raglak my love my angel (epi 6)


I know todays episode is so small so soory for that
They both are sitting in garden and suddenly
Ragini: come lucky lets go home ok
Lucky noded and smiles and hold ragini hand and they both go home
Ragini and lucky enter the house and ragini goes to kitchen to make food and make lucky sit on sofa and on the tv after some time lucky gets bore so he also goes in kitchen and see ragini
Lucky: angel I will also help you tell me what to do
Ragini: no lucky u sit I will do it
Lucky like a child: no no I will help you
So ragini give him a small boul and some flour in it
Ragini: ok mix it as I am mixing ok
Lucky smiles and noded and star doing what ragini is doing and after some time ragini mix the flour and see towards lucky and by seeing his face she start laughing loud
Lucky: what happen angel why are you laughing
Ragini: lucky what you have done see your face
Lucky touch his face
Lucky: what

Ragini takes mirror and make him see his face and lucky also smile seeing his face
Lucky: angel I am looking like white bhoot hehehe
Ragini: ok come I will remove it and ragini take a cloth and gently rove the flour from face and lucky suddenly kisses on her face and ragini get shocked by this and see him
Lucky: thank u angel you know you are best this is my gift for you
Ragini smile and then they both eat food and ragini make lucky lay on bed and cover him with blanket and about to go but lucky hold her hand
Lucky: angel please don’t go na I fell scared and make a sad face
Ragini: ok

And sit near lucky and lucky put his head on her lap and she cares his face and he get sleep and ragini see this and make his head lay on pillow and about to go but see lucky holding her hand and she try to remove her hand but fails so she sleep their only
Next day early morning the same men is shown as he go in hospital and go to secrate passage but he doesn’t find anyone and gets angry and start throwing things
Men: no this cant happen they both betrayed me I will not leave them both I will surely kill them and laksah maheswari I will surely catch you enjoy you want to enjoy but you cant get free from sanjays cluthes this time I will show you hell and its my promise to you (guys please suggest whome I make sanjay character)
And calls some one
Men: I am seeind you three photos and I want them all ok as fast as you can other wise you know what can I do
Persone: ok boss
And cuts the call

Men: you cant go away from my cluthes lakash maheaswri

And scene shift to ragini house and ragini sleeping disturb by sun rays and she wake up and see lucky sleeping with a bright smile on his face and ragini also smile seeing his smile
Ragini: how innocent and cute he is such a pure heart don’t know why I fell happy seeing his smile but I have to get to know about whome he sacred and why and who are his parents and again see him

Credit to: pooja

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  1. Amazing… Thanks for the update… As for Sanjay character I think mohit malik is better

  2. for sanjay character-zain imam is best

  3. Superb dear

  4. Sanjay’s character can be potrayed by karanvir bohra.. Btw nice eipsode

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