Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-3)

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Laksh pov.
We are sitting in the car right now i am angry on her. Who can she hug someone else. What does she think of herself. I now that i blackmailed her. But i have to do it because. My thought was disturbed by a voice and it was ragini.
R. Laksh are u angry.
L. Shhh be queit.
I can see her scared face but i cant do anything. Because i was also blackmailed. Again my thought was disturbed by suddenly car break.
We got down and i hold her hand and drag her in. I hold it tightly. We goes in and i lock the door.
Lak pov ends.

Rag pov.
It was paining but not more then what is going to happen. I can see his face it was red he was angry. I kinda of knew but i hoped it not true what i was thinking god. When i was about to ask question i got a tight slap by that my lips start bleeding, i was shocked i asked him.
R. Laksh, why u slaped me.
L. What was the need to hug that boy.
R. He is my best friend.
L. So what u can shake hands.
R. But he is my… friend na.
Now i can see he is getting angry. I did`t knew what to do so i thought for a second and then i hug him. First he was shocked but he also hugged me. I get happy for two second but then he push me. Now i got scared.

Lak pov.
What does she think if she will hug me will i not be angry. I was always right she is to innocent and stupid. :-\
Sometime i feel to tell her why i am doing this but then again.
I knew now i have to do it or else they will not leave them. I am sorry my baby ragini.

Rag pov.
What is going to happen now i am scared. I now he is angry. But he can do anything when he is angry. I am scared. God plz save me today.

Suddenly he close the light. I got scared. He take of his belt. Now i knew kinda of what is going to happen. He push me on the bed i was soo scared so i closed my eyes. He then start hiting me with that belt after 07 or 09 beltes he stoped and went out. I was crying in the bed, i was so scared that i dont want to open my eyes.

Precap. Morning.

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Credit to: Roshini


  1. Aaradya

    Oh poor ragini… What is the secret that Lakshya is hiding from her.. please reveal it soon and try to make it longer and ur ff is not at all boring

  2. Ani

    Y Laksh is dng like this… Who is blackmailing him… Poor Ragini… Make the nxt part longer…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.