raglak journey of love and trust (episode 6)


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Laksh is thinking about how will he tell rag that what he feels for her
Just kavya enters
Kavya: lak do u know ragini is taking part in a singing competition (in a laughing tone)
Laksh: what but she how will u explain me indetail
Kavya: laksh she is competiting with me with me with kavya
Laksh: don’t under estimate her
Kavya: just chill laksh
Laksh: all the best

Laksh in his mind
This is not right time she is moving on let the competition then I’ll tell her I know kavya will understand me
At badi:
Swara: ladoo how do u know him
Dadi: ha ladoo he is so decent and ur calling him kadoos
Rad: dadi he is u know always finds a way to fight with me and he is only our sponsor
Swra: poor ladoo u can’t even complain
Rag: its not so funny
Shekar: ladoo just leave it na
Rag: ha baba they all r finding a way to tease me
Shekar: ha by the way why it ms.attitude
Rag: baba u also
Sumi: shekar.. leave it na
Sans: rag I didn’t know he will guess u so correct I mean we all u cuttie but first time someone has give u perfect name
Rag: ha ha tease me I’ll also not leave u when I get a cjance
Shekar simi and dadi r happy to see old rag back
Shekar: ma today I am very happy I got my rag today
Dadi: ha skekar its a long time to see rag similing
Raj: sam I think u and rag had a bad meet
Sam: ha dad u know what ms.attitude never accept her fault she is a big jagadalu
Raj: how can u say the she is so sweet
Sam: ha whwen u compare her with brunal everyone is good for u
Suddenly they hear a scream that’s brunal
Raj: lo shatan ka nam liya aur shatan hazir

Brunal runs and hug sam
Brunal: I missed u so much bhai
Sam: me too I missed my choti a lot
Raj: so forgot dad ha
Brunal: how I forget u and what were u saying
Raj: nothing where is simi and ajay
Brunal: see ur simi and son came
Sam hugs both of them
Sam: ma how was ur journery
Simaran: good how r u both
Brunal:I am sure ur dad was enjoying a lot but now so so sory no more enjoyment feel bad poor raj
Raj twists her ears what did u say
Ajay: dad his drama has troubled me and mom a lot now u handle her
They all laugh they all move towards their rooms
Raj: what ahppend why r u tensed
Simi: I am worried about sam

Raj: it would be difficult for him but we have no other choice
Simi: look at him how will he face the truth he is sreaching for in past what happened
Raj: we can’t do anything
Simi: we r so helpless that we can’t even tell him the whole true because of that truth we left Kolkata but when he got to know that there’s a broken relation in Kolkata to unite it he came here to fulfil his mother’s last wish he came here
Raj: hope that his parent’s past don’t effect his future
Simi: see how he has changed I miss my sam who was always laughing and happy but after knowing the half truth he became so arrogant so much anger is in him he don’t even share his problems with us he is left so alone
Raj: I really don’t know what to do I know his problems r big but then too because of his arrogance today he is among top business men’s of country all this big business empire he has done everything on his own at a young age of 18 he left us he went to us without anyone’s help he has taken the business started by his father to so much height that from their no past can harm him we should be proud on him
Simi: yeah I am proud on my son but I am always bothered his anger is somewhere wrong hope someone come in his life who can support him and guide him
Raj: we can only hope the best
The next day

Rag is little tensed for seminals rounds
Rag gets a call that they have to go to rahod’s office for some important work
At Rathod’s office
Raj: hi rag how r u and u here
Rag: ha uncle we all participants are called here to meet ur sponsor i mean mr.rahod
Raj: all the best
Rag: thanks uncle but for what to meet mr.kadoos or for competiton
Raj: for both
They both laugh and move
Sam Is in his cabin he is scolding his employee in a very high tone for being irresponsible ragini see this and in her mind this kadoos is what always like this
She sees towards hi saff all r scared of his anger
Rag hears their conversation
Employee: oh no today this person also got scolding from him
Employee 2: yeah he is always the same 2 month has happend whem he came here and from that time he is troubling us all
Employee: u r right don’t know how his family would mange him
Sam comes out of his cabin and moves towards the conference hall where all particapnats r waiting
Rag too heads towards hall sam is walking and because of his anger and frustration he is walking unconsciously he collides with rag seeing her all his anger washed away the have a intense eyelock
Some employee talk about them they relasise their positions and move back
Rag: know do u don’t have eyes always colliding with others
Sam: can’t u be quite for some time
Rag: I can ask u that
Sam: ms.attitude don’t mess with me

Rag : if I what will happen
Sam: just don’t ever think of it
Rag: I do mr.kadoos
Sam: just stop calling me that
Rag: its my wish
Sam: ok its my wish just get out of my office
Rag: I don’t because of ur anger why should i
Raj: will u both stop that u r in office
Rag: I am sory uncle
Raj: sam and rag say sory to eachother and move to ur wrok
Sam: I and sory to her nevr ever in my dreams also
Rag: who is asking for that
They move in opposite directions
All the staff r shocked some they r happy that samanth singh rahthod has got an opponent
Employee: that girl has really guts to talk in front of sir
Employee2: u r right u saw her how she gave back answers to sir
Employee: ha I am sure sir would be shock because till date no one dare to talk with sir like that even his sis and bro

Raj: wht’s rubbish is going aroung move all to ur wrok
PA(sam’s pa): don’t u get that what sir said or else u all want to punished by sir just imagine what will happen if he gets to know
All staff is tensed to hear that they all they get back to their work
Precap: Laksh become jealousy seeing rag and sam laughing
Why sam came to Kolkata……….. what is the truth he is searching for

Brunal: bubul from kukum bhaya
Ajay:vivan from satrangi sasural
Simiran: yammini from nagin
Rajendra:rajnath goeyanka of ek hasina thi

Gues I know u all want to know who r the actual pairs I will tell u that the ff is about ragini and laksh how is their journey from hatred to love and trust sam has some relation with maheswari family and this ff is not about love story of raglak just its about ragini and laksh two different persons who’s life is connected by love and truth its about that without trust any relation is incomplete though their may be love if their’s no trust the relation ca be spoiled at any time in life its about that how in ego our love goes away from life we my get second chance or we may not get a chance to bring our love back in our life. At present I am writing on chemistry between sam and rag . how rag will be supported by sam and how sam would react knowing her past and one big secret is that sam has got some relations with maheswaries and rag will make re-entry in MM to support her sis swara

Keep reading lots of drama nokh-jokh romance and love chemistry is waiting

Credit to: kaira

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