Raglak: Kyunki itna pyar tumse karte hai hum…….. Part 3

On the request of my lovely readers I m here again with raglak cute moments and romance too.so enjoy…….
“acha how did all this happen?how laksh came here when I can see nobody of our college”ragini broke the hug and looked at kavhil skeptically.”we called him……actually he almost pleaded to see you so…..”sahil said tensed of her reaction.”how oyu two are together?”ragini nodded at sahil and moved to aharan who were holding the baby gril in her hand.”its our daughter….ragini.we kept her name in your gratitude.you were the cupid in our love story….unknowningly though but still you brought us close and moreover what you idd for ahaana……that I cant…”karan said holding ragini’s hand in his with tears in his eyes but was cut by ragini who spoke with full attitude”oh hello mujhe mahan mat banao aur seedha topic pe aao”.”daaku rani is back”kavhilaksh mumbled while ragini glared them to which they gave a smile and hid their fear of being heard by her.”ahaana went woithout even informing me,she didn’t even met me for the last time before leaving nainital and it just pained me somehow,I wanted to rush to her to see her ,I wanted to hold her hand and stop her ,ask her to stay with me but I also knew that she has a family which is eagerly waiting for her …..and she has to go….but still I came to see her…I was also hiding behind the trees and watched her retreating figure…just like you….i thought you also wanted to see her go safely..then after going she didn’t even contacted me…..i felt a void in my life….no reason to live…apne andar hi ghut raha tha main…..but I realized it late.thati had started loving her…seeing her with laksh that day broke my heart and I just wished her a happy life….but still I wanted to atleast hear from her for once…….”karan said tearry eyed remembering those days,laksh kept hand on his shoulder to console him nd ahaana continued”so what I could have done….no one had even a phone in the ashram….and you had that telephone that too on that far away tea stall…how could I communicate on it”and pouted looking at him,karan wiped his tears and smiled at her.ahaana further spoke”I also felt same like him…I was back to my normal life but I wasn’t happy with it…I missed ashram….i missed karan…..i always talked about ashram as laksh says.and I was seemingly lost all the tym as per laksh’s observations…..and then laksh talked to me one day….asked me if I was fine and as a friend I told him everything I felt……..how uneasy I was feeling…..how even the thought of ashram brought smile on my face.how I was missing my friends…I had mentioned even you also but this dumbo just thought this ragini was someone else…days passed like this and then laskh offered one day to visit nainital ,I was more than happy,I jumped,twirled and flied just with the thought of meeting karan….in flight laksh asked me to close my eyes and all I could see was karan…laksh and I both knew what it meant….he nodded and fulfilled his responsibility as a true friend…I met karan at the same tea stall from where I left and then we proposed each other at the same time and accepted it and soon we got married,all due laskh’s efforts,he convinced my parents to get me married to karan….and then ragini came as a blessing to us….her papa’s princess and your laksh’s gudiya”.ahaana concluded her story with a smile while karan side hugged her smiling heavenly.
Ragini looked at laksh admirably and laksh continued with a slight blush due to her gaze”I didn’t felt that much hurt which I should have felt on realizing ahaana’s love for karan……infact iwas happy for ahaana afterwards….i was much affected by something else…evry student called me….we all met in reunions but you never came…I tired asking kavhil but they just shrugged giving me a cold look(chuckling soflt)…and as I was cupid in ahaana’s story she became in mine….she had noticed changes in me too which I didn’t saw…..wo kehte hai naa kabhi kabhi khud ko jaana dusro ko jaan ne se zyada mushkil ho jaata hai..that only happened….and one day she came to me when she was 7 months pregnant and noticing me she just suddenly blurted’you love someone deeply’.initially iwas shocked but I sooner realized it yes.she asked who and I proudly said smiling widely’I love ragini’.you know at that time gudiya kicked in her mother’s womb for the first time…..hearing your name…maybe wanting to get this name for herself…….i was not able to believe it thought but then who could ignore their heart and I too followed it…..i tried contacting you but you were not found….i laso lost contact with kavhil….i was really gloomy and then one day ahaana saw our class photo.she recognized you and told me everything.you did all this for me naa…….how could you love me with so much intensity..in that moment I felt proud to be your love.i wanted to come to you and keep my heartout to you…but I couldn’t.we had too wait for 4 yrs. To meet,I couldn’t go to your nanu bcoz he wasn’t in his good state.i met kavhil last moth in a mall and requested them to let me come to meet you,I told them everything and after that you know everything…..”.ragini looked at him widening her eyes while kavhil nodded that her love is truly standing in fornt of her with the same feelings for her,she is his special one.only her.ragini hugged laksh tight encircling her hands around his stomach and sobbing softly while laksh caressed her hair with one hand with his other hand encircling her shoulders in his protective embrace.
“guys…I think we should go inside…..lets get some raunak in the party”kavya said hesitant at frist but lightining the mood.raglak broke their hug with laksh kissing her forehead soflty cupping her face while ragini looked at him with lots of love.evryone went inside with beautiful smile on their faces.kavhil asked everyone to dance and pushed raglak who were shying away.raglak came in the centre of the stage and music played in the bg.sapna jahan……..
Sapna jahan dastak na de
Chaukhat thi woh aankhein meri

Laksh came behing ragini keeping his both hands on her stomach making tohusands of butterflies tickle her.she rested her head on his chest near to his heart and they made a anti-clockwise moment moving their heads backward and then forward.they felt each other’s hot breaths and smiled cutely closing their eyes.

Baaton se thi tadaad mein
Khamoshiyan zyaada meri
Jabse pade tere kadam Chalne lagi duniya meri

He made ragini face her keeping his hand on her shoulders and made her move left and right with the tune.their eyes met creating a spark of happiness.

Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

Ragini kept her hands on his palms and her back was facing laksh’s chest and he lifted her up with the support of hands.the light fell on her face making her look more charismatic.laksh inhaled her fragrance and smiled widely.

Tu rooh hai toh main kaaya banu
Taa-umr main tera saaya banu
Keh de toh ban jaaun bairaag main
Kehde toh main teri maaya banu
Tu saaz hai, main ragini
Tu raat hai, main chandni

Ragini came down and they merged their backs and moved left and right holding her hands tightly with the same smile on their face.

Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek baadal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

He brought her in fornt and caressed her cheeks knelt down and forwarded his hand.she gave her hand and circled around him.

Hum pe sitaaron ka ehsaan ho
Poora, adhoora har armaan ho
Ek dusre se jo baandhe humein
Baahon mein nanhi si ik jaan ho
Aabaad ho chota sa ghar
Lag na sake kisi ke nazar

Ragini raised her hands (like while praying to allah)and twirled around laksh and hugged him from back.laksh touched her hands and they moved gracefully.

Mere dil mein jagah Khuda ki khaali thi
Dekha wahan pe aaj tera chehra hai
Main bhatakta huaa sa ek badal hoon
Jo tere aasmaan pe aake thehra hai

He lifted her in his arms and twirled around while not breaking their beautiful eyelock.
The song ended and laksh placed her down while they both blushed hard.evryone clapped for their shimmering performance while they were still getting over their prized moments.they moved to sit with their heads down to hide their blush.

“ragini,you didnt even spoke a word after my proposal……..are you not happy?”laksh asked keeping his hand on hers.ragini gave him a warm smile and spoke”its nothing like that…….actually I just didn’t even imagined that you will love me…I cant describe my happiness in words….i feel ethereal……you know sir I am…”.”wait…what?you are still calling me sir,hey I will look much older with that word so pls. could you use laksh”laksh said squeezing his eyes while ragini smiled through her tears.”ok laksh sir…..so you tell me what should I call you?”ragini said with a slight smirk seeing him pout at his mention of sir.he kept his hand on her waist while she widened her eyes,he smirked and said”you can call me what you feel like…jaanu…baby……..cutie pie….”.”chiiee”ragini said twisting her lips “those all are old fashioned and too cheesy….”.laksh smiled as she felt comfortable in his embrace.kavya came as the function finished and took ragini to her room to stay over the night.laksh pouted cutely looking at ragini while ragini turned back and gave him the same expressions.
“kavya,yaar you are so unromantic,come.leave your best friend for some time”sahil came and held kavya by her wasit giving a smile to ragini.kavya flushed and sahil took her outside and smiled at laksh who blinked his eyes in thanks.”ragini I am going home……ok bye”laksh said standing in front of her,ragini nodded.laksh gave her a light hug while both smiled and he kissed her forehead breaking the hug.”just hug and forehad kiss…..just this much”ragini pouted at laksh and he suddenly pecked her pout softly while ragini widened her eyes but then smiled.she too reciprocated and they treated each others lips like flower petals ,caressing them softly and tasting their lips.they had a passionante kiss and then parted way.ragini looked at laksh with a smirk while laksh blushed and ruffled his hairs.”Aww you look cute”ragini pulled his cheeks and he pouted to this.”you are more cuter than me just like a baby……aww mera bacha”laksh pulled her soft cheeks making her blush.”ok now go its late…..”ragini said and pushed him out.laksh went and ragini came to the window where laksh was standing with his bike looking at her shining face.she rolled her eyes and signaled hom to go folding her hands.laksh nodded his head and signalled I love you through his hands making her twirl in happiness.she slept that night peacefully and laksh was restless to see her again tomorrow.

“laksh I will go to nanu to talk about us…I am sure he will agree”ragini said showering kavhil with flowers during their pheras.”not you only but we will go…to talk about us”laksh said hitting her shoulder with his.ragini kept her head on his shoulder and smiled through her tears.laksh admired her and caressed her hairs kissing her hairs.
Kavya cried loud hugging ragini during her bidaai while ragini also had tears in her eyes.”kavya don’t worry”laksh said softly and continued”your friend is soon gonna become bali ki bakri so she wil accompany you soon”he said to lighten the mood.sahil chuckled and karan hi-fied with laksh while ragkav glared the three men.they also soon chuckled and wiped each other’s tears.
“get ready for the journey to become ragini laksh maheshwari ,miss ragini gadodiya”laksh said nuzzling in her hairs.ragini shrugged and ran from there blushing hardly.laksh smiled and felt a feeling of completeness.

“nanu”ragini hugged her nanu and laskh adored her.she broke the hug and introduced laksh.nanu looked at him from top to bottom while laksh gave a nervous smile to hiss piercing gaze.”Namaste nana ji…I hope I can call you that”laksh said and bent down to take his blessings.nanu kept his hand on laksh’s head to which raglak smiled.laksh got up and found nanu still giving him a serious look.he looked towards ragini confused and ragini gave him a small smile.nanu went from there without saying anything but not before giving a smile to ragini which went unnoticed by laksh.
“ragini ….i think he didn’t liked me….what will we do now…..he went without saying even a single word…..atlest he should have scolded me if he wanted”laksh said sadly.ragini consoled him hiding her smile and said”laksh its ok…..i have told him all about my life it doesn’t mean he has made an impression of yours .you have to make it yourself and I am sure you will do it well.”ragini side hugged him while laksh wrapped his arm around her.

“I got too late today.but had a sweet sleep”ragini said stretching her hands looking in garden where everyone was standing at the entrance of the kitchen hall like a crowd.ragini felt fishy and went there and sneaked in.”laksh what are you doing here?you don’t need to cook….come come out”ragini said shocked seeing laksh kneeding the flour.”no ragini,its my test and I will pass in it,and after a lot of time I will make food for my family and feed them.its finne ,you go….”laksh said looking up to her with a mesmerizing smile.ragini nodded hesitantly and turned but came back and made everyone go from there so that they could stay alone.”I yesterday only introduced you to all and you took everyone on your sie,family haa.then who will like my food from now….as oyu are so good of a chef…..”ragini pouted while laksh chuckled.”laksh how much expreince you have of cooking……from years ..yaa….you can cook any dish….you must be knowing so much then……..it would be a treat to get your food……yumm I am excited…wow you will feed nanu then toh he will definitely pass you..you just concentrate.put everything perfectly and keep the sugar and salt low pls…..many ppl here don’t eat too much of it…..”ragini kept on blabbering unknown of laksh’s death glares.”ragini if you speak a word now then I will seal your lips that you wont be able to speak”laksh said a bit angrily(fake).ragini misunderstood it and said”ok then seal my lips,I will also see what you do?haa romance in kitchen I will call everyone here and tell them how shameless there son is….i will……..”.before she could speak further laskh gave her the medicine and she stood silent.after few sec. she came to sense and said sweetly”wow its awesome can I have more…..ok I knoew you just gave to taste it but can I have more….pls I promise I wont speak now”.laksh gave her a you wont change look and fed her the kheer again to which ragini closed her eyes and enjoyed it.”laksh its superb,nanu will get bowled over….wow my chef “ragini hugged him tightly making him take support of counter behind.
“its tasty”nanu sait coldly to laksh who was biting hiss nails in nervousness.laksh came forward to hug him but moved back feeling awkward.ragini pushed him a little and peaded nanu thorugh her eyes.nanu took him in his embrace while a tear tripped laksh’s eyes.”I have got a family after so much time…..i am so lucky that ragini chose me as her partner”laksh reasoned when nanu looked at him wiping his tears.

“ragini go to your secret adda and see if all the flowers are fine or not….you weren’t here from much time so once see them”nanu directed to a tensed ragini.”nanu I wil see them later…..i am not able to find laskh…..where he went in the morning…”said a tensed ragini.nanu smiled at her and insisted her to go to her secret adda.ragini went there uninterestedly and was amazed to see the place.laksh was standing there looking at the sky which gave her heart a break from her worries.”laskh”ragini’s voice made him turn and ragini walked upto him and found the place surrounded by flower petals on the ground in some words.ragini moved a lil’ back to read it and her eyes were filled with tears once she realized what it read.”come on ragini.speak up,I did all the hardwork to prepare it and you are crying”laksh pouted cutely.ragini turned to him and he went down on his knees widening his hands waiting for her yes.ragini kept her hand on his and nodded teary eyes.she too came to his level and theu hugged each other tightly in that position.”ragini no crying now smile it’s a happy day”laksh said breaking the hug and wiping her tears.he got hold of her hand and made her sit on a rock while she looked at him with all the love.”but laksh how did you know this place?who told you?nanu?you talked to him?how?when?”ragini came out of her trance and shot qs. At him.laskh smiled in return and told her”sp what you think he is not my nanu,how could he see me sad.actually when yday nyt I got up to drink water I collided with him and then we sat in the garden and he told him that he has accepted me as you did and he was happy for us.i even promised him that I will keep you happy and I even asked him for your hand and he said yes.i was so happy that I hugged him and he patted my back and also gave me a warninig to not let these tears come in you eyes.”laksh wiped the tear at corner of her eyes while she again hugged him wetting his shirt.laksh patted her head and tightened his grip on her.few minutes later ragini broke the hug and looked at laksh with put”I thought now you will say don’t cry now,wipe your tears but you also started crying,you are also a kid,now stop crying and be happy”.ragini wiped his tear while he smiled and made her stand.he took her near a bush and moving the bush there appeared a stone engraved with letters”raglak’ and besides that clay was lying there.ragii was astonished to see it.she just gaped at laksh without saying anything.laksh understood her eloquent face and chuckled seeing her open mouth.he touchedher chin to close her mouth and explained her”ragini I want to place the neev of our new home here.i want to make it memorable,this day that will bring a lot of joys in our home.will you help me to make it a beautiful memory?”.ragini looked at him and then at the stone and smiling widely kept her hand on his.laksh took her left hand and kept it on left side so that her forfinger and thumb make an angle of 60 degree and he kept his reight hand adjacent to her making his forefinger and thumb touch hers(like making triangle).ragini looked at him and he muffled”our house”.they got up and ragini looked at the stone carefully and turned to laksh again with those curious black orbs.”laksh why is this sword engraved on rag side and that book on your side ?”ragiini asked keeping finger on her chin.laksh smiled and side hugging her said”so that it reminds us the beginning of our story…….daaku rani’s and her professor’s story……and we get inspired to keep our relation afresh whenever we come to visit it”.ragini was taken aback by his showeing of love on her.some days ago she didn’t even had a hope to be in his life but now he was doing all efforts to make her happy.laksh forwarded her a box with gift wrapper and she took it acquiecely.she opened it and looked at laksh innocently.he chuckled and told her to waer the shoes he gifted as she was in sleepers.ragini wore them mused by his next move.”I am done”ragini said brushing her hands.laksh pinted towards a hill top quite notches high that it was almost covered by fog.”we will race till there”laksh said turning to her.ragini looked at him adorably.
“yaar karan come naa we will go there,pls don’t be a spoilsport.come naa”ragini pleaded him.karan gave an lymphatic look and said almost crying”do you want to kill me.we have almost tried going there 2o times but we just don’t reach there before nyt …now I don’t have enough energy to go there and get back disappointedly…..if you want go there with you love…..he will show you the place you are craving for…..but for now mujhe baksh do”and he folded his hands while ragini gave him a death glare and said proudly”ok I will go with my love only,you sit here but just wait and see I will go there and that too with my someone special”.
Ragini came out of her trance when laksh said”karan”and they started moving towards it fastly.”come on ragini fast we have to reach there before dusk”laksh encouraged her when ragini stopped for rest.ragini smiled and they whisked up the hill with resolved faces.”ragini we are just few steps away come on”laksh said to ragini who was looking all ready to give up and breathed heavily due to it.laksh took her in his arms and she looked at him widening her eyes but soon it turned into an eyelock.they reached there and he made her stand.ragini gasped at the beautiful scene.the sun was about to set giving a texture of orange and red.it looked more beautiful with the fog around it making it look heavenly.laksh bent on his knees and forwarded her a gold ring.”its my maa’s…..she wanted to gine it to her bahu………since she is….not here……I am fulfilling her wish….this is our khandaani ring that pasees on to the bahu….so ragini will you accept to me the bahu of maheshwaris…..will you give me the honour to be called your husband…..wud you like to add my name to yours and give me a new reason to live?”laksh asked with choking voice.ragini nodded and he slid the ring in her beautiful hand as if it was made for that finger.the ring looked more charming and charismatic on her hand and laskh kissed her hand while ragini closed her eyes feeling his touch.
Ragini moved close to laksh and he wrapped his arms around her wasit as they felt chill ran down their spines.they enjoyed the sunset and then hurried back to the ashram.”where were you both?”nanu asked in a khadoos yet caring tone.”nanu we had gone to see the sunset on that high hill top ,it was so beautiful…..”ragin was more than happy and nanu understood the reason very well,he had seen her this much happy when she was with her maa but now she has got some1 else who could fill her life with the same happiness and he was happy to see her chirping like this.laksh thanked god for giving him a chance to bring ragini back to his life and admired her beautiful smile and promised himself to never let it fade from her face.
“ahh these damn legs .why are they paniing so much?”laskh moaned in pain and rested his head on the bed side closing his eyes,ragini’s face flashed in front of him and he smiled heavenly.suddenly he felt a touch on his legs and jerked himself and found ragini looking at him with concern.”what happened?why r u here?and why are u massaging my legs……u don’t need to do this…..i m absolutely fine……”laksh said looking at the cup of oil in her hands and then at her.ragini gave him a death glare and he had to surrender to it.ragini massaged his legs lovingly and kissing his forehead went from there bidding him a good night.
Laskh woke up in the midnight to drink water and saw ragini’s room door ajar.he shook his head in disbelief mumbling”careless girl….didnt even closed her door” and went inside her room and saw her face shiing in the moon’s brightness.she looked too cute while sleeping.he sat down beside her tucking the hair strands behing her ear while she flinched with her hand moving to her legs and ten taking them back.laksh understood that she too had pain and got the oil near her side table and massaged her legs with it ,careful to not disturb her sleep.he looked at her peaceful face and smiling automatically.he kissed her forehead and went out letting his princess sleep.
After few days they left the ashram to do shopping for wedding,for evry1 in the ashram as the wedding was decided to happen in ashram.”ragini we will keep our wedding here only.afterall its your 2nd home…..you have spent half ur life here and now I have my family here too so lets keep it here only”laksh said and evry1 present felt proud of ragini’s choice while ragini just admired him thinking in mind”jab main aapko itne ache se nahi janti thi tab apse itna pyar karne lagi….aur ab…..ab toh lagta hai ki yeh pyaar bhi kum padh jayega iss umar ke liye…..”.
“done…this process will take atleast 2 omnths and if……they don’t give me transfer then I wil resign from the job…..”ragini said sitting in laksh’s care folding the letter she wrote to post to her office.laksh came inside and looked extremely happy.he hugged ragini and spoke up “ragini I am so happy now we can stay together….i wil shift to thiruvanathpuram in few days….my college accepted my transfer letter…..i am really happy”.”but…….i was thinking of resiginngfrom job…if I don’t get transfer here……”ragini said stil pondering over her thoughts.”oh hello madam no need to adjust ok……is it always girls duty to adjust in marriage…..we boys should also sumtyms take up the responsibility….and now no mre talk on this…..its final…..i am coming there…we will live there and you don’t need to leave your job just bcoz of my comfort…….”laskh said with attitude not making her feel that he did a favour or expects a thank you like ppl do.ragini just hugged him and said I love you.laskh caressed her back and she broke the hug.”why are you doing this much for me?”ragini asked innocently.”kyunki itna pyaar tumse karte hai hum”laksh said and sang this line making her happy.
Raglak married in the ashram with the presence of all love ones showering them with blessings to stay happy all their life.ragini was looking extremely happy in her red lehenga as laksh got it for her,her mother’s lehenga’s replica which was not easily found around but only avaible in the villages of rajasthan and hand –woven.laskh stayed there for weeks and helped in sewing the lehenga himself and gave ragini the best wedding gift.
“ragini just say it once”laksh pleaded her and she said it again after so much tym…..”I love you laksh” and the world stood for them and they cherished their first night in each other’s embrace promising to be the other’s strength and shower love on eo and never fall apart in any circumstance.laksh made her lie in his lap and he caressed her hair singing lullaby for her jst lyk a mother…and she felt the same warmth like she used to get in her mother’s lap.she got her love and in another way her mother.one could expect a women to take up the responsibility of a mother but laksh broke that stereotype and cared for her just lyk a mother.hhe sensed everything she needed without even her 1 word and made the relationship more memorable.
Phailaayi lau dhoop ne(hear it,its just awesomeeeeeeee)
Raahein nayi aa chale
Honthon pe ho roshni
Tere kam ho khushi se faasle
O sona tere liye
Duaaon ke jalte diye
O sona tere liye
Farishton ne sajde kiye
Aage jo bhade tere kadam
Saari duniya ho jaaye khatam
Tu bole zindagi aaja aa nayi
Aankhon mein likhe
Khwabon ki nazam
O sona tere liye
Mitaane hai sab hashiye
O sona tere liye
Duaaon ke jalte diye
Aaye na kabhi
Aankhein mein nami
Khushi ka jahan
Layenge hum hi
Ye toh baat hai
Jeene ke liye
Hoon zaruri main
Tu bhi laazmi
Oh sona tere liye
Duaaon ke jalte diye
Oh sona tere liye
Farishton ne sajde kiye

THE END of the ts but not their love for each other.no matter what come it will only keep increasing

Thank you ashly ,akshitha ,sherin and ammu for ur encouragement to write the nxt part.i also felt it somewhat incomplete but now I feel a bit satisfied.see I am not much good in this romance stuff so forgive me if I disappointed u,I wanted to portray te care,love,respect and desire to see happiness on the love’s face and I hope I was able to do that.and this part I hope satisfied you with laksh’s love,only ragini’s love was shown till now but now tell me was laksh able to impress u with his love?
This was supposed to be an os and turned 2 shots and now 3rd ,well thanks you all for ur constant encouragemnts ,I really love you people yaar,you have the power to bring smile on the writer’s faces with your comments and thank you for ur beautiful comments.about my ffs well i….am thinking of ideas and hope to get tym and write them.wish me luck as I have my exam in just 2 days.
if u want prevoius parts pls go to my profile and check them.

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