Raglak: Kyunki itna pyar tumse karte hai hum…….. TS Part 2

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Was she dreaming?yes this was going in her mind.it was surely a nightmare.she had gathered courage to fall in love leaving behind the experiences she gained from her bitter past.she had decided to give love a chance in her life,to fill her life with joys and prove her wrong of the thoughts she had about love but no today she succedded ,she was proved right that love could only give pain.she couldnt imagine even in her wildest dreams that just hearing a syllable ‘no’ would give her such immense pain.at this moment she had thought that she would hate the word love and never ever let this word enter her life again and shatter her into pieces which would be unrepairable.her past resurfaced in her memory reminding her of those bitter incidents.she didn’t understood why her mom kept loving her drunkard dad even though he loved some other woman and was crying over it all the time ,thrashing her mom considering her the reason of his separation with his lover.
“maa why do we live here?i want to go to nanu,I hate dad,he is bad”a small ragini said to her crying mother.”no beta,he is your dad,you don’t say bad about him,and moreover he is the reason I got the best gift of my life,you,(cupping her face)how could we leave him then?you love your maa na,(ragini nods)likewise your maa loves your dad”janki said to her daughter wiping her tears.she didn’t wanted her relationship with her husband to affect her daughter’s thought about her father in any way ,not as if he was the best father but still a mother cant let the image of a father ruin in front of her child even if he is bad.but she didn’t knew that ragini had made her views about her surrounding,she could differentiate between good and bad.she knew her father considered them just a burden.she had cried when he didn’t turned up on her ptms or annual day functions.she had complained to him about it but he would just glare and go away ,without speaking even a word.moreover he always abused her mother which left a lasting impact on her.
”love”her mother used to say whenever ragini asked them to leave him.’why maa why you love him so much ?he doesn’t even cares about you.it only gives you pain,then why are you in this good for nothing relation where theres no hope just pain ,gloom and darkness.could love make you more helpless than this?that you just see the person in front of you forgetting yourself.why is love so selfless that it can indure pain on self but if even a pin pricks the other you cant tolerate it.is love so blind that it doesn’t leaves your heart even when your feelings aren’t reciprocated?love is the main cause for all this’ragini thought evrytime seeing her mother crying silently hoping for a better day.she breathed her last in his house only where she couldn’t get any love.but still she loved him.
“ragini never loose your hope on love,I know you don’t like this word due to my experience but it doesn’t mean that it would be same with you,I am sure my laado will get her prince charming who will love her like anything”janki told her 15 years old ragini while on her death bed.she had seen her daughter slipping away from such emotion but she knew one cant ignore it and let her daughter hate such a beautiful emotion when she herself,even after so much pain places so much trust in this word,it wasn’t only love but it had turned devotion for her,to take care of her husband,to see him everyday ,to ensure his wellness,his happiness and she knew if she left him he would turn more lifeless and blame her only.she gave her daughter a precious advice which ragini promised to live upto and it is now where it has got her.in fornt of her love who isn’t even turning to see her tears.
“ragini”kavya approached her amused but soon turned silent seeing her condition.sahil came behind kavya and looked towards the situation.he was getting negative vibes from the environment.”what happened?”kavya asked raising ragini’s face holding her chin.laksh turned to look at them but found them near ragini and trailed off his steps.”they already know about her proposal”laksh thought huffing.
“what?he said no.how could he?what does he thinks of himself?”kavya yelled angrily forgetting that she’s talking about their professor.laksh heard it but didn’t even flinched.kavya looked at him angrily and muttered”heartless”and took to consoling ragini.”waise it was expected from his side”sahil said in a serious tone for which he got glares from kavya but ragini looked at him tentatively.”I mean,come on he’s our professor ,not someone who studies with us ,its not common for him to be proposed by his students.then what is he expected to do?say yes,to his student,the one he teaches,how difficult would it be,how weird he might feel being in a relation with his student.a teachers job is to teach the students,help them with studies,they guide the students,mentor them ,help them stand up on their legs and their work is done.in return they just expect respect ,nothing else ,then how could you expect him to say yes instantly……….he would have felt hell awkward at this moment and may be…….he is blaming himself for this,for your feelings for him……he might feel that he is not a good teacher……that he did some mistake that sent such signs that……..he also likes you……….”sahil said making ragini realize his point of view.she looked at laksh from the corner of her eyes who was no good in a state than hers.sometime ago only she had said that she would get this word out of her life but then ,looking at his face,all the emotions came again,running through her nerves,in a new spirit.she was wrong,she couldn’t hate the word love and ignoring her love for laksh sir was out of list.she was determined that even if he would not reciprocate his feelings she will love him,only him.
She wiped the tears on her cheek with a stern face while kavhil looked at her puzzled.”what happened to her?”sahil whispered in kavya’s ears.kavya shrugged her shoulders and looked towards ragini who was moving in laksh’s direction.
“sir”ragini almost whispered to which laksh turned with his head down.”once look into my eyes”she thought in her mind.”sir,I am sorry…………for what I did……I shouldn’t have said it in this way…I mean this aint the right time……….i promise you that I wont put you in such situation again,these words wont come on my lips again……..i am sorry for putting you in such situation,I cant imagine how you would have felt…….i am sorry”controlling her urge to scream and cry she said these words to him which had an effect on him ,he raised his head and looked at her surprisingly,he hadnt expected to hear these words from her and had also made plans in mind on how to avoid ragini but it was nice to hear her say those words but still he wasn’t satisfied how could a girl who just proposed me come and say such things after some time,did the love vanished in few minutes?but who cares ,he was given an assurance and could see through her eyes that she would live upto it even if she loved him.laksh gave her a nod smiling tightly.ragini looked at him for a second while her heart requested her”hug him once,please”.she turned around and came to kavhil who hugged her from either sides.
One by one evry student came to the place and after announcing ragni the winner everyone went down and they left for their college.ragkavhil sat together this time while kavhil tried to lift ragini’s mood laskh was hoping that this day would pass soon.”come on ragini,speak up ,tere bolne yaa hasne pe tax nhi lagega jot u apna mooh phula ke bethi hai”kavya tried to cheer her up but ragini looked at her blankly.sahil huffed and said to ragini faking a cry”ragini please yaar tell ur dost to not crack such jokes warna main isse shaadi nhi karunga…..hey bhagwan zindagi bhar mujhe iske bekkar jokes pe jhoothi hasi hasni padegi……”.kavya pouted angrily looking at him and then at ragini.”yes kavya now you should change your habit of cracking such lame jokes warna…..”ragini said joining them.”warna warna”sahil said proudly that ragini is taking his side.”warna sahil kunwara hi reh jayega zindagi bhar(sahil pouted angrily while ragkav chuckled)…..aur nhi toh kya tujhe meri kavya jaisi koi milegi hi nhi toh tu kunwara hi rahega naa”ragini snaked her arm around kavya’s shoulder and they hi-fied seeing sahils reaction.laksh was in his deep thoughts”it good that she said those words but…..will she move on?i saw her eyes………they were….ahh no.no she just said that she wont think about this again,then keep that only in mind nothing else”laksh saw love in her eyes but decided to ignore it as a mere infatuation and diverted his mind.they reached the college and everyone went to their respective destinations.
Ragkavhil travelled in the same car .by now ragini was fine.”thank god my daaku rani cane back”kavya side hugged ragini and smiled,ragnii nodded.”that was bold”sahil spoke clearing his throat.”what?”kavya asked puzzled.”the words you said on the cliff”he said turning to ragini.ragini looked at him blankly while kavya glared him.”come on we had to talk on this topic,so why not now,and I know you wont run away from it so I am saying this,what I felt………even the strongest persons fall weak in love,loose their conscience but you handled the situation gracefully,though after messing it up a bit ,and we are also culprits in that”he asid shrinking his eyebrows while ragkav nodded.”waise there are chances for your love story with him,………..arre see he is just 4 yrs elder than us ,not too much.and this thing about teacher –student relationship then it will end in 6 months,we are gonna graduate soon and then we wont be students anymore.so then u could propose him and then he wont have that hesitation of being your teacher…..”kavya said drooling over her thoughts.”no kavya,it isn’t impossible,I have promised him,maine vaada kiya haa unse ki who shabad meri zubaan pe phir kabhi nhi aayenge aur…….main apna vaada nibhaungi”ragini said in a shaky voice.”maine yeh vaada isliye nhi kiya ki main unhe bhool gayi yaa unke liye apna pyaar bhool gayi par isliye……..kyunki main unse bohot pyaar karti hu aur zindagi bhar karti rahungi”ragini added.kavya nodded and said”you said all this bcoz you wouldn’t have been able to see him in pain,guilt ……with the uneasiness on his face whenever he entered our class…..tera pyaar bhi ajeeb hai,na tu unko dukh main dekh sakti hai aur naa hi unko apne dil ki baat keh sakti haa….shayad wo tere dobara kehne pe maan bhi jaate,6 mahine baad par tu…..tu toh bas unke aas-paas reh kar hi khush hai”.
“pyaar toh asaani se ho jata hai par uss pyaar ki umeedo pe khaara utarne ke liye bohot himmat chahiye hoti hai,wo sabr,wo ummed……yeh sab har kisike bas hi baat nhi hoti par hamari ragini is unique and I am sure ki use uska sacha pyaar milke rahega”sahil said squeezing ragini shoulder who was about to cry.”waise ragini you have become the modern day meera yaar,you are sounding like her,only devotion inlove…….no expectations”kavya said extra dramatically making raghil chuckle.kavya side hugged her and sahil joined in.
Laksh was looking at a photo with tears in his eyes.”I wish you would have been with me ahaana,why……..why did you left me alone?i tried searching you evrwhere,iasked your parents but……..they also think that you are….no….you are alive and you will surely return some day to me…….i am sure”.he wiped his tears and remembered ahaana saying”laksh kya bacho ki tarah baat baat par rone lagta hai,aasoon ponch,be a brave boy”.he smiled and took out his phone and started recording a video.”yaar aur kitni der,tu itna intezaar karake bhi nhi thaki,so bad.but once you come back,I will clear the balance,I will also punish you.pta hai itne time se main akela hu…….kitni baate karni hai tujhse par tu toh pta nhi kahan busy hai.i will surely find you someday and then see main tujhse apni kitni seva karunga ki tu pareshan ho jayegi….”he chuckled softly and completed the video.he opened his phone gallery and found a no. of videos he had made whenever he felt like talking to ahaana.”sir please don’t leave me”ragini voice when she was stuck in store room came to his mind and he remembered how he had opened one of the videos for her to calm down while he went to get the keys.he opened the very first video he made and saw it”hi,actually since you are not here for sometime I am sharing my thoughts in this video that I want to tell you.and mind it they are exclusively for you.dont u dare roam around the whole house showing them to others and giggling around………..”.he switched of the phone and went to sleep.his subconscious mind played the memory when ragini proposed him.he opened his eyes and drinking water slept again.”you don’t realize but the place you had given to ahaana is occupied by her……..”his subconscious mind spoke again but he ignored it and slept.he knew it wasn’t love,how could it be when he had already someone in his heart ,for whom he is waiting for 1 whole year to return back in his life,his childhood friend,his love…….and how could he think of his student in that way,romance isn’t a feeling that even accidentally should pop up in such kind of relation.he shut his mind thoughts and tossed in bed unable to sleep.
Ragini sat in her bed caressing her mother’s smiling face.”maa now I know what u had felt…….but I don’t know would I able be to cross this difficult journey,I don’t want to loose my hope……..but I promise I wont loose my hope on love,I am sure……..whatever may come I wont fall weak……maybe I don’t even get to see him after the college but now I couldn’t even think of getting him out of my thoughts”she slept kissing her mother’s photo.what all these two had to see in a day,proposal rejection,pain,determination,hope and an undefined wait for their loved one.
“hey ragini”kavya greeted her when they found each other in the class,ragini smiled and they headed to their seats.laksh came to the class and greeted evry1 with a warm smile.it seemed that they had forgotten the previous day and wanted to start afresh.laksh taught the class and went away.months flew away like this,evry1 was busy in preparing for final exams.ragin had resolved that she would top in the class and her main concern was only studies,in her heart she knew that it was just an excuse to keep him out of her thoughts.”sir”ragini called for laksh standing outsode staff room.laksh turned with a frown and walked towards her with his heart in his mouth,he was feeling nervous,uneasy and what not,he had forgotten that proposal or say ignored but he didn’t knew then why his heart was giving him chills.ragini was determined that she wont show any emotion on her face but her cheeks were burning due to his approaching steps.
“yes ragini?”laksh said composing himself.ragini looked at him and then took out her book and sighing deeply looked at him.”don’t fall weak,don’t look into his eyes”her mind said while her heart retorted”why cant i?i have seen him properly after so many days”.”sir,this para…….it deals with……….”ragini spoke up dismissing the peas of her heart.laksh looked at her surprised and then cleared her doubts.”you understood?”laksh asked in his husky voice,ragini felt weak on knees but composed herself shoving her thoughts apart from studies from her mind and nodded to him and left hurriedly.laksh looked at her amazed and went inside the staff room scratching his head.”I thought I would behave like this,away from her,not talking much,only work…..but guess she is trying to stay away from me herself”he mutters and sits on his chair.
Ragini is shown in washroom washing her face.”don’t cry,hold yourself,you promised you wont break down”she said to herself in broken voice while her tears mixed with the water hiding her pain.she wiped her face and went to canteen.
Loud music is playing in bg.the college’s auditorium is filled with last year students drooling crazily over the song and dancing around madly.
“are yaar where is this ragini?its our farewell party ,atleast in party she should come early if not in lectures but she is actually a late lateef”sahil said looking around for a familiar face.kavya turned him and pointed her finger on the entrance where ragini is shown stepping inside.she is wearing a beautiful baby pink saree with her hair tied into a messy bun(like how she wore in serial when laksh was faking his love).
Music plays in bg-gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi………
Ragini looks around giving a nervous smile to everyone who were eyeing her with mixed emotions,boys were going flat on her while girls were getting jealous of her perfect figure.
Kavya hugged ragini and sahil looked on amazed.”hi sahil”ragini said giving him a side hug.”god ragini,you…….you look like a real girl today……..i mean you look really beautiful,anyone will get flat on you, and I guess you should be ready for proposals today”sahil said looking her from top to bottom.”oh hello,what do you think,apni ragini kya itni beautiful nhi dikhti huh?and if anyone proposes her today naa then before ragini rejecting him I will give a punch to that boy,how could anyone instantly fall for someone,just by seeing figure …..sorry dear than its not love……and you better praise your girlfriend now who hasn’t heard any word of praise from your mouth till now…….”kavya said glaring sahil.sahil gulped and looked around.ragini understood and said”I will get jcold drinks,you wait here”and winked at sahil,sahil blinked in gratitude.”kavya you are looking ethereal in this black saree,its enhancing your face,this glow on your face is tempting me……”sahil said leaning closer to her,kavya pushed him aside and went behind ragini hiding her blush.
“are why you came here,you wanted to hear some good words na,then what happened?”ragini teased kavya.”nothing,he is …..stupid……doesn’t even know how to praise”kavya said hiding her blush.ragini smiled and side hugged her saying”I am sooo happy for you”.kavya smiled and sahil came and joined the hug.a cameraman came near them and they got a pic clicked in the same position.
“now you people move to the dance floor,I will just make a call”ragini told kavhil and moved aside.”yes nanu,after exams I will be coming there,yup I am enjoying here……..ok bye”ragini ended the call and looked around,her eyes searching for only and only one person..laksh.she wanted to see him badly,she didn’t knew why but she just wanted to look at him.
“why is he not picking up the call?”sanskar murmured to himself annoyed.ragini heard it and approached him.”sir are you fine?……you look tensed”ragini spoke up.if it would have been the old daaku rani,sanskar would have ran away from there without replying but she was ragini,just like a normal student who had stopped torturing teachers and somewhere in his heart he knew it was bcoz of laksh.he nodded at her and said”actually…….laksh is not picking up the call,he hasn’t even arrived yet,I tried calling him but……..last night when I talked to him he was having mild fever but he said he will attend the farewell………I don’t know…..maybe he cancelled his plan.”ragini’s eyes turned teary hearing of his health.she controlled her tears before sanskar and went to kavhil and informing them something went out.
“phew I reached”ragini said standing in front of a decent bunglow wiping the sweat beads on her forehead that were forming with the anxiety to face him after so much time and that too alone.she moved forward with worry for him covering her other thoughts and rang the door bell.on not getting any response after constant ringing her daaku rani came out and she moved to window hoping he is fine.she smashed the window glass with a stone but still no response,she then opened the window latch and sighing jumped inside handling her saree.”who told you to wear saree?its damn irritating…….”ragini huffed in irritation and looked around the hall,it was clean with no trace of laksh anywhere.”I thought he has seen me and hid himself but he isn’t here”ragini said twisting her lips.she shook her head stopping herself to think of such thoughts.
She moved upstairs on not finding anyone in kitchen or the rooms.her heartbeat rising with her evry step,her heart knew that he is somewhere nearby making her nerous.she reached in front of a room and knocked it but again finding no response she opened the door with all her force thinking that he would have held the door from other side.she came inside with her sudden force and due to that she fell on the bed,precisely above someone and that someone you know who was assumed sleeping.she looked at him and lost herself not trying to even get up from him.she was so mesmerized in his innocent and beautiful face which was in this moment pale and weak.she got up from him after a while and closed her eyes slapping herself mentally”don’t get too close to him that it seems difficult when you go away from him”.”sir,are you fine?please get up”ragini only knew how much courage she had took to speak this simple line.he didn’t even flinched so she moved and held his shoulder trying to wake him up.when their skin came in contact ragini widened her eyes and worry covered her face.”sir……you have high fever…..let me get you medicine”she said trembling,she just couldn’t see him like that and that led to her miserable state.she now got to know that he is lying unconsicoius and not sleeping.she rushed to the drawers but remembered something.”doctor pls don’t give me medicine they don’t suit me,I am kinda allergic to them ,I eat only ayurvedic or homeopathic medicines”laksh was saying this to their college doc. When he was injured with the nail.
She rubbed her forehead calming her senses and came down to kitchen.”khada”ragini said placing the utensil on the gas with the required ingredients from the kitchen only.the liquid boiled and she turned off the gas and took it in a glass with a bowl full of ice and water and some cotton napkins which she found with gr8 difficulty.she opned his room door and sat beside him putting the ice cold strips on his forehead to neutralize his temp.she caressed his face lovingly.
After sometime when she found him a bit normal she made him sit in lie in half laying position with her hand behind his head supporting it and with other hand made him drink the khada she made,even in his sleep his made faces and ragini chuckled seeing his cute expressions.she made him lie again and nursed him for some time.he gained consciousness and opened his eyes only to find his soon to be ex student ragini in fornt of him with a smile flashing on her face.”sir you got up?how are you feeling?”ragini bombarded him with qs. While he sat on his bed.he looked at her questionably and she blinked few times and then understood his expression.”woah,i…I came to ask a ques.,on…..not seeing you in college i….came to your house and then found you sick and then attended to you…….you know na sir after few days we have exams so it was necessary to ask you that ques.”ragini said covering up her real motive so that he doesn’t get awkward again.”so where is your book?”laksh asked rasing his eyebrow.”abhi tabiyat thik hui hai par dimag hai ki aaram se baith hi nhi sakta”ragini murmured to herself which laksh heard and smiled.”its ok if you don’t find your book, btw thanks for helping me,I am feeling better now”laksh said gratitude visible in his voice.ragini looked uo at him and lost herself in him again.to avoid loosing in him she started looking around and her eyes fell on a photo of a girl with beautiful big eyes smiling beautifully(adaa khan),she felt jealous of her not coz she was beautiful but coz her photo was lying on the bedside table of her love ,laksh.
Laksh looked in the direction where she was staring and again the memories of ahaana came back to him.”she is ahaana.”he said sighing sadly.he didn’t knew why but he wanted to share it with her,shayad apna mann halka karne ke liye but why ragini?even he couldn’t unravel it.ragini looked at him and then at the photo ,laksh signed her to sit and she sat on the chair besides.
”we were childhood friends,actually our families were and then we met and we instantly clicked.when I was 10 my maa and papa left me………….and then ahaana’s father came as a guardian to me,he took me with him and ahana and me stayed together,played together and with her I forgot all my pains even if it was for some time but still I felt good with her,we grew up together and our childhood frandship turned to love ,we had crush on eo from teenage but we didn’t said it to eo but then on our farewell party I proposed her …..with all my courage…….and she said yes.we were soooo happy.we told it to her parents and they said ok for marriage but we wanted to enjoy our life for sometime and settle down first then only marry eo……….she loved travelling so she had gone to Dehradun alone,she wanted to visit the place from a lot of time and hence she went but I couldn’t go with her due to my interviews lined up.one day I got the job in university,I was happy that now our dream will be completed ,I wanted to tell her this,I called her but she iddnt picked it up,I kept trying but she didnt…………and then I came home and her parents informed me that she met with an accident,they were talking to her on phone……..and then they heard a crashing noise…………and everything went blank……..we wnet to Darjeeling…….but police informed that the car was completely destroyed and they couldn’t find her body……….they said that she fell from a cliff and ………died……….her parents believed it and cried miserably but how could I believe it?i just couldn’t imagine that she………I am sure she is somewhere…….and I will find her one day……I tried in nearby places but it wasn’t of any use………maybe she is somewhere else …….but I will find her………”lask said his facing changing from a pleasant smile with the memories of childhood to a serene smile and then a frown and then his face was covered with the tears gushing out of his eyes.
Ragini thought with tears streaming down her cheeks too”I have first time seen him smiling whole heartedly but…..it also didn’t lasted for more than few seconds……….he lost his love…….he loves someone else…….that’s why he didn’t accepted my proposal…….he is also waiting for his love………like me………how much pain he has to go through…….in just few months I have turned lifeless but he is incurring this pain form so much time…….how he must be feeling………if it would have been in my hands I would have returned him his love…..his……..ahaana……….”.”two yrs……..its been 2 yrs. But I couldn’t find her…….will she come back to me?”laksh said breaking her trance with his sobs turning into miserable cries.”I am waiting for her,my love subsidizing all the painful thoughts of the assumptions but how much do I have to incur this pain…………will it end ……..ever?”.she moved forward to console him but stepped back thinking it as not right.she just stood beside him controlling her sobs which were ready to burst.in a fraction of seconds she was in his grip,actually her waist,laksh had encircled his hands around her waist trying to find some solace .ragini felt shiver ran down her spine feeling his touch but she composed and caressed his hairs consoling him”sir,I am sure you love her a lot.and I feel that this love only will bring her back to you,you will get her one day,she will come back to you…….”,only she knew how much it pained her to say her love these lines,she herself was letting her love go,in giving him assurance she was making herself suffer,though she hadn’t expected anything in return but still their was a hope but now that he loves someone else like her…..and is willing to wait for her then how could she expect anything from him now…..it stabbed her heart to hear him say someone else’s name with the intensity of love that she aspired to be called with but alas could anyone control the feelings of heart.
Laksh broke the hug looking at her like an innocent kid looking towards his mother.”really?”he asked with utter innocence ,his eyes sparkling with tears.ragini nodded her head pressing her lips tightly to not burst out.she moved back and handed him a glass of water.he drank it and wiped his tears off and ragini did the same before laksh could question her for her tears.silence prevailed for few mins. And laskh asked seriously”ragini can I ask you something?”ragini nodded and laksh continued looking at her intently”do you……..still love me?”.”how could I stop loving you?i cant……I will love you for whole of my life…….though I wont get ur love but still I will only love you……”she thought with a painful smile.was it a joke,she cant never stop loving him,this qs. Whenever raised would get only one answer,yes but now she had to keep upto her promise hiding her anger ,frustration and love.she smiled wryly and said”no sir……..it was just………stupid infatuation……there’s nothing now”.”stupid cant you see love in my eyes for you,why I left my farwell and came to visit you,why I took care of you, why I let you hug me and consoled you…….why cant you”her heart spoke.laskh nodded heaving a sigh and said”I am glad,you are over it…….waise you are looking good in this saree”.his heart pained due to an unknown reason.ragini bid him a bye and left from his house faking a smile.
Ragini walked on the road lifelessly remembering his words”i love ahaana”.she fell on the deserted road on her knees and cried woefully.”why?why me?”she shouted and with a thunder it started raining like cat and dogs.the rain drenched trying to soak all her pain but even it couldn’t help her,actually no one can.
She feels some footsteps approaching her and then the person bending down to her level,it was her love…..laksh,he looked at her cutely and then his hand travelled to her milky cheeks wiping the tears and his head signaling not to cry.ragini knew it is all her imagination but still she wanted to live in it.laksh held the corner of her lips and stretched them asking her to smile,ragini smiled a littled and he kept his hands on her eyes .she opened her eyes only to find herself alone on the road.she got up and walked to her college.
Everyone was in the ground enjoying the rain and dancing on peppy rain songs.kavya noticed her and walked towards her”you went to meet him?right?……….so…you said him again……I love you….”kavya asked anticipating a positive answer.ragini shook her head and kavya continued with a sigh”hmmm…….so why you went to meet him?when you didn’t had to try once…….”.”he ………loves some1 else”ragini said closing her eyes and then told kavya everything.kavya gasped and thinking for a while said”so why don’t you console him,make him understand that you could love him than anything in this world……….or will you just keep quite,………..will you leave him in this state?…….sirf ek kadam………shayad who bhi tumse pyar karne lage”.
Ragini looked at her painfully and said”shayad…….hmmm par shayad hamari kahani mein iss shayad ki koi jagah nhi hai………maine unki aankhon mein wahi pyar dekha hai jo main apni aankhon me unke liye dekhti hu….par who mere liye nhi ahaana ke liye hai……”.kavya said frustrated”so will you leave your story incomplete?…….you will not do anything?……….why?”.ragni let out a humourless chuckle and continued”kyunki main unse itna pyar akrti hu ki unhe jaane du……..shayad yeh sab karke main unka saath toh paa loon par……uss pyaar ka kya?that undying love that I see in his eyes?……..main unki feelings ko toh nhi baandh sakti naa………aur tum kya chahti ho kavya?ki main unki madad karun?……jiske zakhm khood hare ho who dusron ke dard ki dava kya banega……isse halat aur bigdenge…..agar main unke pass gyi toh shayad…….ab main apne aap ko unse door na kar paun……and that will be very painful……”.she said so and sobbed “may be he wont love him but……..i just could think of anyone else…….”.kavya hugged her and tears skipped her eyes too.
“Congrats ragini”evry1 who found ragini in the college ground spoke the same thing from 1 hr irritating her.she huffed and looked at kavya who was chuckling besides her”what?i didn’t said you to top in the whole university…now you deserve this punishment”.ragini pouted sadly and kavya side hugged her.
Their section sat together getting clicked for a class photo with the toppers in front row sitting along with teachers and princi.call it fate or accident ragini had to sit beside laksh and her heart was redy to jump out of her anytime.she was going to see him today……for the last time…..evry1 got up after the photo session.
Ragini stood alone trying to get some air but then he approached her.she looked at him faking a smile to hide her nervousness.”I am proud of you ragini”laksh said with a smile.ragini looked at him and smiled looking at his smile.”give him,what are you waiting for?-her heart said……no,is it necessary,why should I give it to him?he might think something else-her mind said.she snapped uot of her thoughts and gave him a gift wrapped in a beautiful paper.laksh looked at her confused and opened the wrapper to find his sketch inside.he looked at ragini in awe and then at portrait.”thanks”he could just say this while his cheeks were a little pink.ragini thinks how she had made his sketch when she realsied that she likes him,how happy she was when it turned out to be beautiful ,how she had danced with it imagning it to be him and then hugged it to her heart feeling happy.
She was brought back by his remark and she smiled at him,laskh continued”so you were the one who made the sketch that day…..i didn’t thought you could draw this well……..”.ragini nodded and excused herself and went from there giving him a hand shake,their last physical touch.
She left from there looking for a last time at her college where she got the best memories of her life and an unending cycle of pain.she hugged kavya and sahil and left from their.
“phew”ragini said standing in front of a forest with the board “nainital hills”.she took her bag and moved inside thee forest.after half hour of walking she reached in middle of forest where an institute was located,lots of cottages surrounded by the greenry,birds chirping and the few children of the place playing and teasing evry1.the elders were sitting admiring the nature.the board read”shantiaavas”and ragni smiled caressing it.
Ragini rans towards a man in his 60s and hugged him tightly muttering “nanu”(alok nath).he caressed her hairs and broke the hug.”how is my ladoo?”he asked kaimg her sit on a bench besides.”good”ragini said flashing her brightest smile hiding her pain that didn’t went unnoticed by her nanu but he thought to talk about it later.and they talked casually for some time.
“ragini”a man in his 20s came towards them flashing a smile.”siddharth”(karan wahi)ragini exclaimed and hugged him.”welcome back”he said breaking the hug.”so how are you buddhu?”ragini asked karan ,karan smiled and told her about his life.”I will go,you people talk”nanu left from there.”ragini you had been coming here every yr for 3 months ,still it feels that you don’t leave this place,you are here everywhere”karan said.ragini nods and says”I have lived half of my life here ,maa used to take me here and when she left……..i could feel her here so that’s why I am connected to this place so much…….and btw ragni jahan bhi jaati hai apni chaap chod hi deti hai”she said lightning the mood.”oh …..i forgot,I have to give medicine to one patient”karan said hitting his forehead,ragini chuckled and teased him calling him”bhulakad”.”I am also coming “ragini followed karan to a room.karan opened the door and ragni widened her eyes seeing the person in front of her.a girl was lying lifeless on the bed with the light coming from the windows falling on her face making it shine.ragini frowned looking at her state while karan moved to the bed side took out some ayurvedic medicines and made her drink it.he smiled at her expressionless face and turned to see a pale ragini.”what happened?…..oh this girl”karan looked towards ahaana and then at ragni and took ragini out and started narrating the incident.
“we found her 2 yrs back,I had gone with nanu to a nearby village to fetch some herbs,people recognized nanu and asked him to check a girl.we went in a cottage and found her with major injuries on her body lying unconsicoius,nanu checked her and told she cant be treated there.then we got her here,she was in coma for 1 yr and after that she opened her eyes but……we got to know that she’s paralysed……..nanu tried his best treatments on her but it was of no avail……then I had to take care of her medicines……and still she is lying on the bed….lifeless”karan conculed with a sad smile.ragini had tears in her eyes and her mind was rewinding that day when laksh told about ahaana,his pain,his tears ,his helplessness and hope …….evrything came in her mind and she decided something.”karan don’t worry,now we would help her heal,we would make her stand on her legs again,we would get her to her family”ragini said determined.karan looked at her hopefully.”2 yrs ragini…….she is on the bed…….lifeless………she is just of our age but …..what all she has to go through…..”karan said ,his voice choking.
“now wipe your tears,buddhu…you get emotionally connected to any1 so easily…….and now see since I am here we will heal her ………afterall I have yrs of experience in Ayurveda…….i have done mastery in it from my childhood..and moreover being in b/w you oldies that poor girl also didn’t wished to get up but no fear when ragini is here,she will get the life of this ashram back”ragini said enthusiastically trying to lift his mood.”ragini,you haven’t changed a bit naa….same childish but I am glad you are here……warna hamara kya hota”karan said faking a cry.ragini nodded her head and they laughed together but still her smile didn’t reached her eyes but now she had got the way to keep that momentary happiness on her love’s face as permanent……by giving him back his love that too in the state he had seen her last time.”Now you go to sleep ,we will start it from tomm.you must be tired naa”karan said concerned.ragini wanted to meet ahaana now only but she took karan’s advice and went to sleep.
Ragini was standing in front of ahaana’s room biting her nails.”I know the consequences for it but I am ready for them…….now my prime concern is healing ahaana and no one here should know that I know her”ragini took a deep breath and opened the room’s door with a smile.she moved to open the curtains and wished ahaana gud morning in her chirpy voice.ahaana looked at th ceiling with her dull eyes.karan reached the room too and was glad to see ragini there.”hmmm don’t reply,abhi bhaav khaalo madam but in few days I am sure I wont let you speak even if you would want to,I will bore you with my long talks and you would just listen,ask this buddhu,its is daily duty to just listen and shake his head and nothing else”ragini said keeping her hands on her waist and glaring ahaana.”oh I am sorry I forgot to introduce myself,I am ragini,your new friend now”ragini said biting her tongue and sat beside ahaana on the bed.she whispered in ahaana’s ears”waise you can talk to me ,I am also of your age and thinking only,not like this oldies who bore you with their boring pravachans”.ragini and karan looked at her neutral face and sighed.”we will soon heal her”karan said enthusiastically while ragini nodded.karan gave her medicines and ragini sat beside her for some time telling about her hobbies,her lifestyle ,treating ahaana as a normal person.”do I talk too much?……no naa evry1 says I talk a lot but you are my 1st friend you didn’t said this,I love you”ragini side hugged her and went out.
“ragini what were you doing inside?”karan asked confused .”I was making her feel normal,telling her about life,……..we need to first heal her mentally then only she could also contribute in her physical recovery…….I think we could fill her with urge to stand up again,maybe she has lost her inspiration to get well but now we will create a good environment around her and heal her”ragini said looking straight.karan nodded and they went inside.”waise you have kept any name for here”ragin raised her eyebrow at karan.karan nodded and said”roshni”.
“hi aah…roshni your pakau friend came again”ragini said in her sweet voice with karan besides her.”ahaana you just get up once and then we wont leave any1 here,we will play pranks on evry1”ragini said smirking.few days passed like this with ragini by her side giving her all hopes and filling her with positive thoughts.
“you know roshni,your face glows in this sunshine that’s why I kept this name for you,I wonder do you even like it……..whaat is your real name?…you get up soon and then tell me ……ok?……….waise you know ragini is really a nice girl,she is life of the people here,she could make any1 luagh by her antics and if any1 teases her or her friends then toh the person is gone…….”karan said with a slight smile on his face.”oh so you are doing my chugli to her….very bad……..roshni you don’t listen to him ….ok…I know he bored you to death with his talks but I promise once you get up we will chase him all around the ashram……imagine he is running as if some mad dog is behind him and we are standing laughing our hearts out”ragini said with a chuckle.karan looked at ahaana’s face and widened his eyes.”rag..ini…..she………she is smiling..”karan said with happy tears pointing towards ahaana.ragini looked at ahaana and tears made way out of her eyes too.she caressed her cheeks and said”you liked this idea naa,then toh we will surely implement it”.karan looked on with a smile.
“and if you are worried he will strike back then I can say from my expreince of the friendship of 20 yrs. He would just keep an angry pout and then after some himself come and start talking”ragin ifurther added and looked at ahaana with her happiness doubling up.her desire to bring that smile on her love’s face would soon be fulfilled and she could imagine how happy he would be and that gave her solace to all her pain.
Ragini was sitting outside on the ground staring the dark sky ,admiring the stars.she remembered her college days.”why cant I forget you….why?you don’t leave my mind even for a second….yeh pyar main kyun hota hai ki hum khudko bhool kar dusron ko hi apni zindagi bana lete hai?”she mumbled and tears skipped her eyes.”you crying?”nanu asked his laado.ragini wiped her tears and nanu sat beside her on te ground.”you didn’t answered my qs. Laado”nanu said staring the sky.”nanu”ragini hugged him tightly feeling her mother’s warmth.nanu caressed her hairs and looked at the her and breaking the hug said”laado I don’t know what’s troubling you that you are not sharing it even with your nanu but…….sharing your pain reduces it…….”.ragini looked at him and rested her head on his shoulder taking a deep sigh.
“nanu why maa loved dad so much even after his bad habits,why didn’t she left him even when she was getting anything in that relationship..can love make you so blind that you let your life get destroyed in the name of love……..”ragini choked with the tears.nanu looked at her nodding his head and said”my sona was a pure soul laado,she only knew how to spread love.whenever I saw her I felt her husnband would be the luckiest person on earth.she was married one day and then she feel in love with her husband despite his bad habits,his coldness…even I cant define your mother’s love but I knew that it was selfless and pure love………pyaar khaamiyan dekh ken hi hota aur agar kisi mein koi kami nikli toh usske saath uska pyaar khada rahta hai uski takat banke,pyar mein zaroori toh nhi ki aapko who meethe pal humesha mile,gifts,dates and long night talks are not only love…….pyaar mein toh……..khud ko bhulkar aap dusre ko apne se pehle rakhte ho,unki khushi,unka dukh,unka khayal,pyar mein bas yehi sab yaad aata hai…..unki ek choti si muskan ke liye aap kya kya nhi karte…jab bhi bhagwan ka naam aata hai toh sabse pehle apne pyaar ke liye hi dua maangi jaati hai……agar pyar sacha hai toh use koi mita nhi payega aur agar jhootha toh chahe who kitna hi khush kyun na ho ek din bhikar hi jayega…..yeh hamare haath mein hai hi hum apne pyar ko kiss tarah sambhalte hai…”.nanu finished and ragini looked at him and hugged him sobbing.nanu patted her back and asked her to smile.ragini faked a smile and said”nanu I love someone…..”and she told him everything.
Nanu looked at his small laado talking like a grown up matured girl and felt proud of her.”hmmm I saw 1st day only something disturbing you,but I gave you space……I didn’t knew that the matter was this serious…..i don’t know if I should even give you suggestions,you have took such bold steps that I cant……even imagine….but are you sure you could lead your life like this……..he would get happy getting his love back but what about you…..”nanu said concerned for her.ragini gave a bitter smile and said”nanu I am janki gadodiya’s daughter and you think I will stop loving him,I know no one can take his place…..you only said naa you have to shape your love the way you want so I am choosen this path and I wont back off”.nanu caressed her hairs and nodded his head wiping his tears.”i know that my laado is way much strong than i can even think,it will take time for you to adjust to this but I know you wont even leave it…..i could see the determination in your eyes…….and I feel you will get true love….if not now then with time his picture will get clear”nanu spoke.after spending quality time they went to sleep.
“see what I have got for you…..oil made from 10 herbs…..i made it on my own,it will strengthen your bones and then you could fight even khali”ragini said praising herself.ragini started whole body massage of ahaana while a tear skips her eyes.”are what’s the need to cry?…..oye don’t think I am doinga favour on you,you just get up and then see I will get my body massage for whole 1 yr.”ragini said patting her shoulder.she started giving her massage twice a day and looked after her food ensuring her a healthy diet,feeding her by her hands.she behaved like a mother to ahaana,taking care of her all needs and lifting her mood all the time.
Karan was happy to see ragini taking care of ahaana like a child but he felt little bad when she told him to transfer the duties of medicine to her,he retaliated giving the excuse that ragini si already doing so much and he could atleast contribute this much.changes could be clearly seen in her body,she had started blinking her eyes,giving a full smile whenever ragini cracked jokes and moving her neck too.
“we will go out today,come ahaana”ragini said coming with a wheelchair inside the room.ahaana’s face glowed hearing this and karan lifted her in his arms and settled her on the chair.he felt a feeling of completeness when she was so close to him but he ignored it.ragini took hold of th wheelchair and showed ahaana the whole ashram and almost hitting evry1 scarin them off and getting them out of their way.karan and ragini were so happy to see her beautiful smile and her eyes shining with the glow.they took her out of ashram and then to their fav. Place.ahaana was mesmerized by the view,it was clearly visible on her face.ragkar smiled and introduced then secret adda to ahaana”this is our best place to hang out.this small.cuty pond with these small fishes is so beautiful,we could stare it whole of our life,and this beautiful view from there,you just close your eyes and could feel the warm wind soothing you.the sunset view looks the best from here…….and this frangrance from the flowers give a fresh feel to this place evrytime”.ahaana is looking around mesmerized by the beauty.ragkar wink at each other and make ahaana stand by supporting her shoulders and stand near the edge ,ahaana is shocked at 1st but then feels secure and the trio close their eyes capturing the beautiful view in their memoriy and letting the wind pass through them soothing them.they enjoyed for some time and came back.
“karan we have to do this for roshni’s betterment.please”ragini squeezed his hands but karan’s face was covered with worry.”no yaar,how could I let you risk your life,no you wont do this”karan shook his head.ragini looked at him with puppy eyes and convinced him telling the whole security thing.they again took ahaana to their secret adda and ahaana was excited this time to visit the place again.karan was biting his nails in nervousness but looking at her smile his tension vanished.they enjoyed for some time and then karan went from their giving excuse of helping nanu.ragini and ahaana were admiring the sunset and ragini moved near to the edge which ahaana noticed.karan who was hiding behind a tree there folded his hands for prayer and wished to get the desired result.ragini slipped her leg and hung to the trunk shouting for help.”help,somebody please my hand is sliping,roshni pls you help me,pls roshni,do atleast this much fro your friend”ragini said faking a cry.the cliff was high but it wasn’t too deep but ahaana didn’t knew this.ahaana was sweating profusely hearing a panicked ragini.she tried moving her hands,her eyes were bloodshot and filled with tears due to the draining efforts.”ahh my hand is sliping”ragini said and it seemed like she is about to fall but 2 hands came to her rescue.ahaana had held ragini’s hand tightly and pulled her up with gr8 force.ragini was too happy seeing ahaana who was lying on the ground taking deep breaths.ahaana got up and ragini jumped on her hugging her tightly.”you are fine now,you stood on your legs,I am so happy”ragin squeled happily squeezing ahaana.ahaana coughed and ragini broke the hug tensed.”I ……am…fi….fine….”ahaana said weakly and gave ragini another reason to smile.karan who was hiding came out and his heart was twirling,dancing ,flying in air seeing her alright.his only dream to see her fine has comme ture and he felt overjoyed.he came to her and hugged her tightly”I am very happy for you roshni”.ahaana broke the hug and cupping his cheeks wiped his tears.”I am ahaana”ahaana said with all her enrgy left and smiled at karan,karan smiled back and ahaana fainted in his embrace.karan looked at her tensed and ragini gave him a assuring look saying”she is just tired”.they came back to ashram and evry1 was happy to see ahaana on her legs.
“you succedded”nanu said hugging an emortional ragini.”not still”ragin said and thought something.
“ragini come we will do everything you said “ahaana woke up ragini early in the morning with her bright smile and ragini got out of bed.they bathed and played pranks on evry1 in the ashram,not sparing even kids.
“raginiahaana”karan shouted from the bathroom and came out with towel wrapped around his wasit and his face covered in colours.evry1 present there giggled and ragna ran from there sensing his approaching steps.”bhaago”ragana said and holding eo’s hands ran around the whole place.karan caught them and putting his face colour on them while they made faces went from there giving a death glare to them.ragana giggled and ahaaan hugged ragini.”thank…”before ahaana could complete ragini cutted her and said”no need for all this,doti ka usool toh pta hi hoga,so better remember it and btw idid it fro myself……..to get a friend like you”.ahaana hugged her while ragin smiled.”I think we better bath again and teach that buddhu a lesson”ahaana said and smirked.
Few days passedl like this and now ragini had determined to unite laksh and ahaana.she convinced ahaana to call her family,her loved ones and live her life,ahaana wanted to spend few days there only enjoying with all but ragini was adamant.ahaana called laksh and gave him address of a tea stall to meet her there.he was beyong happy to hear her voice and took the next flight to meet her.ragini wanted to see them before going away to make her life,to see her love once with that beautiful smile.
“ahaana this is the tea stall,here is your bag,you go with him from here”ragini said giving a smile.”but atleast you meet him”ahaana pleaded her but ragini said she also had a flight to catch and excused herself from there,ahaana looked on sadly but smiled that she will see laksh after 2 yrs.ragini was hiding behind pole looking at ahaana.
There was just a lantern for the source of light.laksh wwalked on the roads and finally saw a tea stall and sighing he went towards it and saw her sitting biting her nails.her face glowed form the light coming from lantern increasing her beauty.he muttered soflty”ahaana” and ahaana looked up to see him and stood up with tears flowing from 3 pair of eyes.she stood near him while he moved to touch hercheeks but withdrew his hands thinking it as a dream.ahaana held his hand and kept on her cheeks and said with happy tears”it’s me only ,ahaana”.laksh nodded and hugged her tightly.both cried for some time like this while ragini smiled thorugh her tears to see him happy.though it stabbed her heart to see him with someone lese ,she had mustered to courage and eagerly waited for this day.
Laksh broke the hug and cupping her face he said”I love you”,ahaana nodded and hugged him again while laksh caressed her hairs ,his eyes went to a shadow coming from behind a pole,he tried to see who it was but ragini moved a there with tears in her eyes.”they have united now,my work is done here”ragini wiped her tears and took her bag and went on the lonely road to get a taxi.
As a writer my part ends here.this was ragini love for laksh that made her go to this extent to not even see herself in front of him.for me,pure love is always marked by 2 things-selflessness and sacrifice and this is the story I had wanted to portray but………..as a reader I am not at all satisfied with this ending so I will unite them here only.
A phone rings in a large and spacy office cabin which was filled with files here and there.a beautiful hand picks the phone and speaks hello.(you might have guessed by now)”ragini you are coming and that’s final”kavya spoke from other side in an angry tone.”try to understand naa I have a lot of work here,I will only be able to attend the wedding”ragini spoke in a pleading manner.”fine then don’t come even for the marriage,just do your work…….i don’t matter to you naa……..you forgot the promises we gave to each other naa that we will not leave even a single function of eo’s marriage…….and now you are……”kavya’s tone turned from angry to crying.ragini huffed and said”ok,I will be coming,happy now……but for that I have to finish thw work soon so cut the call”.they hang up and ragini gets into her file.she looks up from her file hearing a knock on the door,her secretary came with few files.”keep them here”ragini said showing her table.the photo frame kept there was about to fall but ragini caught it on time.her secretary gave her an apologetic look and ragini told her to go from there.ragini took the photo and caressed it(ragkavhil’s farewell photo).”I broke contact with everyone but you just didn’t let me do the same with you,you are really my best friends”ragini kept back the photo.it hd been 4 yrs. She moved to south india and is working as an archeologist.she didn’t called ahaana even once fearing that laksh might know about her.her nanu didn’t saw her face from past 4 yrs.it was as if she was trying to keep away evry relation away from her.she messages her nanu but doesn’t talks to him for more than 2 mins fearing that he might rise the topic of her marriage and she wont be able to refuse him.
She sighed and prepared herself to go to her bestie’s engagement in 2 days.she would see the same old faces and it will ultimately remind her of him more than anything,though he didn’t left her thoughts anytime.she finished her work in 2 days and boarded for the delhi flight where she found love ,lost it or let it go,where life taught her the most important lesson of life giving her beautiful and bitter memories.
“ragini,you came”kavya came running and hugged ragini.ragni was looking stunnig in her yellow lehenga with minimal make-up while kavya looked breath taking in her purple lehenga.sahil came and hugged ragini.”you have grown more beautiful”kavya complimented ragini and ragini in return teased her”this glow on your face is bcoz of happiness and excitement or the love sahil is showering you with”.the trio talk for some time and ragini left for washroom for some time.”she will handle herself naa”kavya asked sahil with a layer of fear in her eyes,sahil nodded and assured her”this is the best time to do this”and he side hugged kavya.
Ragini came back and the announcement was made for couple dance.kavhil smiled at her and went to the stage.they were dancing gracefully on the song with love visible in their eyes clearly.ragini adored them but was disturbed by someone pulling her skirt.she looked down and found a beautiful baby girl of around 3 yrs shaking her skirt.ragini bent down and cupped the girl’s cheeks saying”you are too cute,do you want something?………where are you parents?”and ragini looked around.the girls kept her little hands on ragini’s shoulder making her bend and ragini asked what.the girl touched her cheeks and caressed them saying”raagini”.ragini looked at her shocked and hearing a voice she stood up.they looked deeply into each others eyes saying thousands of words.
there he was standing in front of her,she saw him after a gap of 4 yrs. And still he looked the same,tears emrged in her eyes seeing hi after a long gap,she wanted to hug to him tight but she remembered ahaana ,she controlled herself while laksh took the baby girl in his embrace.”laksh”a voice came from behind and laskh and ragini turned to see ahaana wearing a beautiful red saree coming towards them.the baby girl clapped smilingly and said”maa”cutely.ragini ran from there outside the hall with tears trickling down her cheeks.kavhil looked at laksh and ahaana tensedly.laksh assured them through his eyes and went outside.
Ragini didn’t knew what happened to her,it was just a panging sensation in her heart and tears brimmed up her eyes and she came out to calm down.”hi ragini”laskh said moving towards her.ragini looked startled and turned around.”come on ,if someone wishes you,you wish back or atleast smile”laksh said in a cheesy tone.ragini balled her fist to control the urge to hug him and faked a smile at him not even looking at him.she started pacing around the garden while laksh kept following her.”cant he understand I cant talk to him,then why is he following me”ragini mumbled frustrated.”how are you?”laksh asked coming behind her.”fine”she said in the coldest tone possible but still it soud very soft.”I heard you are an archeologist now”laksh said smirking sensing her behavoiur.”yes”ragini said controlling herself.”how’s your life?”laksh asking coming dangerously close to her.her mind gave ger a red alert and she could feel his hot breath on her shoulders making her go weak on knees.she shook the tohughts and turned to him with a jerk and said in most rude way possible,this time it was rude”you want ot know about my life then listen,I tried to get nito relationships but you just kept roaming in my head,I tried to distract myself but you just couldn’t leave me alone,I thought going away from everything that reminds me of you,I will be free but you have caged me in your love,I just couldn’t get rid of you and your……”she broke down and fell on her knees and sobbed unconsolably.
Laksh cupped her face and made her look at him and wiped her tears.”I love you”he said in the most sincere tone and ragini looked at him boggled.he understood her confusion and pointed his finger far away.ragini saw a couple walking towards them and it is revealed to be karan and ahaana with the baby girl in their hand.
Karan comes and hugs her nad she looks at them as if they are alien.”I am karan’s wife and she is our daughter”ahaana said and explained her how karan fell in love with her while taking care of her.ahaana who always hears him sharing hiss evry expereince also unknowningly fell in love with him and laskh made her realsie her love for karan when she came back and was lost in thoughts.
Ragini looed on and laskh kept his hand on her shoulder bringing her to reality.”so my answer?”he asked.ragini smirked and ran away from there,laskh ran behind her and caught her wrist and asked her again.”what?i had promised you that I wont let those words come again on my tongue ,so you undertand”ragini said innocently.laksh smiled and hugged her.”I was stupid to not see your love,it was all aroundme,I just couldn’t see it,when I first saw you I felt different,and I saw myself in you seeing your cute antics ,and I started falling in love with myself….but I didn realsied………..when ahaana came I could clearly c changes in her but I falied to notice changes in myself but ahaana was there to make me realize ,I didn’t felt the happiness with her which I used to feel before,I just saw her as a friend…….maybe we were not in love……maybe I had given my friendship the name of love……….but ragini you are the true definition of love”laksh said with tears.ragini wiped his tears and signaled no.”how could you bear this wait for so much yrs…..didnt you felt tomove on?”laksh asked innocently.”kyunki main apse bohot pyar karti hu and your love was by me side as my strength” ragini said and laskh pecked her forehead.kavhil and ahkar came to them and all had a group hug.
I know the ending was not much detailed but I thought to post it anyhow today.it was a mess I agree-emotionally,storyline,plot but I hope you will like it as it is.
Waiting to read your comments.
if you want the first part go to my profile and check there.

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