Raglak : Kuch Kuch Hota Hai ep 12

Kkhh part 12

Hey guys im back.. i know u ppl were waiting for it …

First of all sorry for not replying to ypur comments… im so sorry.. next time onwards ill reply.. pakka promise..

Now lets get into the epi…

Laksh saw ragini going out of the room at night and wondered where she might be going..

” where is ragini going at this time?? Anyways let her come back.. ill wait ” thought laksh..

At that time Ragini got into the kitchen and started filling the jug… same time nikhil too entered the kitchen .

Ragini finished filling and turned but bumped into nikhil..
” arrey nikhil .. what are doing her ?? ” asked a bit shocked Ragini as she didnt expect him there..
” chill ragu.. I just came to get some water not to steal ur food.. ” said nikhil giving Ragini a teasing wink and both of them started laughing.
At the same time Laksh too came there hearing the noises…
He was burning with jealousy seeing the two of them laughing with each other..

Laksh pov :

Ahhh.. these two.. i will kill this nikhil for sure.. ragu is my best friend.. He doesnt have any right over her .
And what the hell is he doing with her in the kitchen and tat too at this time.. i have to talk to ragu..
Pov ends

He rushed into the kitchen trying To keep himself calm and said in a serious tone
” Ragini . I have to talk to you ..Now.. ”

” hy.. wat happened lucky ..tell me ” asked Ragini shocked seeing his serious expressions.. She has never seen Laksh this serious…

” i just can’t tell everything to you in front of strangers Ragini.. ” he said a bit louder .. His anger was visible…
Ragu was shocked seeing him like that..

He caught Ragini’s hand and was about to drag her out when nikhil spoke..

” laksh bro.. what happened.. just chill k..” nikhil tried calling Laksh.

But the opposed happened..

” nikhil dont you dare interrupt In Ragini’s and my matters.. i dont like that mind it. ” said laksh in a dangerously serious voice..

Ragini was about to say something. But Laksh pulled her away with him..
Laksh drags her to to his room and shuts the door..

” what was that laksh.. why were you speaking like that to nikhil.. ” asked Ragini being upset at Laksh behaviour at same time trying to get out of his grip…

” uhhh… nikhil nikhil nikhil…can U stop talking abt him Ragini.. i just dont like him.. And what were you doing with him at this time.. huh..”
He screamed at her..

Ragini got irritated by this and the jhally Ragini came out all of a sudden..
So as a punishment Ragini wanted to irritate LAksh more..
So she said,
” what the he’ll is your problem Laksh.. He is my friend and ill do whatever I want and it doesn’t matter to you. ”
Ragini very well knew this would irritate laksh

” huh.. It matters im your bestie. And its my duty to protect you.. is he your boyfriend or whAt that you both meet at night. ” screamed a really angry Laksh..

This irritated Ragini furthermore..
” Ohh its my wish.. And why do you care if he is my boyfriend or n..” Laksh smashed his lips on hers without letting her to speak further..

She was shocked.. no.. shocked would be a tiny word to express it.. It was something more than being shocked..

She went numb.. She was frozen… This was never expected..
While he was in his own world.. He was chewing her lips… He was trying to drink all the honey from her flowers lip..
She was trying hard to push him but he was too strong for her…
He bit her lower lip and gasped and clutched the piece of short on his shoulder.
He used this chance and entered her mouth .
The kiss was turning more and more passionate by each passing second. Ragini was unknowingly drowning in his kiss.
Finally he left her lips due to lack of breath..

That is when RAgini came back to her senses…

Both of them were breathing heavily..

Ragini hated herself for giving in to him. She immediately ran from his room and locked herself in her room..

##### ##### #####

Hope u guys liked this episode..
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  1. IQRA222


    |Registered Member

    woww!! shilpa di! that was totally amzing
    loved it too much!!
    lucky’s jealousy oh la la!!
    loved raglak scne
    but this nikhil is a monkey huhh!!
    waiting for the next part
    take care
    keep smiling and writing
    lots of love! <3 <3

  2. Ammu

    Firstly sorry for the late comment dear and it’s interesting episode. Raglak scenes are really beautiful specially their long lip lock. Laksh’s jealousy is also interesting. Eagerly waiting for next episode and please post next part ASAP. Love you dear and take care

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