Raglak my love my angel (epi 4)


Really really soory guys for late update but guys I am busy with my 12 board then I go out of station so I cant write my ff but from now I will update it hope you don’t forget me these are the previous link of episode
That girl pay the bill and people all around go from their and girl turn towards lakash and lakash smile little seeing her so that girl also smile
Lakash: you are looking like angel you know frnd
Girl smiles as he say childish
Girl: my name is ragini whats your name tell me
Lakash: ragini nice name but I will call you angel frnd
Ragini get irritated as she is talking him soflty and she think that he is flirting
Ragini shouts: I am talking to u nicely but you are flirting with me
Lakash get afraid by this and runs and hide behind the tree ragini get confused seeing his behavior and goes near him
Ragini: what happen now
Laksah: no you are not my frnd you are also like him scolding me you are not my frnd you are not angel I will not call you angel huh and started crying like a child
Ragini little bit understand and think I think he has some problem I should not talk to him like this
Ragini sit on knees and hold both ears
Ragini: I am soory please
Lakash wipe his tear: your apology is aceepted but you have to give me food and yeah icecream
Ragini smiles listening his demand
Ragini: ok promise now come and give her hand laksah happily hold her hand and stand up
Lakash like child: yup u will give me ice cream I am so happy thank u
Ragini smiles and take him to her house

I tell you ragini is from Kolkata living here she is doing job in khanna company and she has a frnd name swara and her husaband name is sanskar khanna and ragini work in his company
Ragini open the gate and go in but lakash scared not enter the house ragini turn and see him and goes to him
Ragini: come lets go in
Lakash: no I will not go he will lock me again in room
Ragini: who
Lakash get afraid and start shevring and ragini see this
Ragini: ok do you belive your frnd
Lakash: yes angel
Ragini: then hold my hand and come in
Lakash hold her hand and goes in and ragini give him dress to change
Lakash: how will I wear this I am a small child you help me na
Ragini get shocked hearing this
Ragini: no you have to be ready yourself now you are not small na you are big
Lakash: yeah and smiles
Ragini: ok but tell me your name
Lakash: name and start thinking
Lakash: my name I don’t know
Ragini: ok I will call you lucky ok
Lakash smiles: yup my name is lucky and goes in room and here ragini smiles thinking about him and lucky comes changing dress and ragini feed him and then as peomise give him ice ceram and he sleep on their on sofa and ragini coverd him with blanket and stares him
Ragini: how childish he this so sweet and cares his head and lucky turn his face now his shirt is seeing but not face ragini calls docter and is about to go in kitchen her house door bell ring ragini goes and open the door and see swara at door
Ragini: swara and hug her

Swara comes in but doesn’t notice lucky
Ragini: hows my shone
Swara: don’t know what he think of himself I will not talk to him
Ragini: again figth with sanskar
Swara: you know ragu he told me that hw will take me at dinner tomarrow you know but he not come and I slepp wating for him
And he see a boy and notice the shirt
Swara: so he is sleeping here
Swara is about to go but at that time sanskar come
Ragini: sanskar
Swara turn towards sanskar and then towards that boy
Swara: sanskar is here then who is he ragini
Sanskar also see the boy
And ragini tell them the whole incident
Swara: ragu how can you belive a stranger like this
Sanskar: yes ragini don’t know who is he
Ragini: I don’t know who is he but I fell like beliving him
Swara: ok but be carefull

And they started their talk and sanskar manage to convence swara as they trio talking lucky wake u hearing their voice and see swara and sanskar and get scared and then see ragini and runs and hide behind her
Swara sanskar see him and lucky peep out little behind ragini and see them and again hide
Ragini: lucky what are you doing
Lakash: tell them I will not go with them tell them to go
Swara: we will not take you anywhere
Sanskar: we are also your frnd na
Lakash waves his hand due to which his hand get injured by nail on sofa and blood comes out
Lucky: aaahhh
Ragini see this and get worried and take first aid box and start bandging him and lucky seeing swasan and holding ragini hand
Ragini: they will not take you anywhere they are also your frnd she is swara and he is sanskar
Lucky: really they will not take me angel
Ragini: yeah

And swasan gives their hand to shake lucky see ragini sshe nodes yes and he shake hand and smiles all smile seeing his smile and screen freze on their smile


Credit to: pooja

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