raglak journey of love and trust (episode 5 part 1)


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Ragini is sitting in her room and is thinking about samant
He feels something strange but close to her heart the suddenly she hears shekar cslling her
Ra: ha baba I am coming
Rag , dadi sumi all gather in hall
Dadi: what happened shekar
Shekar: ma today I have called my childhood frnd Rajendra for dinner today
Dadi: he came back to Kolkata after a long back
Sumi : who this shekar

Shek: he is Rajendra singh my childhood frnd or infact my very close and best frnd
Rag: wow baba I didn’tknow u have such a close frnd also
Shek: ha ladoo he and I used to study in same school and cilg and he was our neighour also
Dadi: stop of ur talking will u leave something to talk when raj comes sumi u prepare some good dishes for dinner today
Rag: ma can I help u
Sumi: ha sure

AT rahod mansion
Raj: sam
Sam: ha dad what happened
Raj: tonight we r going for dinner to my frnds home
Sam: I am extremely sory dad but not today I am little busy
Raj: ok fine
Sam: thanks dad for understanding me
Raj: ha by the way I forgot to infrom u that ur mom and sis and bro r coming tomorrow
Sam: oh that’s great I will go and pick them tomorrow from aiport dad can u tell me when they might reach
Raj: no idea as ur sis didn’t let ur mom tell that and from that time all their phones r switched off
Sam: then we should be ready to handle mis drama queen she is going to shock us all
Raj: ur right a big headache is coming
They both laugh to hear that
Raj: I would leave now
Sam: ok fine dad

Raj leaves for badi and hear at badi all set to for hospitality of raj
Raj arrives at badi sheakar introduces him to his family raj meets all he is very happy to meet ragini
Raj: ur very lucky to have such decent and cute daughter
Shekar: u too have a daughter I am sure she would be too decent
Raj: yeah I have a daughter but she is like a big headache for me
Shekar: why r u talking about her like that
Raj: because she makes us walk on her fingers all her demands should be fulfilled I sometimes what would have happened of me if sam was not with me
Dadi: u didn’t tell us about ur family
Raj: my wife name is simran we have two childerns a elder one son who’s name is ajay and daughter name is brunal we call her ms. Drama queen and their r many pet names of her
Shek: who’s then sam
Raj: oh sory he is my son his full name is samanth we all call him sam
Shek: why didn’t u mention about him that time
Raj: actually he is not ur son but he is for us more than a son
Shek: and ur family
Raj: I and sam came here and within tomorrow my whole family will bw here
Shek: that’s great then why didn’t u bring sam here

Raj: actually he had some work
Dadi: ok ok lets have dinner
They all have good time raj is really impressed by rag and raj leaves to his house
At night at badi
Shekar: ladoo u go and sleep now tomorrow is very important day for u
Dadi: ladoo tomorrow before going to quatar finals wist temple and go
Rag: ok dadi gdnight
Rag goes to her room and sleeps
Laksh is sitting in garden he is in deep thoughts
Ap come their
Ap: laksh what happened why r u tensed
Lak: nothing ma don’t know what to do
Ap: when we don’t know anything we should leave it to god
Lak: I think the same ma but I want answers to my questions
Ap: u go to temple tomorrow u may get ur answers their
Lak: I will see ma
Suddenly kavya arrives their
Ap: I’ll leave now
Kavya: what’s happening here lak r u ok

Lak: ha kavya everything is fine come let’s go
They both go towards their room
The next day
Early moring lak and rag get ready they both leave for temple
Rag is praying in front of god’s ideal
Rag: kahanji u now everything just give me courage to sort out everything
Mean while lak also comes there lak and rag both r unaware of both presences lak closes hi eyes and in mind he says
Lak: bagvanji I don’t no what’s happening with me why I am thinking about rag why I am unable to move further why what’s wrong
Rag about to move after taking blessing she truns around and see’s lak
Lak also opens his eyes and sees rag in front of him suddenly some sanyasi’s troop come there they all t singing bhajans
Rag is tensed to see lak she moves
Lak thinks I love rag I got my answer

precap: nok jokh btween sam and rag

Credit to: kaira

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