Raglak Journey- Rain Is Ours (Episode 1)



I ran up the stairs fast and walked towards my room. I was in a hurry to go out and since I was getting late irritation spoiled my good mood. I disliked to be late or never liked to arrive much later than the said time but I was stuck in the melodrama of what was called life. Life which sucked getting married to the woman I didn’t love or will never love. I tangled myself with a woman I hated with all my heart. Life couldn’t have gotten much more ironic than this.

And I lost it more when I saw her in the room. And she was always barging into my space. Planning and plotting things. I didn’t know what she was capable of doing next. She was touching my things and my searching through wardrobe. I walked towards her angrily and put my hand on the wardrobe door quite roughly. She jolted back immediately.

“What are you doing here?” I asked her frostily.

Her eyes turned big and she moved back surprised to see me there.

I got irritated. Act. All act. Nothing about her is real. The innocent facade she put up as a mask. That was disgusting to look at.

“I..I was just taking out your clothes.” She replied quietly.

My jaw ticked.

“Why?” I asked her again.

She fumbled to reply and I was done already with the fake display of innocence on her face.

“Because you always throw things all around. I was just straightening the wardrobe.” She explained but with eyes looking else where nervously.

I pulled back creating a cool distance.

“Next time don’t touch my things or my wardrobe. If you do, I will burn each and everything you lay your hands on.” I warned her.

Her eyes filled up and I got more angry. Fake pain. Fake everything.

“Remember your place.” I said again angrily.

I turned and walked out of the door feeling not much uplifted or happy. I had put Ragini in her place but still there wasn’t much any satisfaction of hurting her. Why? What difference does it make if she cries. Let her suffer. But her tears were affecting me day by day. I didn’t like that. Me feeling for her. I will never fall in her trap. She was too dangerous and cunning and manipulative. I have to be careful. Yes, avoid looking at her face. It will be better.

Credit to: Riya

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