Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-6)

hello guyz i am back. sorry for late update. i was little busy. i am really sorry. lets start.

in the morning.
ragini pov.

i woked up and see him sleeping. he was sledping like a kid. i dont know what make me say that. but to be honest he was looking cute. i kissed his forehead and turn to go when he hold me. i got shocked to see him awake because i thought he was sleeping. he pull me toward hiself. i was looking at him. he kissed me on my forehead and then hugged me. i was now laying top of him. we both was hugging eachother. suddenly his phone rang. he picked it up and get up in a shock. he cant see that he was really tensed. after call he went to bath. i thougth to ask but then stopped. he come out. and get ready he goes down and without eating left. i was worried. but then i thinked why even i am caring. i got ready and eat my breakfast. i was getting bored so thought to watch tv. i watch some series. but suddenly channel got changed. i heard news that a car had a accident i was about to change the channel but then i saw the number of the car i was shocked because it was laksh car.

Tear were rolling from my eyes. For two second i thought i missed him for my hole life. But then i heard a reporter saying patient is admit in city hospital. I took my purse and ran out. I took a taxi because driver was ot there. I reached there
and asked reception.she sayed it in icu. I ran toward icu u and i opened the door. He was laying there with bandages .

Precap. Not decided.

Sorry guyz for not posting. And sorry for spelling mistake. Do comment.

Credit to: roshini


  1. Sasha

    It was nice bt toooooooo short??.anyways updt soon , n promise , the nxt one should be long like really long

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