Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-10)


ei guyz. Lets begin. Guys i know u all must be thinking if i am finished with my exams. Actually i am in norway so i had one today. Other two is on 13 and 19. So i posted this part.

Ragini Pov.

Recap: Raglak romance.
Precap: Not decided.
Guys i was thinking to put a new entry. So i did it. The entry is a friend of raglak specially ragini. He’s name is Arjun. A fun, loving and handsome guy. Played by karan kundra. So lets start.

Laksh pulled me toward himself. And hold me from my waist. I looked at him. He smirk. I blushed. He understood and kiss my neck. I ask hin to go and get ready.
L. Why are u spoling my mood.
R. No laksh u now your friend is also coming.
L. Not my but our.
R. Yea yea.
L. Oh lets have fun. After when he will arrive he will not lets us have some privacy.
R. Ok….. I mean no.
L. U said ok.
R. Laksh?????.
He put his finger on my lips. He put me down and get on top of me. I looked at the other side. He make my face turned and make me look at him. He slowly kissed my neck. And i moan. He slowly and softly kissed my lips. And after some time did it hard. He then kiss my belly and start playing with my belly. He was making me nervous. He kissed my all over my body. And we make out. After sometime we get ready and goes down. There we see that karan was coming from the entrace. He coming running to me and hugged me. I knew it because we were so closed to eachother and most importantly we were best friend. Laksh was looking at us. And he was angry. I knew he got jealous. So i contuined to hug him to make him jealous. He eyes were red because of jealousey. Then we break the hug.
And he pull my cheek. And asked me how i am. I said ok. He then goes to laksh and hugged him. Both have a light talk. Then i showed arjun his room. He went upstair. And i was about to go after him when some pulled me yes it was laksh. He make me turn and sayed.
L. What was the need to hug him.
R. Laksh he is my best friend.
L. So what you should have shakehands instead of hugging.
R. Okei now stop behaving like a typical husband.
L. No i am telling truth. And what do u mean by behaving like a typical husband. I am your husband i have right on u. Did u understood.
R. I understood.
L. You better be or else…
R. Are else what.
L. You now me. I am shameless. ( he smirk ).
R. Laksh.
L. Ragini.
R. Laksh.
L. Ragini.
R. Laksh???!!.
A. Ok ragini and laksh aka raglak stop your flirting. Are else my eyes with get burned. We both look at him. He laughed. I get embaressed but laksh was standing there. Shameless boy. Arjun came to me. And said.
A. Cutie why are you feeling embarressed.
R. How do u now. ( i said while pouting ).
A. I now you more then yourself.
Laksh is burning in jealoulesy. Arjun cup my face and said.
A. I think someone is burning.
R. Who. Ohhhh laksh.
We both laughed looking at laksh. He get angry.
L. Why will i get jealous. I am so handsome you are jealous of me.
R. Oh plz.
L. Pleased.
A. I can never be jealous of u. Are i am because you have ragini some wife.
L. Look.
R. He is not jealous of u but me. Ok.
L. Ragini.
R.Laksh keep queit.
A. Right.
R. Right.

After some time we did dinner and went to our room.

Laksh Pov.
Let her come i will tell her. She totally igonered me. Lets see how will she do this now. She was making me jealous. Wait ragini i will tell you.

Ragini Pov.
I see him sitting on bed. And thinking i now he will not leave me. And i am not in mood for romance. So i used my brain and goes to arjun room. He was sleeping i woke him up and tell him my plan. He said Yes. I sent him to our room. He goes inside and sleep there. Laksh asked him.
L. What are u doing. Go and sleep in your room.
A. No ragini is sleeping there.
L. Why.
A. Because i wanted to sleep in this room. Look there is a balcony i don’t
L. Then take another room.
A. Whats the need i am ok.
L. Then go and sleep in your room.
A. No you go and sleep on counch.
L. Wah. My money. My house. My bedroom. And you are telling me to go. No i will sleep here only.
A. Then sleep.
After some we sleeped.
I thought it was a good day. Screen freeze on smily face of ragini. And lakjun sleeping.

Precap. Not yet decided.

I hope you all liked it. I maked it long. And thanks for your comments guys, its meant a lot. Do comment. And give your suggestion. Love you all.

Credit to: roshini

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