RagLak-Our Life’s Mystery Made Perfect Chemistry By Yashu And Dharani (Part 4)

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Laksh opens his eyes slowly slowly and with blur vision looks around. He sees some people are standing there in strange old fashioned dress along with Ragini.
“Are you ok now?” One of the old man says who has grey long beard and thick moustaches. He has a long wand in his hand which is touching the ground.

Laksh sits on the bed and whisperers to Ragini,”Ragini..where we are??”

“In ZOLTAR” That old man replies.

“Which place is this?? I never heard about it.” Says Laksh

“You are in another world” replies the old man.
Laksh looks at Ragini with shock, surprise bewilderment what not. She nods yes.

“Yes Laksh this is another world. You can think another planet which is very near to the solar system of your earth. This is also same like earth. It has oxygen, water, and all the things which a living being needs.” Saying this she looks at Laksh who is looking at her with many questions in his mind like how did she knows about these all.. and how did they reach here? Many questions going in his mind. Ragini understanding his confusions and questions speaks,
“This is planet ZOLTAR Laksh. It was a beautiful place where we can live happily and I belong to this planet.” Laksh gasps hearing her confession. Ragini continues,
” And the people here are so good and innocent. May be that is the reason why some evil wants to conquer our world. And my family have some special powers and we are responsible for protecting this world from the evil.” Saying this Ragini spreads her hand to the front and closes her eyes. A small blue light appears and a plate having many delicious food items appears. Ragini passes it to Laksh who is keenly listening to her. Laksh takes the plate and starts eating while listening to her.

“Not only my family but your father also knew magic as he also belongs to this world” reveals Ragini about his father making him to gasp when he was about to put a piece of roti in his mouth.
He looks at her and she nods yes.
“Your father and my father (points to old man) he both are the protectors of this world. And they are best friends as well. It was 25 years ago our whole world was living happily till then that evil man named Brago entered into our world. His aim was to conquer our world. He has black powers. And he can conquer our world only if he gets powers of our fathers. On the other hand our both fathers are very dedicated that they can do anything for protecting our world.” Saying this Ragini looks at Laksh who is looking at her curiously as he is feeling like he is listening some fairytale.
“Arey Ragini why you stopped??Continue” says Laksh impatiently.

Ragini looks at old man i.e her father to which he nods and she continues further.
“Both papa and uncle got to know about the evil man and went to the place where there will be a book which is the main source of powers to the protectors. There they got to know that the evil can be weaken if they get married to their soulmates. And after marriage they will get the more powers which will help to weaken his power. And papa immediately married mumma as he already knows that she is his soulmate and uncle went in search of his soulmate. In that process he came to earth and got to know that aunty is his soulmate and got married to her. But she doesnot know anything about him being from another world. ” Ragini stops again and looks at him.
“What?” Laksh asks in shock.

“Will tell you later about remaining” Ragini says.
“What!!!! No no Ragini you are my cute Ragu na please tell na please. ” Laksh pleads her while Ragini nods no and starts walking from there and Laksh follows like a lost puppy.
All others already went away as Ragini is telling him the past and Ragini was teasing him in fact it is like testing him whether he is acting or listening to her properly. Because it is about the lives of many innocent people. He should be serious.
“Please my girl, baby please here this poor soul is asking you. Please have some mercy tell me the remaining past please. And ha what happened to papa? Is he really dead like all are saying? I am waiting to know about him only till now as I wanted to know about him. I never saw him please Ragini please.” Laksh pleads her while his eyes showed so much of enthusiasm to know about his father and they are teary as he really misses his father a lot.
Ragini looks at him and understands his situation. She immediately hugs him while he sobs on her shoulders hugging her tightly.

“Sorry Laksh I was teasing you” says Ragini rubbing his tears after breaking the hug.

“I will tell you remining come” saying this she takes him to a garden area where there many types of trees with lots and lots of beautiful birds flying in the garden happily.

They both sat on the bench in the garden. Then Ragini continued

“After marrying aunty uncle stayed on earth for some days and then you were born. On that uncle was so happy seeing you and he even contacted papa and shared his happiness with him.  Here My mom gave birth to me and my twin sister,Swara. There at that time there happened a first attack on papa who got saved by using his powers. And papa immediately took necessary steps to keep the world safe. So Brago could not attack more. But at that time we don’t know how Brago got to know about uncle being on earth. He attacked him on earth as his powers do not work there and ….” Ragini stops and looks at him while Laksh who understood what she meant to say and his eyes turns teary eyes.
Tears started falling from his eyes and slowly he burst out and started crying and Ragini immediately hugged him tightly.
She left him to cry for some time. After few minutes Laksh composed himself and broke the hug and wipes his tears.
“Does ma and aunty also have powers” Asks Laksh to which Ragini nods no.

“But swara and me has the powers. And I am one of the persons who has the part of the power to destroy that Brago. And the other person is…” Stops she again and looks at him
“Is?” Asks Laksh
“YOU” Says Ragini

“WHAT!” Exclaims Laksh being shocked.
Ragini nods yes and continues.
“Ha Laksh after uncle left us we all were so depressed. Again we were attacked this time he killed many people. His main aim is not only to conquer our world but also our powers. So he threatened papa to surrender himself or he will harm people. As papa denied he killed them. So papa again went to the place where the book is to get some solution. At that time he got to know that you are the person who has all the powers to destroy Brago.” Says Ragini

“But… But I don’t have any” says Laksh
Ragini smiles.
“Close your eyes and forward your hand” Says Ragini

Laksh complies
“Now think of a burger” says Ragini
Laksh does and a burger appeared in his hand. Laksh immediately opened his eyes feeling something on his and his eyes widened seeing a burger and looks at Ragini and Ragini nods yes. Laksh gasps in shock and keeps hand on his mouth.
“I can’t believe this. How… How did this happen?” Laksh asks in shock.
“When you said I Love You” says Ragini smiling while Laksh looks at her confused.

“Actually that is the reason I came to earth.” Ragini says.
“Ragini say properly yaar” Laksh says being frustrated.

“Ok ok actually as you are born on earth you could get powers only when you find your soulmate and if you fall in love truly. As I am your soulmate I came there so that I can start our Love Story” Ragini says

“Means you just came for the duty you have for this world?” Laksh asks frowning.
Ragini hits his shoulders.

“Idiot. Stop making assumptions ok. I was watching you from childhood as you had been safeguarding by papa. I actually fell for you before I know that I am your soulmate. You know when I got to know that you will get powers only when you love your soulmate I prayed to god alot to make me as your soulmate. And when I got to know it is me I was like in a fairy tale.” Ragini says blushing as she felt Laksh looking at her intensely.
Laksh moves towards her and kisses her cheek tightly making her blush more.
“Laksh” Ragini chides like a child making a childish face.
“Hahaha… You look so cute when you make this expression” Laksh says pulling her cheeks.
“Please na Laksh” says Ragini becoming completely red and hugs him
“I Love you Laksh” says Ragini hugging him.
“I love you too Ragini” says Laksh hugging Ragini.

Ragini breaks the hug and smiles at him.
“Shall we continue or shall I stop saying” Ragini says teasingly. Laksh glares her.
“Ok ok… So when papa got to know about me being your soulmate and about your powers I tried to come to earth as papa wants you to be here soon so that this problem gets solved soon. But we could not get any way for it and again same book helpes us. We got to know Sanskar, who has special powers though he does not belong to the community of protectors he has those powers, will help me to reach you on earth. And even that book helped us to reach Sanskar as well. We reached him and he was all ready to help us for protecting our world. He by using his powers helped me to reach you.” Ragini says completely about all the things of their life.
Ragini continues

“After that you know everything. Again don’t know how that Brago got to know about you being his death. So he tried to attack you bit at the same time you told me I Love You and the powers immediately started entering into you and fell unconcious as your body could not take it all of a sudden. And after you fell unconcious I made his subordinates unconscious when you were unconscious brought you here to tell you about your life’s secret.” Says Ragini.
Laksh takes a deep breathe.
“So this is what all happened. And it is our duty to protect our world from the evil Brago.” Says Laksh and Ragini nods yes.
At that time they hear a huge sound and Ragini immediately holds his hand and spells some spells and both RagLak disappears and become like a small light ball and they go to the earth. Ragini leaves Laksh in his room and disappears again without listening to him who was questioning her what happened.

Screen freezes on Laksh’s questioning face.


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