Raglak ki ek kahani………(New story) Episode 1


Raglak ki ek kahani……….

Episode 1

hi guys this is Heena kausar, so we begin with the present situation where ragini has become the owner of maheshwari house.

Location- maheshwari house hall

Ragini( rag)- ma I am going to my room pls say to every one don’t disturb me .
Ma- ok rag no one will disturb u .
( rag goes to her room n starts to cry )
Rag- every one thinks I am bad but what to do if i do not do as swara say she will kill lakysh n I don’t want this to happen.
Lakysh- god knows what is cooking in rags head, what will happen to us .
Swara – yes yes
( lakyash went on top wantedly to see what is rag doing , he sees rag criying n thinks why is this cheater crying).

Location -raglak room

Rag( says to her self )- god help me to come out of sanskars trap pls god pls…
Lakyash- o god I thought n also said so bad about rag ( says to himself, n also feels bad for rag)

Location: maheshwari house kitchen
Lakysh- ma I think rag is not bad
Ma- y lakysh
Lakysh-i saw tag crying very badly n I felt sad for her
Ma- did rag saw u
Lakysh- no
Ma- let’s find out..

Location: raglak room
( ma n lakysh see rag reading some file)
ma- lakysh she is not looking sad?
Lakyash- but that time she was crying
Ma- ok lakysh let’s see next , if rag sees us here then it will be a problem
Lakysh- k ma let’s go.
( but still lakysh wants to know was rag acting)

Location: maheshwari house hall
Rag- I am going out will come back soon
( rag leaves the house)
Lakysh- I am going behind rag will come back soon
Durga prasad maheshwari ( d.p)- come soon n be safe
( lakyash goes behind rag)

Location : Near by park
( swara calls rag to meet her)
Rag- swara pls spare me I do not want to do all this stuff pls swara pls
Swara- no rag u did so much bad to me so u don’t think nothing bad should happen to u
Rag- I am 100000000……. Times sorry what I did was very wrong pls for give me pls
( rag weeps in front of swara , but for swara it does not make any difference)
( lakysh sees all this all this n feels very bad for rag n wants to take revenge from swara

Location : raglak room
Lakysh( says this in tears) – rag I hear the conversation between u n swara , she’s such a cheat
Rag( in tears ) – lakysh pls don’t say this to swara or any one else pls
Lakysh – but y
Rag- because she told me that if I tell this to u or any one else she will kill u n I don’t what this to happen n I can’t stay without u
Lakysh- rag u r the best , we will find out strong proofs to nail swara.
( raglak hug each other an a song plays hamari aadhuri kahani)

Will be continued in episode 2
Guys comment if u have liked it pls 1000000000000000000000000……… Cumment its very important.

Credit to: Heena kausar

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  1. Wow it really good
    Hopefully its real !!!!

  2. Hey heens its just awesome dude so finally our Idea worked Heena has become a writer guys pls comment on my friends story….
    We both have thought about it and she has posted it pls comment n support her …
    U rock heens it was awesome. ..

  3. You made Swara the villain?? Omg

  4. It is just opposite to swara in Swaragini

  5. I am a very big fan of helly shah(swara) so i cud nt accept ths negative side of hr….to be frank ths ff is nt fr me….sorry if it hurts ur feelngs..

  6. Hey..i liked u ff bcz am big fan of ragini(thejaswini).in serial they always shows rags n -ve nd swara as mahan.i dnt lke that.bcz one traditional grl ,she always obay her eldrs nd shes evn doesnt knw abt her ftur hub bt still shes agreed for mrg nd a grl her father lves some 1else than her mother but still she want to unit her father to that wemon .how can she becme this type of character less. The wrttr of swaragini what u want show n this serial,the tradition girl hve another face.the that ur insultin aur cltr..and kulsoom i lked ua ff vry much.thank u dea..lve u..

  7. Sorry hina .i wrte wrng name by mistake..plz continue ua ff..

  8. I love this ff.pls continue. Waiting for ur next update

  9. Heena! I loved it so very extremely! N especially making swara negative is more interesting! Y always Ragini?? Actually my fav in this whole serial is Ragini..so am seriously lovvving it to the core?! All the best?

  10. Wt is this yaar u made swara villain ???

  11. It’s correct only l like this episode

  12. its awesome……finally feeling good seeing swara negative

  13. I lykd it but y did u make swara negative …..I don’t want neither swaragini nor sanlak to b negative

  14. i like tegaswi aka ragini to be positive but not at the cost of helly aka swara being negative

  15. Please do not make swara bad

  16. Nice nice nice

  17. i m a big fan of swara ragini and sanskar..i like lucky also..i don’t want to see any of them in negative roal..

    sorry to say i could not accept ur story bz it does’t make any sense..just b4 ragini become owner of mm lucky has tried to killed her..she was swara who save her from lucky..lucky hates ragini and loves swara..he will not do this as u r showing in ur ff..

    its my suggestion..its not bz u make swara villan i m saying this…i love both swara nd ragini..so 1) i guess u should show another person behind whole Drama for eg swara’s step father or dp’s rival..2) if u want to make swara villan then then write new fresh story for that..

    its just my suggestion..just think once on my comment..i m sorry dear..my intention is not to hurt you..all the best for ur ff..

  18. amazing ..

  19. I think Swara is doing like that so that Laksh realizes how much Ragini loves him right Heena
    Hmm ur ff is interesting Heena

  20. I’m sorry but I don’t like the current track of your ff due to Swara being evil

  21. please dont make swara an sanskar evil
    this is my 1st comment

  22. Superb but don’t make swasan negative

  23. I like it a lot
    So nicely

  24. Nice dear,,,

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