Raglak- This is my land- teaser

They are two sons in that family…who are like two eyes to their parents.

“The nature… is the survival of many species. This earth is the land of many living beings. Let’s love this earth… and save this earth.”
One’s thoughts.

“The technology is only the way human life can transform. Nothing happens thinking about nature… let’s make the world even more better with science..!!”
Other one’s thoughts.

Their aims are different, thoughts are different, but they are siblings. What happens when their thoughts fight with each other….

They two are Laksh and Sanskar… but who is what…?? Will be known in 1st part of….


“I love nature. And nature also loves me..!! I hate science. Because, I hate all formulas and chemicals. I love mingling with this nature…” the words of a innocent naughty bubbly girl.

All call her Ragini.

Now, the real fight between brothers start when both look at the same girl and fall in love with her.

Ragini is mine…!

No she is mine…!!

“It’s me who has to decide..!” She holds Laksh hand… which makes his brother even more jealous.

Where this situation leads to…..??

Stay tuned…!!!

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  1. Dharani

    hey shocks queen what is this how many shocks and surprises are u going to give us through ur ffs all are just different to each one i love all ur writings yaar i love u

  2. Hi Asrta dear. Once again an interesting concept. Cant wait for the upcoming episodes. Way to go dear

  3. Fairy

    Superbbbbbb loved itt…… I think nature lover is laksh n techno lover is sanky….N it’s a ragsan story maybe heheheh ? (wild guess;u know na m worst at Guessngs)…
    Really very amazngg plot..hatts off to ur creativity?lotz of love…keep rockng n stay blessed????

    1. Fairy

      Oye hoye sry sry i wanna change my commnt it’s lyk_”Superbbbbbb loved itt…… I think nature lover is sanky n techno lover is laksh….N it’s a raglak story heheheh (wild guess;u know na m worst at Guessngs)…
      Really very amazngg plot..hatts off to ur creativitylotz of love…keep rockng n stay blessed????

  4. Laksh does not nature and sankar love nature just guessing. Any way intro is intresting

  5. OMG u r going to write another Raglak ff, so sweet of you. Thanks a lot for another Raglak ff. It’s interesting teaser dear and eagerly waiting for first episode. Love u dear

  6. omg..what is going on..is sanskar is in grey shade? Waiting 4 it dear

  7. Akshata

    surprise!!!!!! surprise!!!! another shocking teaser from Astra…….
    wooohoo!!!! fianlly i can see ragsan and raglak together in one ff, that to yours….. i am so so so so happy.
    update soon

  8. Sooperb start. Eagerly waiting for the next part

  9. Hi Astra
    First of all I would to thank-you as a reader bcoz u gave us so many raglak ffs and I am a true raglak fan so I only read raglak ff and not any other ragini based ffs so ur ffs are bliss thanks once again
    And coming to D teaser it’s awesome and completely diff.
    And one thing which I mostly love about ur writing is versatility ur stories are so diff. from one another..

  10. A.xx

    Amazing where do u get such ideas from xx

    1. A.xx

      Lakshya is the techo guy and Sansku is nature (hope i’m right but knowing you it’s probably twisted),,,post soon xx

  11. Asra

    amazing teaser astu dear….shocks queen…..how many shocks u r going to give us dear…..natural lover vs technology lover…..interesting…..waiting for ur update….tkcr dear….

  12. Amazing…How many concepts are popping in ur mind???? Ahhh…. Ur extraordinary sis… Ur each and every ff have different plot nd unique concept …..!!!!

  13. Lovely7


  14. IQRA222

    it was damn awesome astra di just cant wait for it
    u really are a great expert brilliant writer ur every story is new with a fresh and unique concept hats of too u
    and i think sanky is nature lover and lucky is techno
    waiting eagerly for this story

  15. This is something different concept…I m eager to read…u r suprise queen…


  17. It’s a major shock
    Awesome teaser
    Waiting for first part

  18. Jazzy

    laksh is techno lober bczz opp attracts na ehehhe amazingg

  19. Suprbbbb

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