raglak journey of love and trust (episode 9)


Hi gues thanks u all sory for late update I’ll try best to update fast sory in perivous episode I said semifinals r over but it was quatar finals plsz comment and u may feel the episode somewhat boring I’ll try my best to keep it interesting plsz comment
At a room at auditorum
Laksh had hurriedly left the place after seeing rag and sam together
Laksh in his anger breaks a glass with his hand his hand is bleeding he throws all things
Kavaya enters then
Kavya: laksh what’s wrong with u
See ur hand is bleeding he jerks her away
Kavya: laksh listen to me she then tries gives first aid to him
Laksh without answering to her leaves from their
Kavya is worried what’s wrong with him

Sam: swra know it all upon u
Swara: talks with that person for a while and the move towards rag
Rag: what’s happening will anyone tell
Swara tells rag everything
Rag: no never never ever that can happen
Swara: we know how u r we have also planned for that
Rag: see sawara u r my sister u know na I can’t I can never do that ok listen what ma baba dada dadi will think about me
Swara: I know u can do that
Rag: it is easy for u but not for me
Sam: ms.attitude getting scared
Rag: u …….. I won’t leave u because of ur stupid plan and promise I am facing all these
Sansakr: come on ragini we know u can do that
Rag: what u all have thought about me swara u can do that because u have already done that or u know how it feels but look at me have ever wondered that I can no no no swara plsz pitty on ur sister..
Plzs plzs………….

Sanskar: rag u mean swara has done that
Swara: what do u mean by that mr.maheswari
Sanskar: I mean u can ……………i just wanted to know
Sawra: ok sanskar will u stop that plsz
Sanskar: I was just kidding I was not knowing that
Swara: u don’t know many things(giving a teasing simile)
Rag: will u both stop romancing
Sam: just leave it its about ragini not about u both
rag u have promised me u have to
Swar: u both wait out
Sam and sansakr leave from their
Swara: r u ready asking to person
Person: yeah
Sam and sanskar r waiting outside then dressing room they hear rag screaming
Sam: has I thought she is the same

Sanskar: still u don’t know her completly
Sam: yeah I am sure these sister r carbon copy of eachother being swara u know them both better( giving a tesing and naughty simile)
Sanskar: u r right I can’t even share my pain with someone
Sam: both r darma queens
They both laugh
Swra : sam sanskar u can come in know
Sam and sanskar r shocked to see rag
Sanskar: wow I can’t belive my eyes
Sam: yeah I never imagined ms.attitude like this
Rag: will u all stop that plsz
All maheswaries and gadodia’s have arrived their the competition has started
Its know kavya performance she is wearing a black long gown high heels her hair r open she’s looking hot she performed well after a performance it was ragini’s turn all were egar to know
Kavya(to her frnds): that behanji can never compete with me
Know its rag turns her name is announced she goes on stage lights r off suddenly the lame light falls on her and then all light she has faced her back to audience she starts to sing the song sun raha hai na tu

All r curisous to know who she is she turns
Kavya and all others r shocked to see rag
Rag is wearing a short knee length red color dress she has got a beautiful hairstyle curls around her face she is wearing high heels she is having light and heavy makeup that just soots her she is looking dame hot and beautiful
All the audience r memerised to see her and her beautiful voice that clearly show that how much pain she has
Lak hears this song he is standing near the stage ragini can clearly see him tears roll from lak and rag eyes lak can feel how much she loves him lak just feeling to go and hug her and tell her everything
Rag performance is over their’s huge round of applause they all r screaming once more once more all media news channel everyone r present all r impressed by her by her one performance she is a big star know
Rag is standing their
Swasan and sam come their
Swara: rag it was just beautiful

Sans: ha rag it was really good I am sure ur going to win the competition
Rag: thank u
Swara: by the way rag u were going to sing some other song then why that
Rag sees towards sam just for someone
Swasan r confused
Fb shows
Rag came out of dressing room all r in shock to see
Rag: just stop seeing me like that I am feeling strange
Sansakr:rag u looking really beautiful
Rag: thak u but I am getting scared
Swara: just chill we have to move know its u r turn
Sam comes near rag and wishper in hear u r looking very hot today
Rag: will u stop that
Sam: what I said the truth swasan isn’t she looking like a vampire in red dress just looking like going to kill someone
Sanskar: he is right its looking like lal bandriya (red monkey) has done some makeup and want to kill someone by her looks
Swasan and sam laugh
Rag: very funny
Sam: u r looking so it seems ms.attitude getting angry u r red nose and red dress give perfect match to each other
They again laugh
Swara: ok come lets move

Sam : I want to talk to u
Rag: what
Sam: today to keep my promise u did but at stage do something that can express ur pain do something for urself now
Fb ends
Sam: ok stop ur sentiment drama lets move on ur next part swasan r u ready
Rag: what’s that
Sam: ladoo u can only do this much for us we r not fools to tell u everything
Rag: what ………. mr.kadoos first of all don’t call me ladoo only my family members and close frnds have that right and second what do mean by that u want to say I can’t do anything
Sam: yeah we know how much drama did u do for this look and anything if we say it would be
Rag: how mean u r tell me ur plan I can do anything and this time I’ll prove u ( in a loud and angry tone)
Sam:ok I think I should leave the media is here
Swara: for what the media is here
Sam: u will get to know soon let the result’s be announced

Anker: so I think u all were egaely waiting for this the results r in my hand before annocing results I would like to call all participants at stage
All participants are at stage
Anker the four finalists r
Kavya maheswari, kiran mehera , shanaya kapoor and today a participant amazed us all by her performance she is our third finalists any gues
The audience scream ragini’s name
Anker: yeah it ragini gadodia
All r telling ragini’s name
Rag is happy by all that she sees towards sam
Rag by her eyes tells sam tahnk u
Sam too talks with her through his
They both r having eyelock though so much distance btw them they r able to eachothers feelings eachother thoughts, pain and everything…………..
anker :so the finals r going to be held in mumbai tommorow i wish all the best to all contestants…………..
All r happy by this

Sam enters a conference hall their r some borad members seated they sam tells them about something they all first disagree then everyone agrees to him they have a conservation which is muted
Sam comes out to hall he moves towards another hall where media , reporters r waiting for him
Reporter: samanth sir what’s the reason for this conference
Reporter:sir we heard that u r going make some changes in competition
At badi
All r watching this
Dadi:shekar what’s happening
Shekar: ma don’t know lets see
Brunal: mom see this what bhai is doing

All assemble their
Ajay gets a call he is shocked
Raj: ajay what happened
Ajay: dad don’t know what’s wrong with bhai first he was not interested in these competition and know he is doing so much
Raj: clear ur point what u want to say
Ajay: u will get to know just watch
Simi: I am getting worried what’s wrong
Sam starts to answer
Sam: the commtitie has decided that before the finals their would be concert held at two different place and in finals through voting the winner will be declared everything will be live
Reporter:sir we didn’t get u evet=ything live
Sam: befor the judges were going to decide but in finals which will be held in Mumbai tomorrow r been postponed it will held at Mumbai but a day later contestants r given time to increase their fan following the winner will also be judged on the basis on votes, fan following and judges decision

Reporter:sir but why this sudden change is this for someone
Sam: no more questions he moves from their
All r shocked by his decision their r so many rumors some say that he took this decision for some girl media is trying to contact borad commitite but no reply

Precap: everyone laugh at kavya…….
Rag wins competition………..
Rag gets to know about kavitha and kavya

————————————————————————————————————————————–gues u all want to know wheter dp and rp r sam’s mamaji then ur right dp and rp had a sister and the reason for their hatred will be reavled in coming up episode so plsz keep on reading

Samanth sigh rathod/sam/mr.rathod –karan sigh goover
Brunal: bubul from kukum bhaya
Ajay:vivan from satrangi sasural
Simiran: sakshi goeyanka of ek hasina thi
Rajendra:rajnath goeyanka of ek hasina thi

Credit to: kaira

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