raglak journey of love and trust (episode 5 part 2)


hi frnds this is part 2 of episode 5
recap: lak and rag at temple
rag: i don’t know why i saw him again the person whom i never wanted to meet again is in fron of me she moves from their gving an angry look to him
lak: in his mind i got it i love ragini i love ragini i can’t belove she is in front of me i am soo happy today
he give a sime to ragini
Suddenly someone push rag and she is about to fall lak notices it and catches her by her waist rag’s arms r around lak neck they sahre an eyelock then by some sound they realises their positions rag moves away from him she leaves from their
Lak: I now rag u still love me I’ll convice u I will make everything alright as it was
At venue all gadodia’s and swasan have arrived they r waiting for rag
At the enrance sam is waiting for someone
Rag is walking unconsciously she is thing about temple incident she again bashes into sam
Sam: r u mad

Rag: (gains her consciousness ) I am sory
Sam : (recognises her) uuu… do u don’t have anyother work accept colliding with others
Rag: I said sory na and by the way if u stand at the entrances like that thenit’s ur fau;t not mine(in an high tone)
Sam: see ms.gadodia firstof all it was not my fault where was ur sense while walking ha
Rag: do u don’t have any other work just always finding a cjance to fight with me I don’t have interst in listening to u r boring lectures I am getting late
She moves from there suddenly sam pulls her hand rag iis shocked by his this move and he pulls her towards him
Sam: it was all ur fault and u r blaming me do have any idea what can I do
Rag: u r just sponsor not judges let the judges decide not u
Sam: so much attitude ha
Rag: ha what I can do if I meet people like
Sam: what do u mean by that ms.attitude
Rag: u know everywell mr.kadoos
Sam: what did u call me

Rag: what u heard mr.kadoos
Sam: from which angle I look kadoos to u
Rag: u always wish to fight with me .orders others always I have seen u when u talked with judeges alwys an angry young man look so what do u accept me to call u ha
Sam: so u listened to ur talk’s also
Rag: I am getting late leave my hand
Sam leaves her hand she moves from their
Sam: their is somrthing in this ms.attitude
Raj also arrives their sam takes his dad inside the auditorium raj is the cheif guest their
Raj gets to now about rag’s participation he is very much impressed by her sigining sam too became fan of her singing rag gets selected
Kavya too arrives their
Rag is standing near green room sam comes their
Sam: I did’nt accept thet ms.attitude can sing so well
Rag: thanks for ur compliments
Sam: I didn’t compliment u
Rag: u indirectly meant that
Sam: how do u know that just now
Rag leaves from their
Sam is just memerised to see her
Judges come on the stage and says
Judge:today we got our 4 finalists who will perfrom further but their is a wildcard entry for finals a singer will be competiting with them I would like to welcome mrs.kavya mahaswari on stage
All gadodians and swasan are dame shocked kavya is too shocked to see rag
She give a evil smile to her
Swara: wht she is doing here

San: swra control urself she is a wildcard entry in competition as she is already a big star
Sam observes rag tensed after seeing kavya
Sam: what happened to her
After the competiton is over all come back to badi
Swra: rag u now have to compitite with kavya
Rag: ha swara I am little tensed abput it
Sans: rag don’t worry we all know u will only win
Raj comes to badi he hears the last sentesnce
Raj: yeah and Know I am sure u will only win
Shekar: raj u here at this time and what’s that
Raj give flower booke to rag
Raj: really ur performance was relly so good
Shekar: how do u know that
Raj: I was the cheif guest their didn’t u see me their
Shekar: yeah I just forgot
Raj: congrats rag
By the way shekar who r they
Shekar: ha meet my another daughter swara and her husband sanskar
Raj: nice to meet u both
sans : nice to meet u again mr.singh

swra: do u know him before
sans: ha we met in a business meeting
mean while rag leaves to her room
raj gets sam’s call
raj: ha sam
sam: mom has arrived they all may arrive anytime at home I am leaving where r u
raj: I am at shekar’s house
sam: ok I’ll pick u
raj: ok fine
he cuts the call
sh: is everything is fine
raj: ha my family is coming or they may arrived I must leave now
they hear a car horn
raj: I think sam is here
shek: ok will u not introduce us to him
raj: ha sure he calls sam and tells him to come in
sam moves in raj introduces him to all
rag comes out and sees sam and screams
rag: u her what r u doing in my house
sam is shocked to see him
raj: I think u both know eac other befor
sam: ha dad I know ms.attitude I mean ms. ragini gadodia
raj: wht ok she is shekar’s daughter
sh: he is samanth raj’s on
they both give an angry look to eachother
raj: I think we r getting late we should move now

raj and sam leaves from their to RM
swra: u know him how
rag: yeah I know this mr.kadoos
swasan and and all family menbers laugh seeing her expressions

precap: lak gets to now about rag’s sam supports rag

rag and sam share their lives big scretes with eachother

Credit to: kaira

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