Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-9)

Laksh pov.
After two week it was checkup day we went to hospital. Doctor said i am now completely fine. I was happy so was ragini. Doctor removed the bandages. We went home i was happy that now i can walk. Everthing get normal. One day i comed back from office. I saw ragini sleeping on dinning table. I got angry because she didt eat something and was waiting for me. I goes toward her. I wake her up. She get up with a shock. I asked why she didt eat. She said she was waiting for me. I knew this but still i wanted to hear from her. We eated our food and went to room. She goes to bath for changing. I was waiting for her outside. She came out wearing purple night gown. I was mesmerized by seeing her. I went toward her and hold her by her waist. She was shivering. My touch make her shiver. I kissed her right cheek and she blushed i kissed her left cheek she was still blushing i could’t control so i kissed her lips. They were so taste. I start to bit her lower lip. After sometime we breaked the kiss. We were breathing heavily. I kissed her neck and she hold my shirt tightly. I kissed slowly first but then little hard. She pushed me little and went toward balcony. I hold her from back she closed her eyes. I slowly opened her gown button. I coukd see her belly. I hold her from belly she was looking at me. I went little down and kissed her belly bare. She hold ny hairs. I looked at her and then contuined i put my tongue in her belly bare. After sometime i lift her and went toward the bed we were looking at eachother eyes. I placed her and went on top of her. I kissed her neck. She was holding my hairs tightly. I kissed her lips softly. After that i removed her gown little down from her shoulder. I kissed it and bite it hardly. She moan. I liked it so i did it again. I kissed her all over her body. We make out. After sometime we slept hugging eachother. At night clock 01:00 i wokedup and looked at her she was sleeping like a angel. I can’t afford to miss her. I hugged her tightly. And kissed her forehead and slept.

Ragini pov.
In the morning when i waked up i saw him sleeping he was sleeping like a kid. I smiled at him and kiss his forehead. And went to bath. When comed back he was sleeping. I asked her to stand up.
R. Laksh get up na.
L. Two minutes.
R. No get up.
L. Come na u also sleep its saturday.
R. Oh mister its not saturday it friday and u have a meeting.
L. Oh that is kl 02:00 so chill ragini.
R. From when u start saying chill and all ha.
L. Today.
R. Laksh.
L. Ragini.
R. Ok sleep.
i goes toward the mirror and get ready i got a idea and take a jug of water and throw at him he wakeup with a jerk.
L. Rain rain ragini.
I start laughing.
He look at me with angry face.
I could not control so i pulled his cheek and sayed he looked cute. He smirk and i get confused….

Precap. Not decided.
Guyzz thanks for comment. I get permession to use my phone only 20 min. Because my dad it strict. And secondly norwegain tests is not easy so i have to prepare. Do pray for me. Do comment

Credit to: roshini


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