Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-4)


Hello guyz thanks for comments it meant alot for me. Thanks so lets begin.

Ragini pov.
I was laying on the bed. I was crying on my fate. Some how i managed to open my eyes. It was dark no light. I was afraid of dark but my body is paining i don`t now what happenend with laksh he behaved like a beast. I really hate him.

Laksh pov.
I came out from the room crying. I was so scared to hit her but i cant do anything. I have to save my family and lovi. My life is stuck. One side ragini and second side my family and my cute lovi. I cant let them happen something. I am sorry ragini maybe after nowing the truth u will forgive.
I dont now what to do now. Should i go in are.
Then i think to act normal and take a bottel of wisky and start drinking it.
I knew now i am full drunked. And leave for the room.

Ragini pov.
I heared someone coming toward the room. I changed my shape and lay on the one corner of bed. And act to sleep.
Then suddenly someone come in and it was laksh. Because there is no one in this house only me and that beast.

Laksh pov.
I come in and is was sleeping, or she was doing acting of sleeping i felt bad but i cant do anything i goes toward the bed and lay down. I saw her. I feel to hug her. so i goes slowly toward her and hug her from back. I knew she was not sleeping but i dont want to tell her that i know she is acting. So i just huged her and kiss her neck and i just fall in a deep sleep. Dont now when.

Ragini pov.
He came in and hug me and kissed me. And then he fall in sleep. How can she act so normal. Is he not a human. God save me from this b*s*a*d.
I sleeped after a long time.

We wakedup and i went to bath. He was looking at me i totally ignored him. I went to bath. I can see all belt merk on my back and my arms. It was paining when i touched it. But it was not new for me. After sometime i went out. And he was looking at me i knew if i contiune ingroing him then he will again get angry so i sayed,
R. Laksh.
L. Yes ragini.
R. Are not u getting late for office.
L. No i am not going to office today we will spend sometime.
I nod and get ready he also get ready. We eat our breakfast and then i did my work and he did he`s work.

At night.
He asked me to get ready. I nod and leave to get ready. I weared a long blue gown and white heels with open curly hairs. I did a light makeup and goes down he was already. He forward his hand i give his my hand and we both leave.

Precap. Dinner.

Credit to: Roshini

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