Raglak my love my angel (epi 3)


Thnks guys for loving my ff I will revel the mystry men and why he is doing this
The episode start with laksh wake up after 5 hrs and his whole body is paning and he is unable to get up and crying due to pain
Lakash: that uncle tourtue me everyday i don’t like him and cry
Suddenly door open and that two men come with food lakash get feared seeing them
Lakash: please don’t do anything my body is paning
Both men see each other with guilt seeing lakash condition
Men1: we are here to make u eat beta
Lakash: really uncle I am too hungry
And they both make him eat the food
Men2: so u want to go out from this room
Lakash noded
Men1: we will take u out ok

A smile come on laksh face
Lakash: you will take away from that gussa wala uncle promise
Men1: promise
Lakash: chalo and about to stand but not able due to pain
Lakash: aaaahhhh
Men2: you relax we will go at night
Lakash noded and they go from room and lock the room
Whole day lucky was happy after 1 year he will go out and see the world
Lakash: thnk u god I love u and smiles
At night they both come and take lucky with them and open the gate with no. and go out of hospital and after coming out lakash free himself and start dancing and smiling
Lakash: yeh I come out now I am free
Both men hold lakash
Men1: ssshh we have to go from here
Lakash: ssshh yeah and laughs
They take lakash very far from that area and then they go in a garden and make lakash sit on bench
Lakash: uncle I am hungry I need food
Men1: ok u sit here and promise u will not go anywhere
Lakash: promise
And both goes at some distance and see lakash who started playing with flowers
Men1: now what to do

Men2: we are very far from that area I think we leave him here only now we also have to go with our families otherwise he
Men1: yeah I know that
And they go from their here lakash get tired by playing and sit on bench
Lakash: that uncle not come with food I am very hunrgry should I go no no I promise that uncle I will not go from here
And he sit and after sometime sleep due to hunryness and tried ness he wake up by some sounds and see moring and some childrens are playing and get scared seeing this much people and runs and hide behind a tree and see them with fear then he see some childrens playing football and gets happy seeing them a smile come on his face and he start clapping seeing them with a smile on face and he looking like a cute small child by his actions
Suddenldy he see a food stall and see some people taking food and going and he put his hand on stomach and then see stall and go towards it and take the food plate and started going and that stall person stop him and he turns back
Person: where are u going give money of this
Lakash: but uncle I don’t have it
Person: then give it back
Laksah: but uncle I am hungry

Pearson angrly: so what I do I didn’t open stall to give food free ok
Lakash get scared seeing him angry and food get fall from this hand on ground and he start crying
Person: what you did now who will pay for it and stop crying like a child
By hearing voice people come around them and lakash seeing this much people stated fearing
Pearson loudly: tell me who will pay for it
Suddenly a girl is shown seeing all this she goes towards their and see both of them and see lakash who has lots of fear on his face and crying and that pearson shouting on him and she comes in front
Girl: stop it what are you doing see how he is shevring
Person: so what he has done loss of mine now who will pay
Girl: I will pay and stop shouting at him don’t u have humanity
And goes towards lakash
Lakash get little feared and move back
Girl: don’t get feared I will not harm u I am a frnd
Lakash some what fell safe hearing that girl voice and come near her and hide behind her
Lakash: frnd yeah frnd he is scolding me
Girl: now no one scold you ok

And that girl pay that men and he goes tyo his shop and all people also goes

Credit to: pooja

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  1. Friends i need ur help can u plz tell me in which fan fiction of swaragini swara is tortured by her aunt n cousin brother.
    After that ragini took her to her home ,when swara came to know that she is orphan she disappear n then after that sanskar bring back to gadodia house …..plz the name of this fan fiction its highly request

    1. Sharmeen its Swaragini ek anokha bandhan

  2. Awesome

  3. Superb loved it

  4. Awesome part yaar… poor laksh feeling very sad for him… n finally ragini’s entry is done… waiting for the next part…

  5. Wowwww i think she is ragini

  6. Awww…. it’s so sweet

  7. Poor laksh

  8. Very nice

  9. hiii sharmeen…it’s actually swaragini-ek anokha bandhan….and it’s completed long back

    and pooja it’s really a nice fanfiction…please continue

  10. Superb yr

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