RagLak-Our Life’s Mystery Made Perfect Chemistry by Yashu and Dharani (Part 1)

RagLak-Our Life’s Mystery Made Perfect Chemistry by Yashu and Dharani (Part 1)

Hello everyone wey yashu and me  are presenting our story which is specially for our sweet,cute and lovely  Darshu Akka!! We both are wishing you a very happy birthday And for astra di as her belated birthday gift. May you both get a long and healthy life with all happiness,success in your lives.  Always be happy and keep smiling love you both so much ?????

❤❤❤❤❤❤Part 1 ❤❤❤❤❤❤

The mist started to clear and the sun started rising spreading its divinity  in the whole sky. Birds are chirping a melodious chorus. The sunrays  streams in a room through a window and the glass of that window glows as the sunlight strikes on them. In that room a boy is lying on bed and he has a book in his hand.

Many books are encircling him.
Only his eyes are visible, rest of his face is covered with the book.
Someone bangs his room’s door from outside.
“Laksh!! Laksh!!! Wake up!! U have to go to your university now! Don’t even dare to bunk today.” Someone said from outside.
That boy i.e  Laksh raised his eyebrow and said “Mom I don’t want to go university. I am much smarter than those duffer students and those teachers too.”
“Because of ur this attitude only no one does friendship with u Laksh..! And those other students tease u because of this only.”
Laksh closed his book and said ” I don’t care about those losers!!”
His mom leaves from there getting irritated of his attitude.
“Hey is it the way to talk your mom?” said someone.
Laksh looks around but does not find any one.
Laksh: who is that?
Slowly a small shining star appears. Laksh sat on his bed and tries to catch it. But it goes to a corner and stands on the floor and the star starts to glow more and more brightly like a sun and a Large Mirror of 6 to 7 feet appears. Laksh closed his eyes as he could not bear the light from that mirror.
A beautiful girl whose body is shining like a star comes out of that mirror. She was dressed in a beautiful golden coloured dress which was glittering like the bright sun,She has a beautiful smile on her face and her brown hairs  were gliding behind her, a strange magical  spark  was in her chocolate brown eyes which cast a spell on Laksh. He came down from his bed and stand there with his mouth open in surprise to see her, he  gets mesmerized seeing this beauty in front of him. He gets lost in the beauty of that girl.
Girl: Is this the way to talk to your mother?
Laksh: (comes out of his trance) hey who are you? How did you come here?
Girl: (ignores his question) Don’t you know how to talk to your mother? How can you talk rudely with her? You know what a mother is! She is the person who carries you in her womb for 9 months and brings you to this world by bearing a lot of pain. It is like a second birth to her. She goes through all that pain just to bring you to this world. She fights against whole world if it is for her children. She sacrifices her all happiness to see a smile on her children’s face. For that person you should be ready to give life but should not talk against her. So never talk to her like that understood.
Laksh turned to other side and said “I think I started reading comic books much that’s why I am seeing such things.”
He gets settled on the bed again at that time his mother knocks the door again.
“With whom are you talking Laksh?” Asks his mother.
“No one mom I am just thinking something and talking to myself” says Laksh.
“Ok” his mother leaves from there.
“Hey now say who are you? And how did you come here?” Says Laksh
She is about to answer but his mobile rings.
“Hello” Laksh says.

“Laksh if you did not submit your project today forget that you are from this college” says his college principal from other side of the phone.
“No sir will submit today for sure” Laksh replied to his principal.
“Ahh this principal na” Laksh says irritated as soon as he cuts call. He takes his project and just goes from there without even bothering about the girl.

In class Laksh is sitting lost in that girl’s thoughts…he is thinking  who the girl is? And how did she come? What does she want?
Many questions running in his mind but he does not have any answer.
He comes out of his thoughts when he gets hit by a piece of chalk which is thrown on him by his lecturer.
He looked towards the lecturer

“Mr. Laksh solve the question on the board” said the lecturer.

Laksh stood up and gave the answer in fraction of seconds making everyone in the class to look at him with open mouths.
At that time principal enters along with someone which makes Laksh totally shocked.

Screen freezes on his shock face.

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