raglak journey of love and trust (episode 2)


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At garden laksh is sitting tensed just then sanskar comes and sees him he goes towards him
Sanskar: laksh is everything fine what r u thinking
Laksh: nothing bhai just thinking about ragini why don’t she move on in her life
Sanskar: do u think what u did with her will she ever be able to move on in her life
Laksh: bhai I am just worried about her
Sanskar: if u r worried about her then why did do this with her lucky she changed herself for u and u ditched her u not only played once but many times with her emotions
Laksh: bhai just stop it I am fed of all everyone is giving me lectures about( in an angry tone)
Laksh moved from their just then swara also came there
Swara: sanskar what happened to him and what u both were talking
Sankar: he says he is worried about ragini then why did he marry kavya I am just unable to understand him
Swara: what didi he really say that. Sanskar I am just unable to understand what is happening I heard kavya talking to someone about some plan and here laksh is behaviour is weird he is caring for ragini what is happening
Sanskar: what did u say kavya talking to some one about some plan explain me what r u saying
Swara: I just heard her converstion on phone that soon she will do her work and she is planning something big against us
Sanskar: I feel someyhing wrong swara I am feeling there is some big reason that laksh married kavya and kaya is upto something
Swara: did u observe her behaviour it is different in front of laksh and us
Sanskar: u r right she behaves innocent in front of laksh and for us all she always tries to create problems
Just then sanskar gets call of lawyer
Lawyer: mr. Maheswari can u come to my office I have a plan
Sanskar: sure we r just coming( he cuts the call)
Swara we have to meet lawyer he has a plan
Swra:its really nice I will come along with u
They both leave to meet lawyer

At laksh room
Kavya gets the call of same person
Person: I got to now about kavitha
Kavya: who is this kavitha how can she be helpful for us
Person: she is sanskar ex-girlfrnd during ur marriage do u rember police arrested a girl. She hates maheswaries she can be helful for us
Kavya: but she is in jail
Person: u don’t worry about that we have to meet her
K: ok I will call u later laksh is coming here
L : whom were u talking with
K: nothing just an old frnd
Ok I have some work I will come soon she leaves the room
Just the ap enters the room
Ap: laksh r u busy
L: nothing ma
Ap: swara had made this rasgullas morning u where not their for breakfast so I thought to give u u like them na
L: ok ma I will eat them later
Ap: r u worried laksh
L: nothing ma
Ap leaves the room laksh about to eat rasgulla just then he remembers his moments with ragini that how she bought rasgullas for him a simle came on his face thinking about her
Ap was standing near the door and observed laksh I know laksh u r thinking about ragini
I hope u soon realise what u did was wrong

At badi:
Ragini: ma I am leaving for auditions hope I get selected
Sumi: just don’t worry u will get selected
Shekar: just don’t worry ragini
Dadi: I know my ladoo can do that
Ragini along with shekar leaves for venue for auditions
At lawyers office
Sans: what happened why u called us here
Lawyer: I have got an idea by this u can get ur property back
Swara: what is that lawyer
Lawyer: just listen to me according to law laksh ex-wife I mean ragini can case against him that he by cheating got the property to his name as before property was in her name and he ditched ragini at altar and ragini’s attempt to suicide can be proved a great help to her. Now only she is the person at present who can claim for property
Swara and sanakar r in shocked to hear that
Swara: I don’t think that can ever happen

Precap: ragini gets selected …… will laksh realise his love for ragini. Will swara tell ragini about all the incidence…….

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Credit to: kaira

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