Raglak love (episode 2)

Laksh takes ragini to hotel
Laksh : I’m very hungry..i didn’t know that you are this fat ..to see you are thin..While kidnapping I came to know reality..
Ragini gave a angry look to him
Ragini :I’m not fat..you are fat..
Laksh : hmmm… see all the girls here they are looking at me .
Ragini sees them she actually gets jealous and gets up and drags laksh outside the hotel.
Laksh : leave me lado I want to eat ladoo ..I’m hungry.
Ragini :first of all don’t call me lado and if you are hungry then eat in other hotel like kumbhkaran…not in this hotel
Laksh :OMG my sweetheart is actually getting jealous. .ohk as you say love
Ragini :it’s because the hotel was unhygienic and if you get unwell. .I should look after you…which I can’t

Laksh :so you care me this much
Ragini didn’t have an answer but gave an angry look at him
Laksh drove to other hotel.
Seeing girls over there also
Ragini sat beside laksh closely and hold his hand..
Laksh was enjoying this much attention from ragini.
Laksh asks Her to order
Ragini : I don’t want to eat
Laksh : I just joked lado..u r not fat..I will love you even if you get fat..
Ragini : oh plz stop..I don’t want to eat from your money
Laksh : all of mine is yours only
Laksh orders

When the food comes ragini eats everything
Laksh laughs…

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  2. super make it long. it looks short.

  3. Super..it will be cool if it happens in the real drama

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  5. Awesome dear and plz make it long

  6. superb n make it long…..

  7. so cute episode…raglak forever

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