Raglak ki ek kahani………(New story) Episode 4


Raglak ki ek kahani………
Episode 4

( hi guys thanks 4 ur comments n also pls continue commenting so we r continueing our story where raglak want to unite swasan)

Location: raglak room
Lak- I have a plan to unite swasan
Rag- pls tell what
Lak- we will plan a trip for them
Rag- that’s a good Idea , I thin someone’s out
Lak- wait I’ll check
( lak goes out to see if any ones out ther but does not find any one out , but rag was right someone was there n it was uttara)
Rag – who was there
Lak – no one
Rag – but I saw a shawdo
Lak – no rag I think it was some thing else
Rag- but…..
Lak- no but , u sleep
Rag- k

Location : maheshwari house hall
Annapurna ( ma)- sujata I am very happy that r children united
Sujata( suj)- s jiji
Uttara ( utta)- badi ma n mom I want to say u all some thing
Suj- what is it
Utta- I want to say that rag bhab n swa bhab want u all to go from the house n rag n SWA bhab r provecateing lak n sans bhi to remove u , badi ma , cause they r telling u torcher n shot at them all ways rag n SWA bhab
Ma – what the…. U r serious
Utta – s
Suj n ma – we have to speak to them
Utta- s

Location : raglak room
Rag- so whare will we send them
Lak- shall we send them to paris..
Rag- yes yes that’s my dream place its the best place for them
Lak – so shall even we go
Rag- yes off course
Lak – I’ll book the tickets online
Rag- k
Lak- its done , I’ll go bring the ticets
Rag- k n back soon
Lak – s meri rag..
( n lak leaves the room suj n ma enters the room)
Rag- ma u here
Sub – what rag u n SWA want to remove me n jiji n tell that we torched n shout at u both girls
Ma- I did not expect that from u both
Rag- no ma n chachi ji I n swara did not say anything like that
Suj- she is living jiji don’t belive this girl
Rag( in tears)- no Maa…….. If u don’t believe me call swara n ask her
Ma- call swara
Suj- wait I’ll call , swara come to rags room
Swa- what is it mom n badi ma
Ma- do u want to send us both out of this house
Swara- no mom…
Suj- this SWA also is liying then what my daughter utta is lying
Swa- rag pls don’t cry , mom n badi ma pls call utta
Rag- wait I’ll call her, utta pls come to my room
Swa- what is this utta u r spreading roomers that me n rag want to remove mom n badi ma out of house
Utta- yes bhab I heard u n rag bhab encourageing my bros to go against mom n badi ma
Swaragini- shut up utta
( utta runs of the room with her crocodile tears behind her in anger n sadness goes suj n ma n

rag starts to cry aloud n sws tries to convince rag not to cry n then enters lak he saw ma n suj going out n saw rag crying
N understood that there is some thing wrong)
Lak – what happened????
Rag( in tears)- ma , chachi ji n utta r putting blame on me n SWA that we r encouraging u n sans to remove ma n chachi ji to put them out of the house .
Swa- s n pls call sans
Lak- what….. Wait I’ll call
Sans – what is it guys n y is rag crying
Swa- ma , mom utta r putting blame on me n rag that we both r encouraging u both 2 remove them out of the house.
Sans – r u serious
Rag- s
Lak- we have to find out y is uttara doing this
Sans – s
Swa- s

Location: uttaras room
( uttara gets a phone call n that’s sans old GF kavita)
Utta- hi kavita
Kavita( kavi)- hi utta what happened
Utta- ( utta told her the whole story or drama what she did)
Kavi- great job utta , do u know y I told u to do this
Utta- n I did this only cause u were my school mate , pls tell y do u want me to do this
Kavi – cause I want my …………….. Back

( will be continued in episode 5 . pls pls pls1000000000000000000000000000000000000………………………………………..comment on my episode “”””” n there is a twist taking place in swaras life””””” thanks from Heena Kausar)

Credit to: Heena kausar

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