raglak journey of love and trust (episode 3)


Hi frnds I feel that u all r not loking my ff. Plsz comment so that I can continue further
At the audition venue
Ragini: baba its now my turn ia little nervous
Shekhar: just relax ragini I know that u can do it just go and give ur best
Rag: thank u baba for ur support.i love u
Shekar : all the best ladoo
Rag went inside the room and gave her auditions successfully judges were impressed by her they selected her ragini was happy she came out
She was screaming

Rag : baba I got selected I am very happy
Shekar: I am very happy for u ladoo
Rag: baba I will just come the judges want to talk to participants regarding the further competition
Shekar: ok ladoo I will wait for u
Rag: ok baba
Rag leaves from there
Suddenly a black car comes at the entrance of the venue a young dashing handsome guy wearing a black blazer suit comes out all girls r just watching him
Girl: he is so handsome. So dashing and cute
The guy don’t care for the comments and move further
Ragini and that guy is walking through the corridor they r coming from opposite direction the guy is busy in talking on phone suddenly ragini and guy collides with each other and ragini is in his arms
He is just watching ragini he memerised to see her beauty the have a intense eyelock
Ragini: I am sory
Guy: he comes back to his sense and says I am just sry

Ragini: its ok
They both again move in opposite directions
Guy: what happened to me I am just thinking about that girl I felt something strange by seeing her
Rag attains the meeting were the judges tell participants about all the rules and about quater finals its time and venue
Rag comes out and moves with shekar to badi
At badi:
Sumi: what happend u got selected na
Ragini: ha ma
Dadi: I know that my ladoo can do that
They share a hug
Sumi: I will make something sweet
At lawyers office :
Sanskar: is any other way what can be done
Lawyer: see mr. Sanskar at present ragini is only the strong person who can easily claim for property
Their r 70% chances that she can win the case
Sans and swara r tensed to hear this
Sans: thank u for ur help we will see for that
Lawyer: think about it sanskar

Swara: tahnk u we will surely think about it
Swara and sanskar r travelling back to MM in car
Sans: swara if we tell this to ragini will she agree
Swra: ragini can agree but baba he will never agree for that
Sans: what can be done now
Swara: we have to think about it
They reach MM and tell DP what lawyer said
Dp is tensed to hear this
At badi:
Rag: baba shall I ask u something will u give me that
Shekar: today I am very happy asl anything I will give u its a promise
Rag: baba plsz forgive swra I now how u feel but try to understand her situation how difficult it is for her to do this but she has to do that baba plsz u promised me
Sumi: plsz shekar
Shekar: ok but not completly
Ragini: thank u baba
They share a hug
Ragini calls swara to infrom her

Swra: hello ragini is everything fo=ine
Rag: swara today I am very happy come to badi fast I want to give u two good news
Sw: what happend ragini tell me na
Rag: stop questioning and come fast
And she cuts the call
Swa: sanskar ragini has called me to come to badi
Sans: Is everythin fine
Swa: don’t know
Sans: then u should go I will also come along with u
They both leave for badi
At closed factory
Kavya: so what’s next plan
Person: we have to meet kavitha
Kavya: ok
They both leave to meet kavitha at jail. The inspector allows them to meet her
Kavitha: who u both r
Kavya: I am laksh’s new wife kavya
Kav: what laksh was going to marry ragini the
Kavya tells her whole stroy and also about her plans and introduces the person to her
Kav: so what’s next how can I help u
Kavya: tells her about her next plan

Kav: I will do anything to spoil masherwaries I just hate them I will definitely help u to execute u r paln
Swra and sans come to badi

Precap: ragini tells her every thing she is vey happy……. at temple ragini collides with laksh he realises that he loves ragini. Who is that guy with whom rag collided

Credit to: kaira

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  1. Please I don’t want raglak as a pair in ur ff please the new guy be raginis hero. He should love her more than anything and she should love him too. I want to see Lakshya burning in jealous.

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