Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-11)

Hello guyz i am back with another update hope you all will like it.

Lets begin.
Laksh Pov.
I wokeup and look at around ragini was not there i was missing her madly and badly. I dont now where i got this unlucky friend who don’t even give space to couples. He don’t have respect i should say. Idiot. I got a idea i saw karan was sleeping so i went to his room. Slowly slowly without making noise. I went inside and saw ragini sleeping. She is sleeping like a kid or i should say like a angel. So cute. I went to right side of bed and lay down. I hold her from her waist. She said karan.. I was shocked and Angry. I hold her tightly. She said.
R. Laksh now stop being jealous.
L. So u knew that it was me right.
R. I knew.
L. But how.
R. Your touch.
L. Oh i get it.
R. Hmmmm. What are u doing here.
L. Nothing. Just come to spend time with u.
R. Laksh.
L. Hmmm.
R. Laksh when will family come back from trip.
Laksh is shocked and scared. He leave her.
L. I…. Don’….t…now… Ragini.
R. Laksh are you ok.
L. Hmmm yea perfect.
Ragini make a turn and hug him. He hug her back both were hugging eachother. Laksh kiss her neck and she blushed. Suddenly they hear some footstep coming toward the room. Laksh run from bed and goes toward door and locked it. Ragini was looking at him with surprise.
K. Hello ragini. Are you there.
R. Yea karan go down i will be there in 20 minutes.

K. No need i am going out.
R. But u dont now the way.
K. Ragini i am borned here do u remember.
R. Oh yea. Take laksh with you.
Laksh give her death glares she smile.
K. No need you take him. Bye.
He leave.

L. Ragini what were you saying.
R. What.
She stand up and went toward and took her clothes and towel. She try to show that she is listeing what laksh is talking about. Laksh take a turn.
L. Why u wanted to send me.with him.ha.
No answer.
L. Ragini.
No answer.
He turned and saw no one was there.
He think: Wait ragini. You are making me fool from yesterday.
After sometime when ragini were finshed with bath went out. She saw laksh sitting on bed. And went to him and hug him and kiss his cheek..laksh smile. He lay down and ragini stand up for going, he pull her and she fall on him. Both share a eyelook.

Precap. Jealousy.

Guyz sorry for short update. But next time i will make it longer. Do comment. Its needed. Do tell if you think my story is boring. :~}

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