Raglak love blossoms episode 1

Hiii …everyone this is Anushku I’m new here and have read all the ff till now….. I’m amazed with all of them and I’m going to write a new ff and hope u all like it…..and plzz….comment
The introduction:
I’m here to write only about RagLak as I’m a big fan of theirs and hope u all also enjoy reading my ff like how I enjoyed writing my ff

Ragini: a girl with full of innocence, cuteness and searching for the prince charm…..and loves her sister a lot…..
Swara: a girl with cuteness and loves her sister a lot and already engaged to Sanskar…..
Ramu: a care taker of both the sisters….. And both call him Puppy with love….
Lakshya: a boy who enjoys his life for the fullest and loves graffiti….
Sanskar: a boy handsome and good looking and engaged to Swara…..
Shekar and Sumi: parents of Ragini and Swara…..
Durga Prasad and Annapurna: parents of Lakshya and Sanskar…..
And one more thing both the siblings of SwaSan have not met each other and doesn’t know that their siblings lovers have siblings….

Sooo…. Let’s start the story
The story starts with a boy saying get lost from her I don’t want to see your face and one more thing don’t show your face to me….. (Actually he is talking to a girl’s photo who is just laughing heart fully and only her lips are shown …..)
And the boy starts driving his car in the highway in Mumbai and come to an empty land where there is a very big wall and it has the same girl’s picture being done through graffiti and he gets down from the car and take his graffiti tool kit and starts to go near the girl’s picture and takes his colour spray and starts writing THE END on the girl’s picture and starts colouring it black…..
Meanwhile a car is shown with full speed coming towards the area where the boy is standing and the person gets down with many goons and shouts what you are doing Lakshya….
Lakshya: can’t you see I’m erasing her picture which was made by meee…. Because I hate her….
Shekar (to his goons): when he doesn’t love my daughter he has no right to live kill him….
The goons attack him and Lakshya beats all of them and suddenly Sanskar is shown seeing all this and he gets a call….
Sanskar: hello….Swara
Swara: Haa….. Where are you????
Sanskar: I’m with my brother and due to RagLak break up your father have come there with goons and Lakshya is beating them….
Swara: ohhh????
Sanskar: yes…..
Swara: you don’t stay there…..
Sanskar: Swara…..
Swara: Sanskar plzz.. I don’t want you to get hurt because of him
Sanskar: ok….ok….
Swara: ok…. take care byeee….
Sanskar: ok….bye….
Sanskar cuts the call and goes to Lakshya who was beating the last goon….
Sanskar: leave him bhai… lets goo….
Lakshya: leave me bhai….
Sanskar: plzz… come….
Lakshya: ok… (And kicks him last time)

And then both Lakshya and Shekar starts fighting verbally… and police come there and stops them
Police: what’s happening here?
Shekar: just because my Daughter loved you I agreed for this marriage and you… You are telling I HATE HER!!!!!
Lakshya: Now also I’m telling I HATE HER!!!!! Do what you want….
Police: Guys what’s happening here????
Shekar: Hey… Hey…. Hey…… Cheating a lover is a sin!!!!
Lakshya: oh!!! Really?????
And they both again start fighting verbally
Police (bit louder): will you both stop it???? Stop it I say!!!!!
And turning towards Shekar
Police: everyone will scold for loving there loving their daughter and you are scolding for not loving your daughter wahh!!!! (And turning towards Lakshya) and what’s your problem?????
Lakshya does not answer and Police turning towards Shekar
Police: what’s your problem????
Shekar: see there he is my Problem!!!
Police: if we see him we feel he is in a problem and you are telling he is the problem how is it possible????
Shekar stands silent

And police turns to Lakshya…..
Police: what’s your problem man I’m taking to you and you’re not responding???? Tell me what’s your problem???
Lakshya: what’s my problem??? My problem is LOVE!!!! Yess…. LOVE is my problem!!!!
Police: what???? I have heard love has many problems butt….. LOVE itself is a problem???? What’s this tell properly betaaa????
Flash Back Starts….
In a class room all the small students are sitting and the teacher comes in
Teacher: good morning sit down and turns towards board and shocked to see and doll picture and written teacher…
Teacher: who did this????
Lakshya tries to lift his left hand but Sanskar stops him and Lakshya lifts his Right hand
Teacher: Lakshya you did this???
Lakshya: hmmm….
Teacher: very nice and very good (And moves her hand softly in his hairs….) why?? Did you do this???
Lakshya (taking out a rose from his back): I LOVE YOU teacher……
Teacher: ahhhh!!!! (smiles…) And takes it….
Flash Back Ends….

Police: wow super!!!!
Lakshya: NO …NO…. NO … not from here
Police: then from where??
Lakshya: from here…. When I was in 10th a girl named Samara ..
Flash Back Starts
A beautiful girl is shown coming holding her books in the corridor and Lakshya comes from behind..
Lakshya: hey!!! You know what they were telling??? They always keep saying that….. I don’t know what to say??? Say something????
Samara: Lakshya….. I LOVE YOU….
And she starts walking away and Lakshya follows her….
Lakshya: what??? Reallyyy….
And Samara walks away….
Flash Back ends

Lakshya: NO…NO…. NO …. not from here…. not from here…
Police: hey!!!! Don’t stop here very cute Love story…..
Lakshya goes to bring more Colour Sprays….
Shekar: what? Is this a story that you are listening to him it is my daughter’s life!!!!!
Police: Sir Plzz…. you leave from here….
Shekar leaves from there being angry…. and sits in his car…..
Police says his other men to leave and he will come afterwards and they also left…..
Lakshya: I’ll start from here….
Police: Hello!!!! Hold on….. (Pointing towards the graffiti picture) Start from this girl’s story.
Lakshya: this girl’s name is Ragini…. And when I saw her first time…..
Flash Back Starts…..

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  1. This story is a movie names Orange in telugu right?

  2. Hey nice ff dr but this sounds more like the Telugu movie “Orange” except for the swasan part

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  9. Guys it just starting and I took orange movies starting just to show that ragini and lakshya are totally different in my story……. and that it plz… encourage me and only the start is of orange movie and from epic 2 everything is going to be different and plz… don’t stop encouraging me thank you all….

    1. sorry and i loved it keep writing

    2. yo r anushkha or ayushi… ??

      1. I’m not anushka……. and my name is Anushku…. BTW who is ayushi…???

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  11. I love it
    Update the next part

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  15. I have uploaded next part just now plz.. read it it might get posted by Evening….

  16. Hi anushku dont take it serious when i read immediately i renenbered that movie and loved it alot also i like geneliya a lot even that movie also and in this ff world all are welcome to show their mind blowing thoughtz
    I sm waiting for your second eisode dear

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