raglak journey of love and trust (episode 4)

Hi gues thanks for ur support
Swasan come to badi
Sw: sans baba is still angry on me how I’ll face him
Sans: swara just chill come lets move in
Rag: why u both r standing there come in na
Swasan enter the house
Sumi: just stop
Rag: ma what happened
Sumi: sw has first come to her mayaka after her marriage let me do arti first
rag: ma do fast

both swasan r confused
sumi does the arti they both step in
rag: what happend why r ur face dull swara u should be happy baba decided to give u a chance I mean he almost forgave u
sw: really rag ( she runs and hugs here) I am so happy today
shekar and dadi also come there by listening to noice
shekar: what happened who came
sw sees shekar and runs and hugs him and says
sw: thanls a lot baba for forgiving me
shk: did ragini tell u that just I am giving u a chance not forgiven u completely
sw: I know baba thanks for giving me a chance
rag: swara I want to tell u many things u know what I had given auditions for a music compitittion and I got selected to soon quatar finals round are going to be held I am so happy today
sw shocked to hear that
sw: when did u give auditions u did’nt inform me about it and when u made this plans who gave u idea about it u didnot tell me anything why ( I a frustrated tone)
rag: just relax I thought u to give surprise
sw: leave that I am very happy today
sans: congarts ragini tell us more about it

shk: ha ladoo u have awaited us also for a long time from when we came I sm asking u u didnot tell anythibg
rag: I was waiting for swara I will tell u all about it frist u all sit down
dadi: tell fast ladoo
all sit on sofa
rag: ok I will start auditions are over and soon quatar finals will be held and program will be telecasted live I am so excited and the further rounds would be like concerts their will be live voting and many more things
sw: vow rag its so good to hear that
sans: ha rag u will become star then
rag : thank u and u all should be present during all the further rounds and swara especially u will be with me
sw: I’ll always be
shekar: as u were last time
sw gets sad to hear this and shekar and dadi goes from there
rag: sw it will take some time
sw: ur r right rag I think we should leave now
rag: so fast

sw: ha we have some work I’ll talk to u later
sawasn go from there
Rag gets a call that they all have to come at venue for some instructions
The next day,
Rag on her way she is walking somewhat in middle of road suddenly a car comes and about hit her rag shocked to see that closes her eyes by her hand the stops with a sudden jerk
The same guy with whom rag collided come out of car
Guy without seeing starts scolding her
Guy: r u mad why r u walking in middle of road what if my car had hitted
As he sees that she rag he stops speaking
Rag: hey u instead of saying sory to me u r scoldibg me( ragini recognises him) and last time also u were busy in talking on phone and
Guy: just stop u were walkling in middle of road and givibg lectures to me
Rag: u just leave it I don’t wana waste my time on u I have some important work
Rag and that guy leaves
At venue judges talk to contestants and suddenly a judge I will make u aLL meet our sponsors they same guy enters rag and guy r shocked to see each other
Ragini and that guy r shocked to see eachother
Judge: meet him MR.samant singh rathod our sponsor

Samant: hi everyone nice to meet u all
They all introduces them self to samant and shake hands now its rag turns she is lost in her own thoughts
Samant: hi miss
Rag: ragini gadodia..
Samant: nice to meet u u ms.gadodia
Rag: same here mr.rathod
Judge: ok u all can leave we have some important meeting now
Samanat is still seeing rag as he felt something strange
Judge: mr. Singh can we move
Samant: yeah sure

PRECAP: shekar talking to 2 mens at badi . rag screams u her what r u doing in my house
Laksh jealously to see rag with samanth

Samant: karn singh groover

Credit to: kaira


  1. Maya

    I have no words it’s super duper amazing…a new entry for ragini omg I want them to fall in love after lots of fight and they should love each other more than anything else and Lakshya should be jealous

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