Raglak ki kahani. (Epi-1)

Hello guyz i have write a new ff. As u all now. Lets start.

Ragini was sitting in her room. Suddenly she heared someone coming toward the room. She getup from the bed. And close the door. She was really tensed and scared. Suddenly someone push the door but door didt opened. Now ragini is really scared she knew that its laksh but still she remember how he get drunk and make love with her. She knew that she cant do anything because of her parentes. How laksh blackmailed her, and married her. She then thinks to open the door and then goes toward door and opened it she can see laksh angry face.
L. Why did u locked the door.
R. Woh actually.
L. What.
R. I was changing.
L. Why to change when u now what is going to happen.
R. Woh i mean…… laksh woh.
L. Shhhhhh ragini. Why u talk soo much.
She then goes inside the room ragini take a deep breath and close the door. Laksh was drinking now ragini get angry and take the bottle and throw it on the floor.
L. What the f***
R. Stop it laksh.
L. Who are u.
R. I am your wife. And stop drinking.
L. Oh u got courage ha. Who. Be in you limits ok.
R. Laksh i am sorry i mean i was just telling that u should not drink to much its not good.
L. Oh i will tell u what is good for me.
Ragini get scared because she knew what is going to happen.
Laksh push her and she fall on the bed. Laksh also come up off her.
R. Laksh.
L. Shhhhh.
He kiss her lips hard and hard. She was crying even she knew that its not new for her but still she was never ready to do this.
Her lower lip start bleeding. He then kiss her neck and she hold her shirt. Then he gets closer and close the light.

Precap. Next day.

Guyz tell me your opinoin and do comment plz. Hope you all liked it. Plz do comment.

Credit to: Roshini


  1. aswini.

    Is this the first epi or is there any intro if there plz any one give me the link…and BTW thanks for raglak

  2. pari

    Please don’t make laksh take revenge on Ragini show that he loves her but as she doesn’t he is forced to do this

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.