Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-7)


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Ragini pov.
I reached at the hospital. In icu. He was laying. I ran and hugged him. But to my shock he asked why i came here.
R. Laksh u have accident.
L. I am not a kid. What was the need to come.
R. But.
L. Shut up. Listen i am not a kid. I dont need you. Stay away from me. Stupid.
R. Laksh. Listen why are you shouting. You had a accident that why i came here ok.
L. Who asked u. Did i no right.
R. But i wanted to so that why i camed here.
L. Shutup. You must be happy that now i cant walk right.
R. shutup idiot. why will i be happy.
L. Whatever.
He try to stand up but failed. I try to hold him. But he pushed me. I again tryed again he did the same. Then the doctor come and say that he cant walk for 2 weeks. I was shocked i dont now why i felt to cry. I should be happy that he will be able to walk then why.
Doctor said that he can go home. He leaved.
I helped him to stand.
But instead of saying thanks he was showing me attiuide.
We went home. As always he didt pay attention. And was watching tv. I knew he was irritaed. I went to him and asked him about dinner. He get angry and start thowing things. I asked him.
And in return i got a slap. I was shocked but bear it. He looked at me with that look that in few second he will eat me. I knew why is he angry. So without talking i went to dinner. I eat my dinner. And went to room. He was still sitting down. I didt payed attention. Like he do. After some time i heared a vase breaking i goes down. And look at him. He gived me a died look. I got scared amd ask what happened.
L. Will you take me or what. Just bz i cant walk thar why u are showing me tanturms.
R. No you said u dont need help.
L. Form when u start listeing to me ha.
R. From the day i married u.
L. Ol whatever help me.
R. Ok
I take him and we goes to room. I make him lay and i too lay beside him. He hugged me and sleeped. I too sleeped after some timw. Hoping for the best.
We both sleeped.

Precap. Laksh pov.

Guyz thanks for comment. I hoped u all liked it. Actually my internett is having some problems that why i cant post too long. Hope u all understand. And do comment. You guyz can your opinion anytime. Thanks.

Credit to: roshini

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