Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-5)

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Ragini pov.
We reach the venue and he have already booked a table. There was music there. I was Linda og impressed with him. But then i remembered what happenend last night. I again get angry.

Laksh pov.
I now that she may thinking. That what i am up to. But i now she have many question in her mind. But right now i cant answer them. But soon i will.
We sit on the chair. And i ask them to play music. It was classic music they were playing guitar and vilion. I ask her to order food. She did her but not for me. I got sad. But then she again call the waiter and order for me. I got happy. We haved our dinner. It was a perfect day of my life.
I forward my hand and she understood and place her hand in my. I take her to the dance floor. I ask them to play a music. Music play and it was ( hua hai aaj pehli baar – Sanamre movie ). We dance on it. We were lost in eachother. After dinner we left the place. I take her too a beach. We sat there on the sand. We were looking at the stars. The cold wind i can feel it. She was feeling cold i hug her. She hug me also. I kiss her forehead and she was looking in my eyes. I knew that she looking for the answer but i cant let her now. So i softly placed my lips on her. She closed her eyes. I was looking at her. She is so cute. After sometime we broke the kiss. She was looking at me i gived her a warm smile and hug her. I dont now when she sleeped. Is was looking a kid when she was sleeping. I lift her in my arms and place her in car. I drives the car and we reached home. It was nice day i thought. I lift her and went to room. I make her lay on the bed. I was happy that she did’t woked up. I kiss her on forehead. And i also sleep beside her. I was hugging her. Because i dont want to miss her. She is my life. We sleeped peacefully in eachother embrace. I loved this day.

Precap. Not decided.

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Credit to: Roshini


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