Raglak- This is my land- part 3

Part 3

The bus stops at a place. All gets down..
“Hey miss.. plz tell your name..”
Laksh follows Ragini again..

Rag: are you going to follow me like this always???

Lak: at least plz tell me where you stay..
Laksh asks very pleasingly. Ragini looks at him and thinks,
“Ok, listen. I stay in the place where it is surrounded by greenery, where the birds chirping is filled as melody… where the flower garden has bloomed… where the fragrance of passion is overflowed…”
Ragini says these words as if she is enjoying each and every word.. Laksh could clearly see the excitement and he could imagine the place in her eyes.

“That’s where I stay..!!” says Ragini and keeps going away.

“Hey..!! tell your name at least..!!!” shouts Laksh from far.

Ragini turns back, “my name is music..!!!” she says and keeps going away.

“wow, miss nature is miss music..! I like it..!!” thinks Laksh and he too goes away.

In MM,

Sanskar reaches house.
Ap: sansku beta.. you came..!! I have prepared kheer from you come..!!

Sanskar smiles and hugs Ap.
“I missed you mom.”

Ap in tears: missed you too beta… come on.. say “aa..’
Sanskar opens his mouth to eat the spoon of kheer which Ap is about to feed.

Then Ap feels a pull on her hand, and that spoon goes into Laksh’s mouth. Sanskar looks at him in anger.
Ap: lucky beta..!! (Ap happy)

Laksh winks his eye at Sanskar(in sarcastic way)

Sanskar: it’s your passion to steal away whatever that belongs to me..!!

Laksh: chill bro..! I have learned that from you..!!

Sanskar looks at Laksh in red eyes.
“Lucky..!” he says biting teeth.

Laksh: whoever deserves what, they only get that Sanky..!!

Sanskar and Laksh are about to get into a fight,

“Laksh and Sanskar..!!” shouts Dp.

They move far from each other glaring at EO.

Dp: Laksh, as soon as you came, you started the war..?

Lak: nahi papa vo…

Dp: learn something from your brother..! he has become a great scientist. And you are his twin. Still no success in your life..! always go around trees and animals..!!

Sanskar smirks at Laksh.

Lak: it’s my passion dad.

Dp: then use it for your career just as your brother…!

Laksh bends his head as Dp is comparing him with Sanskar.

Ap: leave it naa ji.. this is common for us. Congratulate Sanskar.. his experiment was success…!!

Dp: I never get happy from my both of sons. They always disappoint me..!!
Says Dp and leaves home.

Sanskar: that’s why maa, I don’t like to come home. Papa never appreciates me..!

Laksh: then go out, we can stay peacefully here..!!

Sanskar goes straight to Laksh and both are facing EO, in ready to fight mode.

San: this is my house Lucky..!
Lak: and mine too..!!

Sanskar goes away to his room in anger and Laksh too leaves to his room.

Ap remains sad in hall.
“I do not understand to feel happy that my both sons came at same time to house or to still feel sad they still fight as kids..!”

Shekar: Ragini beta, listen to me..
Ragini: no papa. I don’t want to join in any lab. I want to be free from now.
Shekar: so, don’t you have any aim for ur career?
Ragini in shining eyes: I want to join in green army..!
Shekar in anger: you want to run back trees again..?
Ragini: papa..
Shekar: no..! you are joining in the lab. That’s it. you will be a good scientist if you take training there. Let me talk with Sanskar..

Ragini leaves a sigh.

Shekar and Ragini go to the laboratory of Sanskar. Shekar is talking with sanky and Ragini is roaming here and there.

San: join Ragini here for sure uncle. I will give her training.
Shekar: thank u sanky…
San: no thank u uncle.. u r my dad’s friend..
Shekar: ragu beta.. come and meet Sanskar..!!

Ragini just comes inside from door, Sanskar looks at her.

He makes his eyes big. Sanskar is flattered as soon as he looked at her. her big eyes, chubby cheeks, small pinky lips, thin nose.. over all a cute face who is bearing the whole beauty on herself. Her hair is waving on her shoulder proudly.

Shekar: she is my daughter Ragini…
Ragini forwards hand to give shake hand to Sanskar.. Sanskar smiles looking at her and about to join hand with her..

A glass braking sound. The trio shocks and looks aside, a glass was broke due to a hit of stone.

Sanskar shocks and runs there. It’s green army batch.

“The things which are polluting the nature..!” one boy shouts.
“Have to be stopped right now..!” other boys and girls says in unison.

Those slogans continue. That batch was leaded by none other then Laksh.

“Lucky..!!” Sanskar tights his fists. He goes down and with him Shekar and Ragini too comes. Ragini looks at Laksh, but Laksh doesn’t see her.

San: what’s the problem..?

Lak: our green army got information that your lab is doing experiments which are polluting a lot than minimum limit. If this lab is not closed, this city has to face so many problems..!

San: what non sense..? this city was polluted by factories and vehicles. Go behind them, why are you behind me..???

Laksh comes towards Sankar,
“Your experiment of a rocket yesterday Mr. Sanskar. On whose permission you took it up..? it has polluted the sky beyond the limits..!!”

Laksh is pointing out Sanskar.. Just then, Laksh turns his eyes to look at Ragini and he amazes and even Ragini too keeps looking at him..


Guys, I have started a new ff on pehredar piya ki. Open the PPK forum too in sony Tv’s list to read my ff.
This was link of the 1st part I published..

Princess Diya Swayamvara- Pehredar piya ki. (part 1)

and, keep opening that forum for being in touch with my new ff.

no one has commented in the previous part, i don’t you guys missed it or didn’t like it?
but, this will be my last post in TU if no one gives me response there.

i don’t know i was rude or not. but it hurts to see nill comments.

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