Raglak- love cures pain


– [ ] Hello everyone!! I am back.. Ananya. With one more TS .ridhii ,rakhi,ashwini, priya,swati,lovely,shreya,dhara,aanya,ammu , dev and prateeksha thankyou all sososososoomuch for liking my previous TS. Also thanks to all the silent readers but if possible plzz comment… Even if you dont like you can criticize. Lovely i am veryy pathetic at writing romantic scenes but still i ll try if you insist.
– [ ] It is a very gloomy night and everything around is very sad and depressing. We see a guy roaming around the streets in a drunken state.. He enters a local pub&bar. Thrashing the bottle on the floor he asks the waiter to bring one more of it. Then he comes and sits on a chair. He is drinking and crying.. He is remembering all his beautiful moments with his love… He was heart broken(he is our laksh) .
– [ ] A girl comes in and starts dancing . She is a bar girl and she comes near him in feels some connection with him… She tries to divert his mind towards her but is unable to.. Finally she drags him to her room.
– [ ] She pushes him inside and closes the door. She asks him about why is he so sad? But he doesnt listen and grabs her through her waist… He kisses her tightly on her lips and it starts bleeding. She is in pain but enjoys her company. She hugs him tightly but he throws her on the bed and lies over her.. He slowly removes her clothes and starts kissing her bare body… She too kisses him and removes his shirt… They start making love and laksh forgets all his pain… He is lost in her beauty. Suddenly he stops and asks her: why do you do this? Aren’t you too innocent for all this?? I know earning is a must but through these ways isnt good… I can see that you are from a respectable family. Then why all this?
– [ ] Hearing thos she starts crying badly.. She gets angry and tells him its none of his business. She is doing it all by her choice,. To which he says: see i am a nobody to say anything to you. But just as i felt i told you.
– [ ] Thanks for your concern but i dont need it she said. Btw I am ragini and you?
– [ ] Laksh maheshwari. He says.
– [ ] And the night ends and both of them sleep peacefully in each other’s arms.
– [ ] In the morning laksh wakes up and looks at her beautiful face and feels sad for her. He feels something is pinching him. He talks to himself and says: I was never so happy with swara. Never did i have such a peaceful sleep since i was married to her. Idk why but i find solace in ragini’s arms.
– [ ] Ragini wakes up with his mumbling and says you must leave now . Else if anyone sees you going out of this bar they may start making stories. Laksh: why are you so worried for me? I am fine here.
– [ ] Ragini: fine then .. But go for now..come in the evening.
– [ ] Laksh: okay i ll leave for now..nsee you in the evening…
– [ ] He left and both of them were feeling something for each other. This was something different.
– [ ] In the evening laksh again came. They started meeting daily and became very close. One fine day laksh was higly drunk and he started reciting : swara where are you?? Why did you go leaving me alone? ragini gathered the courage and asked laksh : what has happened to you? Why are you like this?? Has someone hurt you? Who is swara? Tell me if you feel comfortable.
– [ ] Laksh hesitated a bit but he had heard that sharing pain reduces it so he finally started: she was my life. She was my hope. I was so happy with her but she wasn’t . She found someone else. She betrayed me. She is a cheat. She married me only for her parents sake. She never loved me. She eloped with her lover. I hate her . I hate her to the core of my heart.
– [ ] Ragini: see you cant judge her. Love is not restricted. It has no boundaries. Its not neccessary that if she has married you she is supposed to love you. I am not saying that she did right by leaving you. She must have told it to you before marriage. But maybe because of family pressure she didnt.you keep yourself in her position and think. She is not wrong in loving someone. Plzz understand and forgive her. I know its very difficult but you cant hold on it for the rest of your life. Let her be at peace and you too try to move on.
– [ ] Laksh starts fuming in anger and pins her to the wall she says its hurting laksh but he doesnt listen to her: hey you how dare you… What do you think of yourself.. What do you know about me or my circumstances. You are a mere escort and qyou are teaching me about love? You are there just to comfort men like me.. You have no rights to say anything of that sort.
– [ ] Ragini is in utter shock… She starts crying bitterly jerks him off and runs from there… Laksh realizes what he just said and goes behind her to stop her but she doesnt listen to him. She goes inside the washroom and cries… Why again god?? Everytime I fall in love i get hurt. What sins have i committed in my past life to face such trials in life? What did i ask you for? Only a guy who loves me and whom i love. Couldnt you give me that much? Why does this happen always ? Is it neccesaary for you to put me through such hardships? I hate you.. I will never ever believe you. I am so done with you.
– [ ] Laksh while driving back): what have you done?? Are you insane?? How could you be so mean to her? What wrong did she say? It is fine you loved swara but she loved someone else. And had your love been true for her you would have allowed her to leave happily.. You are a mean person… You even hurt ragini the girl who tried to calm down your outburst. She was the one who again brought smile to your life. You need to apologize to her.
– [ ] Thinking this he plans to give her a surprise. He makes all the neccessary arrangements and hurriedly goes to the lodge to pick her up. But to his shock when he asked the manager her told that she is up in her room with someone else. He runs towards her room in ager and breaks open the door. He sees a guy about to kiss ragini but punches him hard in his face. A small fight takes place between the two and obviously our lucky defeats him. Then he drags ragini from there and makes her sit in the car. Both are silent.. He then reaches an isolated place and drags ragini out of the car to which she protests but he shuts her up . She is too angry and speaks out: what happened now? You saw me doing my daily job of comforting men. Now what haa? He was very sad just like you. My job is to keep my customers happy. You need not interfere in my professional life mr. Maheshwari!
– [ ] Laksh: what are you saying? Any guy will touch you and i will see that without doing anything? No one in this world can touch you except for me. You are only and only mine… Because I Love you ragini!!!! I love you to the moon and back❤️
– [ ] Ragini is in shock. She doesnt know how to respond to this. But she leaves from there . While laksh tries to stop her.but she doesnt. While going back she thinks. I love you too laksh but i cant.. I cant ruin your life.. You dont know anything about my past! How can you even think about a girl who has slept with so many? I know it will be hard for you to get over you love once again. But hopefully you will find someone very good for yourself. I am sorry but i have to leave you.
– [ ] Laksh becomes restless and rushes back to the bar and starts looking for her but doent find her anywhere. He is desparately lookimg for her. Then he comes to know that she has left the place. He goes to the station to find her and also to bus stop but is unable to.
– [ ] Precap: will laksh be able to find ragini?? What is ragini’s past??
Guys plz tell if i should wrote the second part or drop it here only.

Credit to: Ananya

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