raglak my love my angel (epi 7)


Really soory guys for late update but now I try to update regularly
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Todays episode start with ragini eake up lucky and he wake up and rub his eyes and see towards ragini
Lucky: gm angel
Ragini smiles : gm
Ragini: lucky you go and get ready we have to go out na
Lucky: really we are going out yippe thank you
And he hug her and this time ragini also hug her back and lucky then break the hug and he go to washroom and ragini goes to kitchen and make breakfast and then she also get ready and they both sit on dinning table as lucky is eating by own he is falling food on him ragini see this
Ragini: lucky eat properly
Lucky pouts: I am not that much big na I don’t know to eat
Ragini: ok I will taught you
Lucky: really

And ragini make her eat food and then they both go to docter for lucky checkup
Ragini: docter please chech him and do test what you want to do
Docter take blood sample and in the whole time lucky is holding ragini hand tightly
Ragini: docter when you will give me reports
Docter: I will give you in evening
Ragini: ok docter I will come in evening
As they go out ragini see time
Ragini: oh no I have to go office I have to give presentation but lucky ok I will take him with me
And they both headed towards office lucky seeing this much big bulding and people hide behind ragini
Ragini: lucky don’t get feared your angel is here na
Lucky noded but there is a fear but relif also on his face as they go inside lucky is holding ragini duppta and all see him and he is seeing them with fear and they go in sanskar cabin
Ragini: soory I am late I have to take him to docter so
Sanskar: its ok ragini and hoes you lucky
Lucky peeps out from the back of ragini and smile seeing sanskar
Lucky: sanskar right
Sanskar smiles: yes hows you champ
Lucky: fine dost
Sanskar: ok ragini we have to go for presentation ok
Ragini: ok and turn towards lucky
Ragini: lucky you sit here your angel come in 1hrs ok
Lucky sadly: but why are you going you also leave me na
Ragini: no lucky angel promise she will come
Lucky: pakka promise
Ragini: pakka promise
And before going sanskar oder chocklate for lucky and he gets happy seeing chocklate and he eat it and then he start playing in the room but its get 1hr but ragini didn’t come
Lucky: angel didn’t come yet but she will come she promise me and angel never break promise right god
And he wait for sometime but ragini not come he is felling sacred now their alone
Lucky: I will go to angel now
And he goes out of a room and see lift and goes their
Lucky confusing: what is this
And he enter and the gate closed before he could come out
Lucky crying: this gate is closed now how will I get out of here and when I will go to angel and he see buttons their and switch all buttons at a time and due to which lift get stop and light goes off
Here ragini and sanskar come to cabin but didn’t find lucky their and search for him but didn’t find
Ragini: where did lucky gone sanskar he is so childish don’t knoe where he is gone
Sanskar: relax ragini I think he and gone out of cabin come ask the staff and they go out
Here lucky in lift he looks surrodind and there is dark all aroung
Lucky: now he will come and take me angel plese come he will take me and lock me their and star shouting and shivering in fear and crying
Here ragini get to lucky in lift they go their
Ragini: lucky are you their
Lucky here the voice

Lucky: angel please save me he will take me I don’t want to go I give me pain angel its all dark please save
Ragini: lucky your angel is here na no one will take you ok
And sanskar call a mechanic for lift repraing and ragini is consoling lucky as lift open lucky see ragini and he comes out and hug her tightly all are seeing them but lucky is shevring in fear and ragini hug him back
Ragini: no my lucky is strong na he not get feared from anyone
Lucky: no angel he will take me I don’t want to go save me
Ragini: ok we will punch when he will come now smile na I am missing your smile
but lucky is just hugging her
sanskar: I think ragini u should take him home he will better
ragini: you are right saskar I also think so
ragini: ok lucky now come lets go home
lucky noded but he is still fearing he is holding ragini hand and not seeing anyone and in taxi also he has put his head on her shoulder and close hiseyes and holding her hand tightly
ragini thinks: whome he feared so much I will ask him when he get some bit normal and put her face on his face and a relif come on lucky face

Credit to: pooja

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