Raglak ki ek kahani………(New story) Episode 2

Episode 2

(Hi guys this is heena kausar, thanks for ur comments I respect all, so we will contien my ff where raglak r 2 gether )

Location: raglak room
Rag- sorry for what all I have done
Lakysh- its ok rag even I did lots of bad things with you
Rag-pls u dont say sorry
Lakysh- so what shall we do to find proofs against swara
Rag- u say
Lakysh- I will think n tell u later no one should should see us to gether especially swara n sanskar
Rag-pls dont tell this to any one pls lakysh
Lakysh-k rag
( when lakysh n rag where where speaking to eachother n enjoying each othets company swara saw this n was feeling jealous , suddenly in raglaks room there was a knock)
Rag-swaras on the door
Lakysh-go open
Swara-y did u both take so much time to open the door, I think I should not come here
Rag-no nothing is like that u can come any time
Swara-lets go out for lunch u,me,ragn sanskar( sans)
Lakysh-s thats a nice Idea ,girls get ready fast we will leave in 30 mins
( swara goes n lakysh tells rag to be careful it could might be even a plan of swars)

Location: swasan room
(Swara calls sans to the room)
Sans-what os it swara
Swara-i want to kill rag
Sans-but y
Swara-cause I want my lakysh back
( sans doed not want to do it but for swara he says)
Sans-k swara
( swasan n raglak go for lunch to a hotel )

Lakysh: I am going to washroom will come back in 5 mins
Swara- go rag give the order there is no water coming here
( n rag goes to give order)
Swara-I will take rag with me to the temple where she pushed me,n u simply tell that ur friend has met with an accident but be near us
Rag – I gave the order
Sans – my friend has met with an accident I need to go I all contienie
( n sans leaves)
Swara-how much time this laysh takes see v r finishing
Rag- ya, here he comes
Lakysh- sorry
Swara-me n rag will go to the temple ,ok rag
( rag sms lakysh to follow them n lakysh says s)
Swara-lets leave
( n both the girls leave n lakysh follows them)

Location :inside the temple
Rag-we finish praying lets go
Swara-no no, lets go to the place where u pushed me , remember rag
Rag- r u sure swara
Swara-yes yes, lets go
( both the girls go to the place)

Location-place where rag pushed swara
Rag-what u want to see here
Swara – ur death
( swara pushes rag in the water ( heres a twist) instead of rag falling in the water swara slipped n fell in the water , rag without fearing for het life that she does not no swimming jumped in the water ti save swara , lakysh saw this he also jumped to save rag , seeing this even sans jumped in to save swara, both the boys saved both the girls n bought them on top of that stone )
Lakysh – rag r u ok
( but rag does not open her eyes )
Sans- swara this is not right
Swara( in tears)- I know ,what I did was very very wrong rag for give me
Lakysh( in tears) – move away from my rag
( lakysh tries all possible efforts to make rag open her eyes but she foes not open)
Lakysh( in anger n tears)- swara this all happened cause of u I will kill u
Sans-its not the time to blame swara lets take rag to the foctor
Lakysh(in tears) – k
( suddenly rag opens het eyes )
Rag- lakysh…..
Lakysh – rag r u ok
Rag (in tears)- s..
( when lakysh carries rag a song plays ” wajah tum ho”)

Location : maheshwari house

D.p -what happened
Ma-is rag ok
Swara – I want to say some thing that I did it
Everone- what..
Swara – swara its not only me n sans its also………………

This is a big twist which will be contuinued in the next episode 3.

Guys pls comment on my article pls pls1000000000000000…………………… pls, hears a question for u all readers, “” who do u all think is there with swara n sans”””??????? Pls also comment on this pls …

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  1. Nice waiting for next part

  2. I’m sorry but I won’t read this ff since Swara is negative
    I know u like ragini but that doesn’t mean you should make Swara negative
    Your a writer so you should write what your reader want
    No offence
    Hope u don’t mind

    1. So what? If u were to write a ff Tomas if u liked swara then u would make ragini or someone else negative right? So why r u complaining if this ff writer made swara negative and it’s good they did because everyone was making ragini negative and it was getting borin but now I live ff and one more thing stop being such a hypocrite!! Like I said if u liked swara then u would make ragini or someone negative am I right? I think I am so stop complaining

  3. What the hell yr dont make swara negative hate to the core really

  4. i hate this ff coz u r trying to make swara as bad

  5. i am sorry to say but I dont like this because u made swara (helly shah) evil

  6. Mouni Godavari

    What the hell you are making my swara negative bad ff

  7. carry on dear…
    i like it so much…..

  8. I think that u made swara negative so that laksh will realize his love for ragini and later she may reveal the truth…

  9. i am.sorry ur.ff.is.not.nice.

  10. Pls continue ur ff

  11. why r u making swara negative. ……… what the he’ll u r writing plz don’t make swara negative plzzzzzz

  12. Plz dear don,t make swaragini nagative ..because I love both girls,,,

  13. Hey..vry nce.. contnue dea..am waitng fr next epi

  14. what the hell….ur have made swara -ve…..if u like rags that does not mean u will make swara negative….

  15. Heena Ur ff is awesome dear and all those who think swara shouldn’t be the villain just what about the ragini fand who are seeing her im a negative role….. she likes ragini n wants to make swara the villain n thats her wish…..

  16. Iam sry first of all.
    Guyz, when someone makes ragini negative in their ff, it will be mind blowing for somepeople ,when swra becomes negative take it like that only ,don’t comment the writer, u doesn’t like her ff or wI’ll nor rdad it.so plz never discourage some one like this.iam not supporting ragini .iam really really really really really really sorry if this hurt u.
    Anyway heena ur ff is awesome. ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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