Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-2)


Hello guyz thanks for your comment. I am really happy. Guyz u will get to now soon why laksh is behaving like that. So lets start.

I woke up and saw him sleeping. I was so angry i wanted to slap him but i was scared and cant do anything. I dont know what happenend to that laksh. That laksh i loved that laksh who can never see me crying i now that he blackmailed me but still i thing there is something that is disturbing him. But why should i care.

I get up and goes to bathroom. I came from the bath and he was sitting on bed with his mobil. I got so angry that he is showing that nothing happenend.
I goes toward the mirror and get ready in my blue anarkali suit. He was looking at me and was smiling.
He then come to me and said.
L. You look nice.
I didt knew what to say so i just smiled at him. Basically my smile means b*t*h get away from me.
He then hug me from back i get scared.
Suddenly i can feel his lips on my shoulder. And his hand on my back. He then hold me from my waist. I got angry. Because he hold it tightly. It was paining. But i cant even cry i dont want to show him that i am weak. Oh god what to do. He then kiss me on my neck. I was standing there like statue. Who dont even know what to do.

He make me turn and was about to kiss me when his mobil ringed. I take a relief breath and he goes to pick up the and say. I am coming. He leave without telling when he will come back but i dont care. He leave i sit down on the bed. And think to do something because i am get bored. But i am not allowed to go out. But i want to. Oh godddddddd what i am i going to do i thought to call him and tell him that i want to go out. I got some courage and call him.
R. Hello….. laksh can i go out?.
I was waiting for him to answer. But for my surprise i said yes i was shocked first but later i got happy. I got ready and goes to out. He have send driver for me, i smiled and leave.

After sometime when i was done with shopping i goes out and driver was not there. Then suddenly someone hold me from my shoulder i took a turn and see it was my friend. He hug me and i hug him. We talked for sometime. I didt knew that laksh was there. When i saw him. I told my friend bye and goes toward him. He was very angry. He hold me from my hand and take me home. Now i was kind of scared.

Guys do comment and thanks for the comment. Love you alll.

Credit to: Roshini

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  1. Uh oh ragini u made laksh angry??? now bear the outcome???

  2. Awesome yaar but he can it be end episode update next chapter too plzz and make it a bigger one

    1. Awesome yaar but hw can it be 2nd episode update next chapter too plzz and make it a bigger one

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  12. Please make it longer…

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  14. Waiting for the next part..please reveal Raglak past soon, I want to know why Lakshya is behaving like this

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