I don’t feel hurt but pls don’t think I’ll get hurt, I like reading nice and long comments where I actually can visualise what the reader felt. I personally try to give elaborate comments coz I know what it means to a writer. Feedback is something every writer loves so pls pls tell me what u really think it is. If u have any suggestions then pls tell me and I’ll try incorporating those ideas. For all my ff’s, os’s and this three shot. I know this might sound desperate to ppl but trust me, I’m pretty sure every writer goes through this. In fact everyone who specialises in making something thrives for feedback, good and constructive. Love you all:)

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