Raglak my love my angel (epi 2)


Thnks for liking my ff and hope u like todays episode also
The episode start with that boy completed his food and sleep near window putting head on wall next day his sleep disturb by some sound and he hear a men voice and get scared and go and hide beneath the bed and the door opens and that boy closes eyes and shevring in fear
men: where are u your torutre time starts i want to hear your painful voice come
by hearing this boy.get more afraid suddenly the men come near bed and sit down and see him
men: come out lakash
yes the boy is lakash
lakash: no i will not come u will beat me and give me shock
men: yeah thats give me relif now come out otherwise
lakash with closed eyes: no i will not come
men get angry and call someone and two mens come and they take lakash out and that men slap him two times and signal one men for shock treat ment and men goes and lakash sit in a corner hiding his face and crying and shevring
men: you dont know we i see u like this my soul get peace and laughs
and shock treatment start both men make him lay and tied his leg and hand and that men sit on chair near him and they start the treatment and laksh started shouting in pain after 5 min of shock treatment they make him lay on bed he is looking very weak and that men signal both men to go out and they go out and he give some injection to lakash and after 5 min lakash startec shouting in pain and that men is lisenting it he is liseting music here the pain is this much that lakash scrath her hands leg face and shouting in pain which anyone hear then tears come in their eyes but that men is smiling and after a 1 painful hour lakash get stable but as a life less body he is lying and tears from his eyes get dry
that men comes to him and smiles
men: tommarow i will also come ok
and goes out

men: you both dressed his wound ok
men1: ok sir
and they both go in and see lakash like that and tear come in their eyes
men1: dont know what entimty he has with him
men2: yeah see how much pain he has given to him daily from 1 year
men1: now i cant see him like this
men2: but what we can do
men1: i have an idea
and he tells the idea which is muted
men2: are u mad he will kill us
men1: dont worry we will left him outside and we leave this city now i cant see this anymore and feed my family by giving someone pain
men2: ok alright we will do it today itself when he come in senses
and they did his bandage and go outside and lock the room and here that men wear a coat and open a gate with no. And come out and door close and he wear white coat and see wall and smile and think
men: i will not let anyone know you are here
and goes from their and as he go we see a hospital full of peoples and he go in his cabin and sit
who is that men what entimty is having that men with lakash and will laksh able to get out from that hell will he meet his angel everything depend on destiny


Credit to: pooja

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