Raglak love blossoms episode 2

Hiii…..everyone this is Anushku again I hope you all liked my ff and plzz… support me…. through your comments and thanks to every ine whoever did comment yesterday…..
And here goes the story..
A boy is shown coming inside the hostel (only his eyes are shown wearing a sunglasses) and going to his room…..There he lives with his two roommates he introduces himself….
Boy: Hiii!!! Guys this is Lakshya….(now his face is revealed… )
Suhas: Hiii!!! I’m Suhas nice to meet you
Sahil: and I’m Sahil nice to meet you…
They arrange there things and go for supper and go back to bed and doze offff…

@ Morning
A beautiful house is shown and it goes to a room fully decorated with teddies and moon and stars in the ceiling and the room is full of pink and purple colours even the bed sheet and curtains…
And a bed is shown where a beautiful girl is sleeping with her face covered with small part of her hair and a beautiful hand moves it away and says…
Girl: good morning ladoo…. Wake up enough…
Ragini: 2 mins plzz… Shona
Swara: you know naaa… it’s time for my flight and I’m leaving…
Ragini suddenly gets up…
Ragini: ohhh!!! I’m going to miss you badly for this year…..
Swara: me too…
Ragini and Swara have a sisterly hug and Swara leaves to Kolkata… (Actually SwaSan are 2 years elders to their Siblings and hence they are working….)

@ College
A girl gets down from a car and starts walking towards the college she is wearing a burka top to bottom and only her eyes are shown those eyes which are glittering due to sun rays and all are staring at her and a girls group comment on her
Sara: see this new behenji in our college who is this???
Roshna: may be a fresher…
Sharia: so we have to tolerate her now….
Meanwhile a boy group is sitting in the opposite direction and a boy from that group passes by…..
Boy: Girls you should never judge a book by its cover…. (His face is not shown)
Sara: oh!!!! Stop it Laksh…
Laksh: you stop it you should never underestimate anyone…
And then Lakshya starts walking towards her and the girl could not balance in her burka and she was about to fall and closes her eyes in fear and then realizes she was in some strong arms and the burka gets stuck to Laksh’s watch and gets torn (purr….)
Meanwhile a girl comes running and calls the girl by her name…
Manu: Ragini…. Ragini….

And it is revealed that the girl in the burka is Ragini…
Ragini Starts removing her Burka and all are mesmerized to see her and turns towards her… her glittery eyes are shown and then her lips coloured in hot pink…. and then her dress she is wearing and short hot pink colour frock with silvery border on it and looking amazing with high heels…..and her face is revealed a gorgeous face with a broad smile for which everyone would fall…
Ragini: so you lost in the challenge Manu..

Manu: yeah!!!! I lost in the challenge because of this stupid….
Ragini: and by the way Mr. thanks for your help and for having a pure heart…. and I’m impressed….
Lakshya is just looking at with amusement and a friend of his comes and shakes him…. And he comes to his senses…
Lakshya: so I too won the challenge….
Now Ragini is confused..
Ragini: what was your challenge Mr…..?
Lakshya: Mr. Lakshya Ma…
Ragini: Ma…
Lakshya: Leave it what was you challenge Miss….?

Ragini: Ragini…. And the challenge was I have to come to college in burka and somebody has to praise me and you did it….. and thanks again…
Lakshya: and my challenge was to make you remove that burka and I made you remove it…..
Ragini: how mean???
Lakshya: so…friends????
Ragini: I’ll think and tell you… byeee…
Lakshya: ok…. byeee….
And they bid bye to each other and move in the opposite direction.

(This scene takes place parallely in both boys and girls side….)
Manu was having a card in her and their Sahil is having it in his hand…
Raglak: what is this in your hand….
Sanu (Sahil and Manu): it’s the invitation for the party which is held in the city centre…
Raglak: wow…. Let’s go….. I might find my prince/princess in the party…..
Sanu: ok…. There will be many and you can find one for you and I’ll find one for me…..all the four laugh and come to as it was off today because of the first day in college….
All the four sit in the opposite direction… Ragnu’s (Ragini and Manu) back is facing towards Lakhil’s back and both Sanu go to bring snacks and they both fall in love (Love at first sight)….

They both come back and this to their friends Raglak and both turn to see each other and Lakshya misunderstands that Sahil is in love with Ragini and Ragini misunderstands that Manu is in love with Lakshya…..
Then they all leave the cafeteria and go home
@ Rags home
Ragini: why am I feeling bad that Manu loves that Lakshya…..?
And while thinking about him she doesn’t know when she dozed off….
@ Hostel
Lakshya: why am I feeling bad that Sahil loves that Ragini….?
And while thinking about her he doesnct know when he dozed off…..

Precap : IT’S PARTY TIME….

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