Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-8)

Hello guyz i now i am late. But sorry. Actually i am student and my exams are on monday so i am posting this. So lets begin.

Laksh Pov.
I was laying on the bed. Like what i feel like i am a handicap person. And look at ragini she is behaving like that nothing happened. Oh my god. Stupid girl. When my accident happened she was crying like a crocodille and now she is behaving like nothing happened. I will never be able to understand her. First she make embarrsed by coming to hospital and talking like that i am a kid. I was staring her. But she did’t looked at me. After sometime she come with a towel and a water bowl. I asked her why she have all this.
L. What is this
R. Actually you just had accident so u cant take bath. So doctor said to give u sapancebath.
L. No thanks. I can walk and i can take a bath.
R. Why are u so stubborn.
L. You are i am not.

Ragini Pov.
I got angry and sit beside him. And start doing my work. I took of his shirt. He was staring at me. I took the towel and start my work. After sometime i make him wear shirt and goes to kitchen.

Laksh Pov.
I don’t now what happened with her. But i liked. I know my anger is a very bad thing but she always support me in everything. I love her so much. But sometime she irritete me. God now what is going on. My thought was disrurbed by ragini.
She had a plate in her hand. She was coming toward and sit beside. It was a awkward silence. She start feeding me. I was eating, looking at her. She also look at me. We had a eyelook. She put the plate on shelf. She was about to go when i hold her hand and pull her toward me. I asked her about my morning gift. She was looking at me. She said no but i knew how to take so i pulled her toward and place my one hand on hair and one on her waist. He kissed her. She was particpating in it. I knew she is angry. So i did it solwy and it taste good. After sometime i breaked the kiss. And hug her. Suddenly i filled some tears on my shirt i understood it. She was crying. I breaked the hug and weep her tears and asked.
L. Why are u crying.
R. What if something has hapoened to u. Cant u drive propely.
L. Look i am fine. Perfectly fine.
R. Yes yes i can see. Should i look at the bandages.
L. Oh my baby dont cry. You dont look nice. ILY.
R. ILY too.
We hugged eachother.

Precap. Some romantic moments between raglak.

Guys i now i am updating late but plz forgive me. And do comment.

Credit to: roshini


  1. Prateeksha

    Sry it’s very difficult to catch the story line… Please post a precap before starting…

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