Raglak : Kuch Kuch hota hai ( ep 9)

Ep 9
Hey guys I’m Shilpa and I’m back with my ff kkhh ..

I know u guys have been waiting for me.. I’m SO sorry for keeping you waiting…

So now let’s get into the episode guys..

Third person pov

Ragini and laksh reach the Mandir where she teaches dance and sees swara waiting for them…
Swara : hey guys.. I was waiting for.u ppl l since long.

Ragini : hey swara.. you guys talk .. I’m getting late for class .. anyways you guys continue talking .. My students will be waiting for.me..

Laksh : ragu.. can’t U just talk with us for some time..

Ragini : Laksh.. till now I was talking with you only na… Now just let me leave..

Saying this Ragini leaves for her dance class..
And Laksh became a bit moody..

Swara : so tell.me Laksh.. how is life in Mumbai..

But Laksh did not listen .. he was busy staring at ragini who was dancing … capturing her from each and every angle possible..

Swara : Laksh.. Laksh !!! Are you listening ??

Suddenly he jerks from his dream land..

Swara : yaar.. stop gaping at ragu..

Laksh : what !!!!!

Swara : now common tel me.. what’s going on in mind ?? Do love ragu ??

Laksh: what me , love , ragu ??
Nothing is there like that…

Dat time sanky comes there :

Sanky : come on lucky .. you can’t lie to me..
You love her n.a…

Swara : haha laksh.. It’s clearly written in your eyes that you love ragu.. u just need to
Accept it..

Laksh : ok fine.. I’m not hiding anything.. I love her . From the first time I saw her when I reached Allahabad.. Her big brown eyes.. her button nose…her plumpy lips.. her round cute cheeks , her movements. Everything had something special that attracted me towards her.. some thing in me tells that she is mine… mine forever…

Sanky : omg .. lucky u r too romantic…

Laksh : haa yaar but ragu can’t understand .. She is limiting me to friend zone.

Swara : ok… we will help you …

And then sanskar and Swara join hands and say ” mission raglak on !!! ”

Laksh happily hugs them.. ..

After some time Ragini’s dance class gets over and all four come home..

Ragini went to her room to change and closed the door but she forgot to lock it.. that is when she got a call from her friend and she started talking with her . ..

In the hall bith the families were present.. they were discussing about the special pooja to be organised the next day..

Shomi : so we have to call our relatives tmrw..annapoorna ji we have to make a menu on what all to be cooked ..

Ap : ji.. and shekhar ji , sanskar and Laksh Will look after the guest.. But who will make the Prasad .

Shomi : don’t worry about that.. ragu will make the Prasad..

Ap : but how will she do it all alone … Hmm.. ok .. let swara help her..

That time an idea strikes sankars mind..

Sanskar : huh. Aunty . Laksh likes cooking right.. why don’t you tell him to help ragu..

Swara understands the plan and acts along..

Swara : yea aunty .. even I don’t know much of cooking so it will be better if we ask him to help Ragini… am I right laksh ??

Laksh doesn’t understand.. But still plays along

Laksh : haan ma .. it will l be better If I help ragu..

Shomi : hmm. Ok .. But where is she now..

Swara : she has gone to freshen up..
Laksh , why don’t I go call her.. ?’

He smiles
Laksh : ok .. I’ll go get her..

Here in Ragini’s room

She finishes the phone call and removes the zip of her dress forgetting that she has not locked the door.
And here Laksh came to her room but unfortunately he slipped and fell .. with that force the door got open and he fell on her ..

Laksh was on top of her .. both of them were busy staring at each other..

He was too happy to have her in his embrace . While ragini was nervous ..

Suddenly both of them comes back to their senses .. Ragini pushed him aside and stood up..
She felt embarrassed as she was changing

” are you really out of your mind laksh.. is this the way to enter a girls room ?? ”

” ragu listen.. ” she interrupted him.. she was really embarrassed and did not want to prolong their conversation…

” whatever .. now just get out .. ”

saying this Ragini pushed laksh out of her room ..

He felt a bit bad as she didn’t even listen to what he was abt to say . .. But he was smiling stupidly thinking of the moment inside the bedroom.

After some time even Ragini came down.. But laksh planned to ignore her and did not even look at her..

She understood that he was angry with her. ..

She tried talking to him but he always moved away..

After sometime .. the adults left as they were having some work..

now rhe four of them were sitting and chatting.. but our lucky was avoiding ragu really badly..

Swara and sanskar noticed this and decided to give space for raglak.. so they went away giving some lame excuses..

” lucky I’m really sorry.. I was really angry at that time .. that’s y I did not even ask how you came inside. I’m really sorry .. pls stop. Ignoring me.. ”
she was having a drop of tear in her eye.. which would jump out at any moment ..

Seeing this his heart melt.. But still he pretended to be angry..

” I don’t want to listen to anything ragu. I’m leaving .. ” he says in a cold time and gets up to leave
But she holds his wrist..
And stops him..

” Im Really sorry lucky …. ” saying this she started crying like a kid…

But Laksh could never see tears in his besties eyes..

He cupped her face and said.. ” arrey ragu bachcha .. stop crying.. I was just kidding you. Do u think ur laksh can ever be angry at u ..? ”

Saying this her wipes her tears ..

And she stops crying ..
“U r not angry na.. ?”

” no dear.. ”

” promise ?”

” pakka wala promise.. ”

” wo.. I have brought something for you.” Says Ragini.. .

“Whats it ?”

“But first close your eyes laksh.. ”

” ok.. ”

And she takes out a Cadburry diary milk and puts a piece in his mouth…

Laksh opens his eyes and remembers their childhood when they used to feed each other chocolates whenever they fought..

” thanks a lot ragu.. ” he says and feed ragini..

She was eating the chocolate like a kid… While laksh couldn’t resist .
He quickly kissed her cheek and ran from their..

Leaving a shocked ragini behind..


Guys .. hope you all loved this episode..
Pls.. pls.. pls.. leave your precious comments.. ummmwaaahhhh..
Miss me till then. ..

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