Raglak ki ek kahani………(New story) Episode 3

Raglak ki ek kahani……………

Episode 3

(Hi guys this is Heena kausar thank u all so much 4 all comments so we contuenue r story where SWA n sans have excepted their mistake)

Location : maheshwari house hall
Swa- it was me , sans n dadi. It was done to make lak realise rags love 4 him.
Lak- r u serious
Swa- s lak
Sans- u ware not realising her love 4 u
Rag- thanks swasan , I though u were doing cause u love lak
Swa( in tears)- I knew that from my marriage day that lak can never be mine so don’t worry rag
Rag( in teats)- swara…..
Lak- cause of u all I realised my love for rag
( now both the sis r good n have lots of love for each other)

Location : raglak room
Rag- SWA my sis … I am so lucky to have her n I addressed her soooo bad
Lak- it is not ur mistake n what n all happened , happened for the good see I realised my love 4 u
Rag- s
( rag is feeling giddy so lak helps her to lie down on the bed n a baground song plays” moh moh ke dhage”)

Location : swasan room
Swa- I am very happy r rag
Sans – yes
Swa- finally lak realised his love for rag
Sans- but what about us
( swara without replying goes away)

Location : maheshwari house kitchen
Swa- u here lak
Lak -thanks SWA
Swa- no need for that
Lak- so what about u n sans
Swa- I’ll think later n what u want lak why did u come here
Lak- I want medicine for rag she is feeling giddy so I wanted medicine to get from u
Swa- come to my room I’ll give u
Lak- k

Location: swasan room
Swa- sans pls can u give lak the medicine I have to cook food I am going to meet rag after that I will cook
Sans – k SWA take lak ur medicine
Lak- thanks but what about u n SWA
Sans – SWA does not reply what can I do pls help me
Lak – s s I will try my best
Sans – pls try ur best cause I love swara very much

Location : raglak room
Rag – thanks SWA cause of u I have got my lak back
Swa- no need of thanks
Rag – but still n what about u n sans
Swa- I like sans but not like too much but I don’t want to break his heart
Rag- but sans loves u a lot
Swa- I know
( lakysh hears all the covasation between swaragini but acts as if he did not hear anything n lakysh enters the room)
Lak- I have bought medicine 4 u rag have this
Rag- I don’t want to eat this I don’t like its taste
Lak – shut up n eat this
Rag- k
Swa- k then I will go
Lak- I heard ur convo
Rag- so what shall we do to bring them to feather
Lak- I have an idea……..

Will be continued in my next ff episode 4 , guys pls give comments on this article pls 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000……… Pls pls comment its really very very important

Credit to: Heena kausar


  1. sindhuja

    hey it’s really nice…. sorry heena… i am also a swasan fan… so i didn’t read your updates initially since you made swara as negative… i also like raglak… I couldn’t see either swasan or raglak as antagonist… i respect your plot… now you changed their characters, i would love to see more… if you don’t mind, what are you doing??? best of luck…

  2. Tuba RagLak

    Hey heena its awesome like always love u heens……. Guys pls do support her.
    She is an awesome writer…..

  3. Deepa

    Hey HEENA I read all the 3 chapters and its really nice. I will continue to read your fan fiction whenever I will get time. Actually I am a student so study keeps me busy. But I will read this one as it is nice and serial makers should get some sense from you

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