raglak journey of love and trust (episode 7)


At the venue
Rag sees sam
Rag: oh god I saw his face all my works would be spoiled today(in a loud tone)
Sam: god I had accepted this only from u I know u will fulfil my wish
Rag: what wish ha( in an angry tone)
Sam: laughs at her and says look at urself first
Rag: wht I don’t look much bad
Sam: I am not talking about ur beauty see ur face expressions
Rag: ok what wish u made
Sam: nothing
Rag: then why did u say that
Sam: I was just getting bored for some enjoyment I said because u had already spoken my dialogue so trouble u I said
Rag: it not funny
Sam: who said that its not funny ofcourse its so funny see urself ms.attitude wow ms.attitude became ms.joker
Rag: ha ha ha ha
I didn’t know mr.kadoos can also laugh
Sam: u don’t n know anything about me ladoo
Rag: wait when u got to know that my family call me laddo
Sam: so my guess was right
Rag: what do u mean by guess
Sam: I just thought what can typical marwardi family can keep a pet name for ms.attitude and after hearing so much praise about u from dad I guessed I was right
Rag: wow raj uncle praised me
Sam: oh hello all credit goes to me I guesed ur pet name from today I will call u from that name only
Rag: vey funny
They both brust out a laugh
Laksh who came there to wish rag al the best saw sam and rag laughing he became jealousy seeing rag and sam laughing who is this new guey rag is never open with anyone so much he moves from thre
Rag: I don’t belive we met just recently all the time we met we were fighting and now see we r laughing its something miracle
Sam: oh I love miracles
Rag: just shut up has ur family came here u speaking about them yesterday
Sam: yeah they all came here
By the way how do u know them
Rag: raj uncle told about them
Sam: ok all the best
Rag: thank u mr.kadoos
Sam: not again I don’t know when u saw me being kadoos
Rag: see urself whenever I see u always have angry man expressions
Sam: its so not funny
Rag: yeah its funny
They both leave

At dressing room
Rag is sitting there talking with swara about something just kavya enters and move towards swragini
Kavya: see who is taking part in competition rag I’ll give u a free advice just move back because their big concert going to be held who vote for u seeing ur dressing style only they will laugh at u(in laughing and teasing tone)
Swara: just shut up kavyacan’t u mind ur own business
Kavya: see jansi ki rani came to save her sister only u will speak or ur sis will also
Rag: kavya I don’t belive in saying I belive in showing
Kavya: oh relly we will see that just can’t imagine who will like u behanji this is a concert go home and continue ur shastriya sangeet
Sam hears all this conversation and comes in
Sam: what’s happening here
Kavya: nothing much mr.rathod
Sam observes rag being tensed to annoy her
Sam: I think u r right mrs.kavya who will like her by dressing style only they will reject her
Ragini aboutr to speak when she sees Laksh comes their
Kavya: lak u came at right time meet mr.rahod our sponsor
Lak: nice to meet u
Kavya: wow mr.rahod urs and my choice is same we think in same direction so ms.ragini just back out u will lose
Lak sees ragini’s tensed face he feels bad for rag he tries to stop kavya
Kavya: u know lak I can’t even imagine rag on stage singing her classical music people will laugh at her
Lak in his mind I know rag ur quite seeing me I will never let to loose I have to do something
Lak: ur right kavya I don’t think that she can even hold mike on stage what she will perform
Sam in his mind how dare he speak like that with rag if I get a chance I would kill him he gives a angry look to lak and kaya
Swara: enough is enough of u both do u don’t have anyother work other than creating troubles for my sis and samanth I didn’t accept that from u
Sam: swara I was just teasing rag u know r ongoing fight but I didn’t have intension to hurt her

Rag becomes happy to hear that but she don’t express that
Lak: mr.rathod why r u feeling bad for such girl
Kavya: lak is right mr.rathod she is such a cheap and characterless girl that I can’t even say about her
Swara: enough is enough kavya u r going beho=ind ur limits just get lost from here
Sanskar: befor speaking about look at urself kavya what u have done
Kavya: u just stop it

Sam: mrs.kavya why r u going behind ur limits
Sanskar: lak just take ur wife from here
Lak: bhai I know but why r u interpreting
Sam: so u both r brothers
Swara: ha she is my so called devarani ji(in a sarcastic tone)
Lak: will u stop ur nonsence swara and kavya lets go not waste our time here
Lak and kavya goes sam observes ragini’s sad and about to cry face sam in his mind what’s wrong with her
Sam: so ms.attitude getting nervous
Rag: do u don’t have anyother work accept troubling me
Swara: will u both stop it
Swara takes rag from there
Brunals comes there and sees sam similing
Brunal: I think my brither has fallen in love with some one
Sam is still thinking about rag
brunal shakes him
sam:ha u when did u come what were u saying
brunal: I think I guessed right
sam: what
brunal: that u r I love
sam: what rubbish
brunal: just kidding bhai
sam: dad is right u r speaking verymuch these days
brunal makes a pubby face
sam: ok sory meri ma ( by joining his hands)
brunal: taatasutu jaho maf kiya
sam: khabhi nahi sudaragi
sam in his mind what happened to her ms.attitude who keeps on fighting for small small things became num when she saw lak and why were swasan angry to see kavya and lak there lak is sanskar’s brother their is something fishy

Precap: lak gets injured himself seeing rag and sam
Sam calls someone to get all information about rag
What he is upto……………………….
rag and sam share their lives big scretes with eachother

Credit to: kaira

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