Raglak: love cures pain – part 2


Hii everyone!! Ananya Here is the last part of my TS. Thankyou lovely for liking my story..thankyou swati prateeksha raglak for your comments..thankyou sanchami.. Thanks alot riya kapoor and that means a lot to me..thankyou krystal rakhi lovely ammu..ruhani divya dhara thankyou all….. I would also request you all to write the name s of ff’s you all are writing as sometimes i get confused with titles and miss your ffs.. Thankyou. N.
Laksh is very upset and starts crying. He finally goes to a temple and says: is it necessary for you to do this to me god? Why did ragini leave me like that? Wasn’t my love true enough for her to stay?? I know i shouldn’t have said that… But plzz make her come back to me plzz god plzz…

Suddenly a priest comes and tells him: beta wahan ek ladki ka accident ho gaya hai… Kya tumhare paas gaadi hai? Use turant hospital le jaana hoga(son… There is a girl lying unconscious there. She has met with an accident. Can you plzz help us drive her to hospital)

Laksh: sure come fast.. They go there and laksh is shocked to see ragini. Blood was oozing from her head.laksh hold her head in his lap.. And ragini is murmuring something which laksh understands she says: sanskaar first you then laksh. You…both of you left me… I loved you both and you did this to me i will never forgive you..

Laksh is shocked to hear sanskaar’\s name from her.. He womders who it must be and rushes her to hospital… They finally reach there and her operation starts… Now lkash is restless as he needs to find out about ragini’s past.. He calls an undercover agent and tells him to provide all information about ragini’s past.

Aftersometime the agent calls him and tells him to meet . Agent: i found out something very shocking about her..

Laksh: what is it? Say fast.. Domt create suspenses.
She was an IIM student.. She was very brilliant and her parents were proud of her.. She was even very brave and courageous.. In her college there was a guy named sanskaar he was her senior.. He tried to rag her but she defended herself and insulted him in front of everyone.. Sanskaar couldnt take it… He soon apologized to her and she accepted it?.. He started coming close to her.. Helped her in everything …
Soon she fell for him… He too confessed that he loved her… One day he took her out for a date and on purpose on the way stopped the car and exclaimed that the battery of car has gone down..they need to stay nearby for the night.

They came to this lodge where she currently does her job. He took her inside the room and drugged her. Then he raped her and when she woke up he told that he was on his revenge., which is now complete.. He is happy now and left from there leaving her heart broken… She couldnt have gone back to her house thinking that her family might not accept her.. They would be ashamed of her…

She was in so much depression that she opted for this job. To all the people she met she had only one thing to say- jab rooh hi nhi bachi toh jism ka kya karungi? (What is the need of this body when she has no soul) .

She started earning her life out of this as she was now a lifeless body..

Laksh is shocked after hearing all this… He is fuming in anger… He bangs hi wrist against a wall and gets hurt… Suddenly a doctor comes there and says: are you laksh? Laksh: yes what happened? Is ragini okay?

Doc: yaa she is fine but is calling some laksh in her sleep constantly… Plzz go and meet her.

Laksh rushes there and hugs ragini tightly …she wakes up and he scolds her: what was the need of doing this? Do yiu have any idea how scared i was? Always thinking about yourself.. If anything would have happened to you i would never have been able to live.. I love you ragini … Dont do this next time..

Ragini is unable to believe her ears.. She starts crying bitterly and tells him: how can you laksh? You cant accept a girl who is so impure.. So cheap..

Laksh: dont you dare say that.. Impurity is not through body.. Its through soul.. Yours is an untouched one.. The purest of all. You didnt do it by your wish.. You were forced too.. I know all that had happened in your past.. Sanskaar is past ragini.. Forget him and move on..

Ragini: who told you all this? Who are you to advice me?

Laksh: Ii am the one whom you love..

Ragini: you are mistaken

Laksh: Yaa that is why you were chanting my name in sleep?? Don’t lie at least to me ragini.i have seen love for me in your eyes.. Cant you try to move on for me? Once??

Ragini is in tears: i never have been loved so much ever before. I love you too laksh.. I love you the most…

They both hug tightly and smile…

After a few days ragini comes out of the hospital.. Laksh takes her in the car to a place very familiar to her.. Yes it is her house.. She resists at first but laksh takes her inside.. She meets her family.. Laksh already told them everything about ragini.

Sumi: didnt you trust me beta? You know i would have never ever questioned you.. We always have been there to support you.. We wouldn’t have judged you.. Forget it all and be happy always.we all loveyou laksh loves you…

Ragini: i love you too maa.. They both hug and are very happy but have tears in their eyes.

The story ends with ragini and laksh getting married and living happily ever after..

I hope you all liked it!

Credit to: Ananya

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