Raglak : Kuch Kuch hota hai ( ep 10)

Kya karu haye Kuch kuch hotha hai
Ep 10

Hey guys im back with the next epi..

The next morning ..

The whole family was getting ready for the pooja…
They had to set the house and idols and all for the pooja which was to be held in the evening ..

Here in the kitchen..

Ragini and Laksh are busy preparing the prasad..
Actually only ragu was preparing the prasad bbut both were really busy…

She busy cooking while he was busy staring at her..

That is when he notices few strands of her hair falling on her face disturbing her as well as him..
Lucky was not in his senses… he was fully drowned in her beauty… she was wearing a light rose colour salwar ..

He slowly moved closer to her … and now her back was completely merging with his front…

She shiverd when she felt his hot breath on her neck…
She was numb..
He slowed moved the hair flicks backward and tucked them behind her hair…
He bent a little and slowly gave a passionate kiss on her cheek.. she was frozen with his action…

She slowly turned and pushed him aside..
Both of them were damn embarrassed…
Nd they did not maintain any eye contact..

” ehh… wo Laksh.. i think now u can go help sanskar ” she said.. moving her eyees everywhere but not him …

He understood that she was feeling uncomfortable..

” huh.. ill send Swara here.. i think she will help you better.. ”
He said before leaving…

Laksh was smiling as well as blushing.. thinking of his closeness with raginii few minutes before….

He went to sanskaar and Swara who were busy decorating the idol…

They saw Laksh who was smiling and blushing dreamily.’..

” awww .. kya bath hai… someone is blushing…. ” said Swara winking at him…

” o just shut up swar.. there’s nothing as u think… ” said laksh trying to hide his smile..

” ha ha we know… someone was with Ragini till now …. tell me laksh .. What did you do that you are blushing… ” asked sanskaar raising his eyebrows …

” u,shut up…whats your problem… she is my best friend… and there’s nothing to bother you… and Swara Ragini was calling you in the kitchen… ”

“Trying to escape huh.. lucky” Swara says and goes to the kitchen where Ragini was lost in some thought…

Ragini ‘s pov

God.. what is happening to me… why am o behaving like this… no Ragini. its true that laksh is your best friend.. but this closeness… its not that good..

Remember once in your childhood you fell for him.. but now you cannot face one more heart break…
Laksh is just your bestfriend and nothing more..

His closeness should not affect you .. he is close with you only out of friendship… and nothing else…
Pov ends..

” Ragini .. Ragini .. ragu… !!!” Screams Swara shaking her vigorously..

And ragini was brought out from her thoughts.

” haa swara.. why are you screaming. .. ?”

” y am i screaming !!… i have been shaking u from past five minutes, you are in your own dream world.. and now you are asking why iam screaming !!” Said swars..

” ohh… im sorry yaar .. i was just thinking of something.. ” said Ragini…

” accha thheek hai.. now forget all that lets make the prasad… ”

Guys sorry for the short update… ill be coming soon with a long one..

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