RagLak – our lost love… (OS) (part 1)

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So now to the OS…

All the Maheshwari’s admit Durga Prasad at the hospital they need money urgently as they couldn’t find money or get any money Parish made a deal with AP and took both of them home and all the others are shattered… Now they are staying at the Baadi in the Bose apartment as Dadi did not allow them to stay in the Gadodia apartment so Ragini also left with them…
They went to Bose house before they could step in that house SanLak stopped their family there, that’s when the storm in RagLak and SwaSan life Begun…
Sanky: we are not stepping in this house
Swara: why Sanskar?
Laksh: because this has happen because of you two if you both told us what is happening we could have stopped it as from the start
Ragini: how can we tell you Laksh our brothers’ life was at a stake how can we risk his life and tell you what was happening we thought that we can solve it but it all went wrong
Sanskar: if you both have told us we could have helped you both without any problem and we four could have solve the problem itself without us suffering now
Swara: please come inside where will you people go
Laksh: what are you trying to say Swara if you don’t come in we don’t have any other place to go to?
Ragini: she doesn’t mean that Laksh you talking it in a wrong was we are trying to say that we can sort it out soon please give us a change and believe us
Sanskar: we believed you so much that’s why we are here

DP: look Sanskar and Laksh what can they do what is their fault in this situation?
Laksh: no papa they could have told me and Sankys they didn’t even respect up as we are their partners they didn’t even want to respect us and tell us what was going on.
AP: Laksh beta please listen to papa it is not their mistake
Sanskar: why do you believe them so much maa we are you sons I bet they did this on purpose
Ragini: NO your misunderstanding us please we are sorry
Swara: why are you guys think like this please what have we done that is so bad?
Laksh: that you both did not tell us what was going on and just kept in to yourself
Sanskar: what else are you both hiding from us? That you have another affair?
SanLak: YES!!!
Swara: how could you even think like this I can believe I have been living with a person like you?
Ragini: you know what I have had enough do what you want come in or not I don’t care I just can’t believe after all we have been to together that’s all the trust you have in me, just get lost…
Swara: I agree with her I don’t care either, ma, papa, badepapa and badema, please you don’t leave you stay with us your daughters if you have faith in us please.
All: we do have faith in you both and always trust you
DP: Laksh and Sanskar how can you not believe your wives they are golden at heart do you think they would hide something they probably does not want to trouble you both.
AP: what are you like this SanLak?
Laksh: ma why are you always on their side?
Sujatha: no Laksh it’s not like that
Sanskar: then like what mom?
Laksh: we know you all like you daughter in laws better than us, but that doesn’t mean you believe them without any expectancy
Sanskar: ma we are not going to step in side this house one thing you come with us or you stay with your bahus?
All: we will only stay here
Laksh: oh so you love them more than your sons?
RP: LAKSH SANSKAR you bother are making a big mistake by leaving your wives and not believing them.

To be continued…

Sorry for the late update…

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