raglak my love my angel (epi 5)

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Ragini bandage lucky hand
Ragini: you should be careful na
Lucky: its paning
Ragini: it will pain for small time ok
Swara: ok tell me your name
Lucky see towards ragini and then swara
Lucky: my name my name is lucky right angel
Swara: ragini who is this angel
Ragini: oh sona he is calling me angel and you know he didn’t know his name so I tell him that I will call him lucky
Swara: oh
Luckt is still holding ragini hand and sitting and swara sansakr and ragini talking and sometime to lakash but lucky not get free with them that much
After sometime doctter come their and ragini greet them
Sasnkar: ragini docter are you fine
Ragini: yeah I am fine I call him to check lucky
Docter checks lucky and he is holding ragini hand and ragini assure him that he will do nothing
Ragini: is he is fine docter
Docter: no miss ragini I have to do some test of him so you tomarrow take him to my clinic ok and now I am giving him injection ok
Ragini nodes and lucky see injection in docter hand and get scared and runs from their and hide beneath dinning table and all goes their
Ragini: what is this lucky come out take injection
Lucky: no angel I will not take it it will give me pain I wont take it
Ragini: do you belive your angel then come out
Lucky come out and holds ragini hand and docter unfolds his shirt they see marks in his hand and injection marks on his hand all get shocked seeing this
Docter: what is this ragini how this happen
Ragini: I also don’t know docter
Docter give him injection and some medicine and go from their
Swara: is it paining
Lucky noded in no
Ragini point towards his marks
Ragini: how this happen lucky
Lucky: he is very bad he always give me injection na that’s why
Ragini: who
Lucky remember something and fear come on his face and he hug ragini tight
Lucky: he will take me
Ragini get shocked by his behavoiur
Ragini put hand on his head: no one will take your angel is here na
And they break hug and ragini swasan ans lucky sit on sofa lucky is holding ragini hand and sitting and after some time swasan go from their and now lucky and ragini are in house
Ragini: so lucky will go garden with angel
Lucky smiles like child: yes
And they both go in garden lucky see flowers and go near them and ragini see him
Lucky: see angel how beautifull like you and smiles and jump in excitement and plays and ragini smiles seeing him like these and as he tired by playing he see a ice cream stall and goes near ragini
Lucky: angel I want ice cream please
Ragini: no you have eaten it na now no more
Lucky pouts: please angel
Ragini: no means no
Lucky goes for some what distance and sit in grass and turn his face ragini come near him and sit but he turn his face in anger
Ragini: what happen to u
Lucky: lucky is angry at angel and he will not talk to angel now
Ragini smiles
Ragini: what lucky will not talk to angel but why
Lucky: bcz angel don’t give him ice cream that’s why
Ragini: but I brought chocklate for lucky but he is angry on his angel then now what I do
Lucky smils and his face get bright listening chocklate name he turn towards ragini
Lucky: now lucky is no more angry to angel give me chocklate
Ragini smiles and gives him chocklate and pulls his cheek
Ragini: you are so sweet and cute
And lucky start eating chocklate and ragini seeing him eating chocklate
Ragini think how innocent and cute he is and a pure hearted person but whome is talking about and is fearing from whome I have to ask him but not at this time
Lucky: you want chocklate and give a peace to ragini
Ragini take it and eat
Screen pause on both sitting in garden

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